Friday Game Notes 20: The Book of Excruciating Knowledge

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

Hello, my name is Ink and I am the spirit of an ancient dead sorcerer and I am writing this book that you hold in your hands, or at least are looking at. I’m am writing it through the hands of Leslie Middleton, another sorcerer of some power whom I inhabit. The topics I shall write down are the true nature of the universe in as close as a way as you can understand as I am able to put down, almost as I explained it to Leslie.

First I shall give a short and modest account of myself. I am, or really was (I was annihilated for what I knew and perhaps impiously commented on) a massively powerful entity that humans would describe as a sorcerer. Whether I was a human or not is rather immaterial at this point, since my consciousness soon eclipsed the potential for my possibly human brain. All you need to know is that I was around in Hyperborea, I even knew Ibon before his heyday and before the inquisition chased him off to Saturn. Later I kept my head low until after the Hyborian Age. The ancient cults began springing back up in the wake of that mess, so I scuttled back out and joined up with some of them. But I got zapped a little bit later and got all tangled up with some scrolls and then buried in a lead box. Rather inconvenient. But eventually I got dug up and I showed a young man some interesting spells.

Then Leslie & co. found me and I hopped to Leslie for a bit of change of scenery.

Azathoth Explodes

You know, that theory about an egg of all matter and energy exploding into the universe you guys have is pretty close. Though so are pretty much every myth cycle starting “first there was nothing and then there was something.” You guys have the gist. First there was nothing, then there was Azathoth. He/it/whatever is sort of like… a big ball of nuclear explosions. Some books say he is daemon sultan sitting on a massive throne in the center of all chaos. Imagine there suddenly is a giant explosion but that explosion keeps on exploding and Azathoth (not his real name btw) is at the center with all of these universes and dimensions folding and orbiting outwards from him. At the same time there was the Nameless Mist and Darkness. You know all that stuff you guys can’t find? Yeah, that’s them. Dark energy and dark matter respectively. But you can’t have anti-something without the something right? Though really it’s the other way round. So from Nameless Mist we get Yog-Sothoth and from Darkness we get Shub-Niggurath. (Sort of their real names, so much as things like them can have names. Also they don’t really have gender but I’m going to call YS a he and SN a she just to make the sexy parts later make more sense to you.)

Your mystical people, and even Ibon, who I guess got it all wrong when he was listening to Tsathoggua, seem to think that YS and SN are actual gods or something, but really they just are. Like I said Azathoth is the center of chaos, all the other stuff (but not the Nameless Mist and Darkness, you guys don’t need to worry about them)  is SN and all the overlaps between all the dimensions and layers and galaxies and things are YS. And when I say everything and all I mean it. SN is  all matter and YS is all energy and the gate and the key and the always etc. etc. bla bla bla.

Here comes the fun bit though, while YS is sort of chilling out being a hole in everything and SN is filling up everything with stuff well the two of them get chatting and out pops Nyarlathotep. (I’ll use “he” again, but again isn’t really applicable, honestly if it didn’t confuse you all so much I would just use “entity” or “constant” or something, but I guess personification does work alright) Nyarly, the old boy, is the stuff that SN and YS do to each other. It’s pretty gross at first but soon there’s more high brow stuff forming, like sounds. Nyarly really has to pull to get stuff into high culture and he just keeps trying the poor guy. He’s gotten it so there are some pretty intelligent life forms, and even you apes can put 2 and 2 together even if occasionally it doesn’t. You should really think about any consciousness as Nyarly, though again you guys like to make out he’s some special god.

So there we go, matter is Shub-Niggurath, energy is Yog-Sothoth and the interplay between them all is Nyarlathotep, all leading off from the stupid center of it all, Azathoth, hogger of all glory. Funny how you guys are scared of the dark, really you should be scared of the light, it’s Azathoth after all that keeps on making things brighter and he is far scarier than whatever would happen if he went away. He’s that trend towards everything getting more chaotic and simple. But in the process sometimes his bits rub together and we get more stuff. Imagine if that all went away and everything got all ordered, all long lines and piles each perfectly lined up. Perish the thought. It’s only because Azathoth is so horrible that you humans have gained that weird proclivity for organizing stuff. Like this book, all in chapters and words all linear down the page.

Stuff Actually Starts to Happen

So anyway, that’s how all matter and energy and thought were created. But YS and SN weren’t done. While bits of old Shub were everywhere most of her was trapped in one particular fold of Yog-Sothoth, his cosmic puncture wounds just weren’t large enough to let her fill everything at once. So she grew and grew and grew. You can’t really say it was all one entity. Like I said SN is all matter, so I guess you should just say it filled up, but she does have a sort of mindedness. How could so much stuff not have a mind. Maybe we should say there are tons of little Shub-Nigguraths who keep on making more and more Shub-Nigguraths, and more and more. And all of these start squishing together and that just gets them horny and they make more and more. You get the whole picture. Poor Nyarly is stuck being the contact between them all. It must have been a pretty humiliating process, what with him making music happen and all elsewhere. He’d been rigging up flute players around Azathoth to get the old mad guy at the right rhythm so he would stop making things like SN and YS again when old Shub fills up every part of her dimension.

It’s still there, all squishy with lots of eyes and teeth and other things not at all like eyes or teeth. If you ever feel a wave of dread wash over you, you probably have just walked through SN in a dimensional point close to her. Or maybe not, there are a lot of reasons to feel waves of dread. Maybe a goose walked over your grave in the future. Speaking of which, oops. I guess I’ve made this sound all linear. Don’t forget that isn’t super true all the time (ha). Imagine that Azathoth’s existence is one of those approaching infinity things except not really at all. Think about a mobius strip but worse and then melt it into a single point and feed it to a dog. That’s what time is like for Azathoth and family. (I’m a distant cousin 100,000 times removed)

With SN all filling up a whole dimension (which is super hard to do btw) everything becomes quite a bother. Traveling through hyperspace gets a bit dodgy. You’re ripping past the local groaning polyhedron arabesque and find yourself in amongst SN and when that happens you’ve just put a little bit more stuff where there already is infinite stuff. It makes every thing stretch a bit. That’s why Yog-Sothoth has holes in him. Every time that happens a little bit of true SN leaks out, and that can be bad for whoever finds it in their backyard. Have you heard of the things Druids were supposed to ride? There was only one real one and it made more. Luckily Cthulhu (he’s a cousin, I’ll explain later) squished it.

So SN and YS are dependent on each other. SN can’t survive without YS letting bits of her out and YS can’t be the stuff between everything if there is no stuff and that stuff is SN. And bits of one shoots through the other and eventually we get Nug and Yeb. Nug and Yeb are just names, (not that you guys care, just stick an altar down and you’ll worship anything) they’re just names for all the physical stuff that exists, the stuff in atoms basically. Nyarly feeds a bit of stuff into some of it so that everyone has something to watch on the tely and bang we have existence.

Shub-Niggurath Fills All Space

But filling up her own space isn’t the only thing Shub-Niggurath does. She likes to fill other people’s space too, forgive the obvious joke. (She is a fertility goddess in a lot of cultures) But she can’t do it completely alone, ever since she first began spurting matter everywhere life has begun to go hay wire. Like on Earth the protoplasmic sludge of existence. Well actually that only happened when the Elder Things created Ubbo-Sathla on Earth and she created shoggoths there and that was the sludge. There were a couple of people hanging out on Terra for a while before that. Anyway after life had gotten away from SN on its own. (So remember that all matter is SN anyway, this is why it’s really confusing, just think about the SN in the filled dimension as one SN and all other matter as new SNs.) For SN to spawn more of herself out of her filled space she needs new stuff. When you have filled infinite space you’ve created all possible outcomes of yourself in that space. So if you can give SN some new stuff she can create a new iteration and can spit out some of her old stuff in its place. That’s what Ibon named Dark Young. Or what Blake thought might be shoggoths. They are pretty much the same thing, but like I said they’re a bit different. The ones that come from her dimension have had an infinity getting squished, so they’re a little nuts and pretty simple.

Most of SN’s worship on any planet or plane or in any dimension is just a way to give her more new stuff. She’s like the most materialistic being in existence except the matter is alive and conscious. Think about all of the DNA you give her every time you spill some blood, each strand is a new pattern for her to weave in herself. Maybe she’s hoping to find just the right combination to turn herself back the other way. For all the hard work people do to help her, she doesn’t really do anything back. You might get a nifty servant from whatever she “spawns” off at the time, but your just as likely to get horribly consumed by a slobbering Yaght or whatever other random thing comes out of there. So really most Black Goat With a Thousand Young  worshippers get the short end of the stick, all pain and no gain.

Old Shuby can push into other dimensions when she needs to. In yours she often appears as a black fog typically near goats of some kind, giving her the nickname. Sometimes she’ll make deals, I think she likes to pretend to care. She’ll promise people children or will protect them herself. Some of the oldest cults deal with her one way or another. All fertility goddesses come from her, and Pan as well. Though Dionysos was Yog-Sothoth’s brat.

Her children don’t really live that long. They are horrible masses of vaginas and dicks and teeth. Multiply that image by three and make all of those things gnash. These things are bad. Often they are just mistaken for Shub-Niggurath in person. These children give off smaller children. These are a little more predictable and usually look like a tree. No one really knows why they do. Her main children and these other dark young are pretty versatile and good at getting new DNA for their mum too. Dark young, which despite their tree forms are often confused for shoggoths, suck the genes out of the people who have the misfortune to get caught. Usually the other children have too much of themselves stuck in other dimensions to do their own catching, so instead they let sex starved kids and cultists bring them sacrifices.

Yog-Sothoth Gate and Key and Massive Bore

Nothing could work without Yog-Sothoth being the energy and the fabric of space and time and other dimensions you don’t need to hurt your head about. But if you imagine all that stuff coming off of Azathoth and sort of forming big folds and overlaps Yog-Sothoth is both those things and the overlaps, gate and key as the Arab wrote. (I knew him too, he tried to read me, and boy was he surprised by what happened.) Some of the Greeks had a crazy notion that the only provable thing was existence and so everything was one big immovable existing thing. They would be right if it weren’t for Yog-Sothoth. Yog-Sothoth is the ability to move for any spot to any other spot. And I do mean any. If you figure out how to get to a hyperspace you have traveled through him.

Most of the time Yog-Sothoth is happy to hang out, but his massive power does mean he gets yanked around a lot by jerks. Really it’s all Nyarlathotep’s fault. The big N. went and told people about Yog-Sothoth and how he could make time travel happen and other powers too, immortality, bringing back the dead, second and third chances at your failure of a life. A whole race took him up on it and decided to express mail their entire species of minds. Took over another planet and another and another. Stuff like that isn’t that healthy and it generated its own problems later on. Luckily because he is the lines and folds between all dimensions YS isn’t in any of them. So when people call on him it can strain everything a lot.

You know how a lot of people say there are holes in time and space and stuff, well they’re right, this is where YS has pushed closer to an actual physical dimension. These are the times when people can see YS properly. YS doesn’t really have a consciousness  as such, not like SN. It’s only when he’s popping into to check on people that he can be said to have any mind. He also can be seen in people’s unconscious a lot. Typically people can’t help but be aware of him being there. If they notice him they often will start obsessing. More than one so called wizard has let themselves be sucked into him and spat back out the other side.

Depending on where someone sees YS he will look a couple of different ways. If you see him in your dreams he might look like a man standing behind a veil. (The veil is to keep you safe, ignore the man behind the veil.) If he’s in physical space his dimensionality is perceived as a reflection of however many dimensions you can see at once. In your 3D space he looks like a whole bunch of soap bubbles. I guess I should explain how this sort of stuff works. I can’t really give you the true run down, honestly you just wouldn’t be able to take it. So Azathoth is the center point, Yog-Sothoth is a whole bunch of lines shooting off into space and time. Some of you humans like explaining dimensions with right angles. You take a point add some lines add a right angle and get a square, add more right angles and get a cube. By then you’ve run out places to put right angles, so you guys stick some right angles in there anyway and get a hyper cube, etc. etc. The easiest way to think of layered dimensions is more like color tints in an ascending order. If like me you’ve learned to actually use all of your senses you can flick through the tints adding a dimension at a time. Another good example is what would happen if an apple moved through a two dimensional space. First a point is visible that grows to a line and then shrinks again. In higher dimensions, lets say tinted red you can see a larger slice. If you flipped quickly from a lower dimension to a higher dimension you would see some beings that appear as a small bird here but gets bigger and bigger and bigger until it’s a tentacle covered monstrosity. Looks kind of like a cone.

This makes Shub-Niggurath even scarier if you think about it. She is all matter (including you) so when you start looking in higher and higher dimensions the connection to her gets more and more visible, everything starts looking like it has strands stretching off into space which eventually gets thicker and thicker and thicker until we see her wholeness. If you ever have the misfortune to visit the higher dimension which SN has filled you would be able to find the portion that is your mother in lower dimensions. That’s why it’s so bad to add more stuff to her.

You probably shouldn’t think about YS as a person or god or anything, just use his name to describe the stuff between. That between stuff is potent as anything that has been squished into an infinite small place. It tends to have a pretty bad effect on any normal matter it touches. That’s why YS made Nug and Yeb with SN and why some wizards have gotten YS to make babies with their wives. YS is a subtle one since he’s just always there. Every time anything else shows up YS is there a little bit, as the gate that they traveled through or the hole they ripped in the universe.

You can actually travel through YS if you want. If you think about how your three dimensioned space is made up of an infinite amounts of two dimension planes and how much quicker it is for you to move through those than something that was stuck at 2D. Well travelling through YS is like that, a lot quicker moving through space and time than you can do under your own power. We can call this hyperspace for ease of use.

Of course hyperspace is pretty weird for lower dimensioned creatures like you so it can be pretty disorienting. Everything appears like an abyss of twilight color filled with sound. There isn’t really any of that grey infinite plane you guys always describe, instead it’s a sort of colored space filled with objects, organic and inorganic. You move through it, pushed and pulled and only partly under your own motivation. Your physical shape you don’t want to see. Like I explained how you might look at a higher dimension, now you’ve been projected into a sideways dimension.

A lot of other things are visible in hyperspace. This will be both objects and living entities. The objects will mostly appear as masses of shapes and crazy buildings. The living things are usually more abstract, like weird collages of other animals or art work. Your own perception has a lot to do with it. As stuff moves through hyperspace they appear and disappear, and you can pretty easily enter and exit if you know how to do it, what angles to use and such. But knowing where you will exit is usually the problem. You might end up on a planet with twice your normal gravity or you might end up squished into Sub-Niggurath.

What a lot of artists miss is the sound of hyperspace. It’s filled with the sound of Azathoth, all pounding rhythmically, in tune with Nyarly’s pipers. Shub-Niggurath hums along in her own dimension and over all it all sounds like a constant roaring. Don’t be in hyperspace close to important moments when Azathoth or someone else is especially close to it because you will be made deaf.

Entering Yog-Sothoth is can be done several different ways. If you know the angles closest to the angles of YS near you and can imitate the lines and curves there you can simply step through it. These can look like all sorts of things, an intersection of three lines one place, a complicated pentagram elsewhere. Stone towers are a useful place to make these since YS is often simplest the closer to the edge of a bubble you are.

Once you’ve learnt to get to Yog-Sothoth you can either enter him or use him yourself. You can learn a lot talking to hyperspace, whispers of other places and distant entities. Not to mention rocking out to the tunes of Azathoth and company.

Because of his usefulness a lot of more powerful wizards like to use YS and call on him. Unlike SN where most of his worshipers get the short end of the stick those who make use of YS telephone system tend to get more out of it than he does. Of course you have to be more willed than your average pest or you can be sucked into hyperspace and never return.

Ibon made use by traveling to Saturn to escape the inquisition, and quite a few people like to call him to rid places of harmful matter. This will eventually happen to Earth, wiping all the humans away. Since YS is made up of infinitely small infinitely big weird matter when he pokes through into other spaces things tend to disappear and go haywire. Recently he had a son with some degenerate people on Earth. These abominations soon collapsed in on themselves, but were close to ending humanity as you know it. Lucky for you all of that culture and writing that Nyarly instils in species let some lucky people know how to stop those abhorations.

YS having kids is actually pretty common and it happens a lot when you have young newly pregnant women around gates into hyperspace. Children in general are very susceptible to Yog-Sothoth’s radiation. Just getting close to our dimension causes his radiation to infect kids.

Nyarly brings the Culture

You may have notices that the entities so far are all pretty dumb. Yog-Sothoth abides and Shub-Niggurath just spits out babies constantly. Well, they aren’t entirely stupid, because when they bothered rubbing together communication was born. And communication is Nyarlathotep. Every thought, every word, ever time some sees some other creature move and processes it that is Nyarlathotep. He both invents sentience and is sentience. You humans seem to think you are the epitome of an intelligent creature. Really everything alive has some level of though, some level of this electron makes this electron move in a complex fashion.  But you can thank Nyarly for high culture and all the good novels you’ve read recently.

Nyarly is also pretty at fault for plenty of other stuff too. Frivolously letting things think can be pretty bad. SN and YS “think” in the sense that they just do what they do. But if it wasn’t for Nyarlathotep the living things SN throws up actually can’t do anything. At his base level Nyarly is the need for sex that SN’s brood started with. But Nyarly is by nature always bored and soon wanted more. His first deed was to take some of SN’s Young and stick a flute in their mouth. It keeps Azathoth busy to watch their music and dancing. That way Azathoth will keep this little merry explosion going and won’t make more YS or SN than we already have. Can you imagine what would happen if we had two dimensions filled with fleshy SN blobs? And then they met?

Then Nyarly set about giving his newly created “thinking” to other things, some of SN’s more independent dingle berries and soon we had species of creatures that weren’t always mutating as soon as they moved. Cthulhu and the star spawn formed, much later the Elder Things and the Mi-Go were born. Somewhere the original minds of the Yithians tried out time travel for the first time.

Time didn’t exist as a concept until Nyarly made things think. Turns out time doesn’t matter if you can’t die, but if you’re thinking time slowly runs out it turns out you get an awful sense of linearity.

Nyarly is pretty wide spread then. You could probably say he is the closest thing to a God this existence has. Ironically he is usually coterminous with whatever the culture’s concept of evil is. Ungrateful things. He probably thinks that’s pretty funny. He did invent humor after all. He also invented the concept of evil. Again I can’t stress enough that he isn’t simply the “god” of communication and thought, but that he is communication and thought. If you could see him you would see him everywhere, black strings attached to everyone’s minds.

The whole concept may seem a little mystical. I guess it kinda is. I guess the only other thing remotely like him is Yog-Sothoth, in the sense that he connects all minds together like YS connects all space and time together.

The others let Nyarly pretty much run the show since he’s shut up Azathoth. YS and SN just want to exist, Nyarly is permanently bored so he wants to see new stuff happen. He likes to set upon a society and let it run into the ground. He experiments and tinkers. Why do you think humanity invented electricity or the nuclear bomb? Ever heard of Tesla? Or Dr. Dexter? Since Nyarly is culture he can look like whoever or whatever he wants. He can look like anything people believes him to look like.

Nyarly isn’t all fun and bombs, he has a pretty major job to do keeping Azathoth from destroying everything. He scoops up willing subjects to make them into flute players. He has a couple cults that do that for him.  The flute players are probably the most important entities in the continued existence of… well all of this. Nyarly likes his sand pit, so he keeps them playing. Azathoth hums along, reverberating through the universes but keeping everything solid. It keeps YS and SN going and it keeps entropy in check. Without Azathoth continuing his explosiveness we wouldn’t get the complex energy systems that result in things like human bodies. Without him everything would die and line up in rows.

Like I said Nyarly has a sense of humor. Part of that is the cosmic joke he has played on SN and YS. By being communication he is the reason anyone calls on the pair. They get dragged around and poked and prodded because of him. A lot of Nyarly worshipers also worship elements of the other two. This is why Nyarly is often likened to a messenger of the gods. Some of you fools have the silly idea he might be some rebellious servant. Bah. No rebellion, more like a man with a plan who can harness chaos itself. Speaking of which if you have ever wondered why Nyarly has bee called the crawling chaos, think about what your local film culture is like. Crawling? Chaos? Yup.

Also unlike YS and SN Nyarly likes to get personal, he goes and meets his creation in a way that YS and SN don’t like to do. Being constantly bored is something I am not a stranger too, so I really get where old Nick is coming from. I think his only frustration must be that no one else gets the ultimate joke all of creation’s existence. Ever think about those pleasant moments you are relaxing somewhere feeling warm and good and then imagine how horrible that recent earthquake or war must be, how someone somewhere is screaming in pain and hunger or someone is dying slowly crushed under rubble. That’s why wizards happen. People who want to break away from it all, grow bigger, learn more. Nyarly humors them, shows them the places they can get close to YS or find some of the great great great great… great great… great grandkids of SN to summon.

These people begin using understanding to build themselves up and make themselves immortal. Several clever ones have checked out how the future goes and one of them painted it in big Mobius strip of an underground tunnel. Of course Nyarly likes setting these guys up and pushing them down, promising great power and then letting some underdog stab them in the back. I’m not bitter at all.

He also has countless cults all worshipping him in different forms. They understand how important he is, just not how he’s important. There are savage cults of murderers, cults of surgeons who want to live forever, and witch cults worshiping the Black Man.

He must sound pretty cool, but Nyarly isn’t all powerful. Like YS doesn’t have big enough holes to let much of SN through, Nyarly just can’t fit enough of himself into certain dimensions. You should be glad the important parts of you exist in such a low dimension. It keeps Nyarly from just blowing Earth’s dust away wholesale. Instead he has to finagle work arounds. The other day he tried to get his cults to work together to bring him enough DNA to build an earthly body, but then he lost interest and set some humans up to knock it apart again. I think Earth has become a bit of a pet project for him.


Friday Game Notes 19: Finale Maddness

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

People without Nyarlathotep:

  1. No communication – there is not way to communicate with people at all.
  2. No morals – no good or bad. Killing someone? Fine. Eating their eyeballs? Fine!
  3. No ownership – everyone just takes what they want.


Feral Humans

Maddened by the inability to think strait or communicate these humans go back to their animal routes. Crawling on all fours, running hunched over, and jumping around they attack viciously when they think they have the advantage but flee if overpowered.


Minds blasted by the absence of power they try to invent new gods amidst the chaos. They freely draw new symbols out of their own blood or the blood of those they slay and try to summon new things. These monsters rip them apart.

Shell Shocked

Communication and all thought are gone from these humans. They walk absently and vacantly. Often they end up in groups walking along empty streets to be preyed upon by the more violent predators.

The Looters

Unconstrained by human interaction some simply fall pray to their normal human desires taking what they want. They almost seem normal in the way they act but they are cunning and devious and take whatever they want. They will sometimes work together in basic ways communicating through shows of strength like animals.

The Truly Mad

Some have snapped so completely their behavior becomes unfathomable. They build structures out of bodies, living or dead, act out normal scenes before doing unthinkable deeds, try to eat themselves, or madly run into the walls over and over again.

1 Try to eat something nearby.
2 Try to run as fast as possible into something.
3 Try to build something out of the nearest objects.
4 Try to kill themselves.
5 Act out a normal scene from their lives. Roll again to see what they do to interrupt it.
6 Take off or put on whatever clothes are around.
7 Pretend to be an animal.
8 Imitate an object or person nearby.

The City

To break the story into coherent chunks the city is broken up into zones. The general goal will be to get from Hangman’s hill on the west side of town to the Archive of Misery on French Hill then down to Agatha’s house in the Lower South Side. However players may attempt to get to other places on the North Side.

Zone 1

The first two blocks below Hangman’s Hill including the Hospital and University. Also across the bridge. Where the Investigators first encounter people.

Contains: Looters and Shell Shocked humans.

The Hospital contains Truly Mad

University has Feral Humans

Zone 2

The middle of town, and the rest of the North Side including Central Square, the Burial Ground, the Grotto and other places. A harrowing experience travelling through this area.

Contains: Feral humans, Truly Mad and Shell Shocked Humans.

Houses may contain the Truly Mad.

Zone 3

A band starting from the North river side of French Hill and the area south of it.

Contains: Cultists, and the Truly Mad and Feral humans.

The Archive contain Ferals, Truly Mad, and Shell Shocked. Diana/Channel/Agatha attacks here.

Zone 4

The Lower South side warren of streets, more maze like and illogical. Run more like a dungeon crawl than random encounters.

Contains: Cultists and the Truly Mad. Shell Shocked Humans may make good cannon fodder for whatever mad things the Cultists might accidentally summon.

Friday Game Notes 18: Prequel Kingsport Cult

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

This short one shot was designed to be played before Flames Engulf. 

We cut to May 31 1935,

everyone (except Leslie) is sitting in the Grotto, chatting. Huey comes in, holding a letter and calls the group around, explaining that he received the letter from a friend he met at Brown University.

May 25, 1935

Dear Huey,

I’m sure you don’t remember me but we used to pall around in school. I was the one with my head in the genealogical books. As you may recall my ancestor was infamously a sorcerer in Europe who immigrated or fled to Kingsport. I’ve recently finished restoring the old Somme House and moved in only to find one of the builders, a dour chap from Boston, left the enclosed pamphlet in the dining room. I caught him as he left and he explained a tramp had dropped it as he was walking up the hill.

The pamphlet has a worrying tone and recalling your interest in modern occult matters I wondered if you could gain something from this. There have been many bums men around Kingsport with similar papers.

Yours respectfully,

Osric Somme

Daville reacts, saying it sounds like a Cthulhu cult, people who worship a great alien trapped under the sea, the old saying attributed to the mad arab “that which is not dead which can eternal lie” refers to it. He advises the group to go to Arkham. Huey mentions that his friend would probably be happy to put them up In Kingsport if they want to take the bus and stay the weekend in the port town.

Leslie is at dinner with her father. Her father is chatting with Dr. d’Poe a nice man. Dr. Middleton her father recounts that he received a letter from one of their old school friends in Kingsport who wants him to look at a cadaver as a second opinion. Dr. d’Poe mentions Kingsport is a good place for children and that the sea air might do Leslie some good.

Malcolm is called into his Mother’s office, there Radcliffe waits to offer him a new job. A man has been trying to stir up unions at the Bolton Mills and Radcliffe wants him gotten rid of. He has decided to sent Robert Cohen, his killer to do it and needs Malcolm to pick Cohen at the edge of town, bring him to the union leader’s house, wait and then drive him to a safe house just outside of Arkham.

Kingsport – not creepy until they see Osric

It is sunny and cloudless as they bus South East, and they arrive in the ancient port. A church bell tolls.

Play up the effects of the ocean, swirl of sea, shell motif, carved octopus, buoy bells, fog rolling in after meeting Osric, Salt wind blowing constantly, House on hill with no door.

Seeing the people meeting on the street and in shops. Always odd combinations: the mousy house wife and a beautiful socialite, maid and a banker, paper boy and a police man, priest and a gardener. They whisper together and seem to turn their heads to watch the group. When with a local the local tugs their lapel as if some secret sign, the pair turn away.

Osric Somme


Always smiling.

Osric is a tan and large eyed man

who seems to always be smiling.

He greets the group and invites them in smiling.

He seems to have forgotten about the vagrants that left the pamphlet, stating that they all disappeared just after he sent the note smiling.

His house is pleasant.

The group notice some odd pairs of people around town chatting at odd times. Osric ignores them smiling.


  • Osric tries to justify the killing
  • The limbs attack
  • Always smiling

Long ago Osric Somme heard the tale of a long distant ancestor who was accused by Copenhagen merchant competitors of “abhorrent behavior and sorcery.” The ancestor fled to America and became part of the founders of the small fishing village of Kingsport in the 1700s. Osric is proud of his genealogy even with such dark shadows over his line. Accordingly he spent a greater part of his young life seeking to find information on his ancestors and the original site of his family home.

Now Osric lives in a brand new modern home exactly on the site he believes his ancestor lived. Sadly he is mistaken, the plot is actually the ancient destroyed site of Robert Cohen’s home. This evil sorcerer terrorized the growing village with his arcane experiments and his very existence was erased after he departed for more interesting sites. When Osric began digging the foundations of his new home he uncovered a box of scrolls sealed for ever in a lead casket. Breaking it open he believed that they were proof of his ancestors sorcerous life style.

When Cthulhu cultists arrived in town Osric knew trouble when he saw it. Opening one of the scrolls he belived the spell there would aid him in destroying this threat to the perceived threat. Perhaps the cult like councils of Kingsport helped push him to action. Sadly the spell was a double edged sword, for it helped him destroy the cultists it also killed his fiance, ripping her veins and heart straight from her body.

Osric has wide eyes and his face is rather tan, a bit of premature aging his skin looks a bit leathery. Very thin eyebrows and he always looks like he’s smiling. Wide mouth but thin lips. Very well controlled hair. His ear has a scar on it from a fishing accident as a kid when a hook got caught on it.

He listens attentively to everything the investigators do. He is perfectly open if they ask about the cellar and shows them it. He will also demonstrate the scrolls if they ask. He claims that they must be left over from his ancestor.

When they hear them discussing whoever killed the cultists he will try to argue that they might have done the right thing, that possibly it saved the town a lot of trouble. If they don’t agree he will attack them that night.

Somme House

Osric’s home is a modern white stucco affair of curves and bulbous windows. Everyone can’t help but feel it might look like an arcane symbol from above.

While the investigators are searching for clues around Kingsport Osric is perfectly friendly at home. He feeds them well and makes sure they are comfortable. He continues to insist that there is nothing to find in Kingsport and that he is simply sad that Teresa is dead but he appreciates the company as long as they want to stay. Later in the investigation the investigators should have realized Osric is hiding something.

If they mention the “monster” that murdered the cultist he will act surprised but unabashedly explain that it wasn’t necessarily for the worse. The homeless in Kingsport were a problem, and probably would have done more harm if they had been allowed. He says whatever the “monster” did was evil, but was done for the right reason.

If they confront him about the box found in his cellar he will laugh and agree to show them. His cellar is large and mostly empty, six pillars stand along the walls and a large all too even boulder sits between two of them to the side. Opposite the boulder is a small rough stoned opening, clearly much older than the smoothly carved cellar, Osric explains that this was the original cellar under the ruined Somme House. On a table beside it Osric has a large lead box, featuring a broken seal like the one the Captain draws, and three scrolls, each with a similar seal. One of the scrolls has been opened and on it is a lengthy spell in Aklo. The other two are still sealed.

If anyone tries to open the two remaining scrolls they suffer from dizziness and a massive head pain as they reach for it. The pain gets so bad they have to steady themselves, forgetting that they were trying to open the scroll. Any attempt to break it open in other ways similarly fails. Osric mentions that he has tried often but can’t seem to open it, the three scrolls were in the box in the old cellar.

Chopped up Cultists

There is a secret room in his cellar hidden between a fake wall. A short flight of stairs goes down to a dirt floor where there are two tables laid out. On the two tables are the bodies of three cultists, each severed into multiple parts and spread out together. If anyone notices the room, Osric doesn’t go down here often but may have forgotten to extinguish a lamp the last time, then he will panic trying to get everyone upstairs.

The Bodies

Osric turns off the power to the building, animates the limbs, and then locks himself in his room. He takes a sleeping draught to give himself a sort of alibi if they try to find him and wake him. Otherwise he wakes up in the morning and greets them, or finds their bodies.

First there is a thumping noise from the stairs. – they can’t be heard while coming up the stairs.

Then a flopping noise and a rolling noise. A charnel smell seems to invade the place.

If anyone looks into the hall they “don’t see anyone”

– describe the hall as dark and shadowy, the floor should be indistinct so that the limbs on the ground can’t be made out.

-perhaps describe and indistinct side board with a strange vase on top and beside it, the head and the torso?

Finally a thumping comes at the door, and slowly the handle turns in the door. Investigators will notice that there is no key in their room. The door will slide open but no one will enter, they will have to have a flashlight nearby to see the limbs roll into the room.

The torso will attack whoever is the largest in the group.

Teresa Brown

Like the Somme’s the Brown family is old money in Kingsport. Sadly Teresa has died as the spell used by Osric to get rid of the Cthulhu cultists removed and teleported her heart and entire circulatory system out of her body. She died immediately in her home and was rushed to Dr. Gardener’s office. Dr. Gardener still doesn’t know what to make of the body.

She enjoys quite tall hairstyles almost like a pharaoh cap with a couple braids snaking around the bottom of it.. She has very dark brown eyes, but normal sized surrounded by long dark eyelashes. Narrow face with thin and slightly too pointed nose. She has rather full lips and enjoys pastel colors.

Sadly Teresa is no more. Her entire circulatory system has vanished from her body without so much as a wound. This is the result of Osric Somme’s spell.

Her chest is deflated slightly, showing the ribs very clearly. Her skin is much paler, nearly white, than it should be. Her entire body looks like someone has gouged out canals of skin where the veins would have been.

Channel Delapore

Channel Delapore is responsible for the Cthulhu Cult pamphlets. She considers it her little joke. Accordingly she allowed herself to be seen by several Kingsport locals. They report seeing a red headed woman handing out the pamphlets to several of the local hobos. She was wearing a silver moon necklace.

Note, the map doesn’t agree with descriptions of Kingsport. The Miskatonic normally is shown running North of the town, but here it is through. To fit with the trip back from England passing through Kingsport keep this detail the same.

Cthulhu Cultists

R’lyeh rose in 1925 accompanied by madness and portents world wide. But in an accident of fate Cthulhu was not freed trapping for another long cycle. Shattered by this failure the Cthulhu Cult has become sluggish of late. Several of its chief members have disappeared for a better moment. Consequently the many degenerated worshippers have become easy to manipulate. Kingsport, being a city filled with secret worshippers of Nodens and less known things below the earth was a thorn in the Witch-Cult’s side and Channel Delapore hoped the Cthulhu Cultists and Nodens Cultists might clash, killing two birds with one stone.

But Channel was partially foiled. Osric’s spell let him murder every Cthulhu cultist in one fell swoop, leaving many bodies floating in the icy water of the Eye of the Sea. Three cultists were also taken up to Osric’s house in the dead of the night since he hopes to practice necromancy on them.

Eye of the Sea

Molding woods, gloomy paths, smell of moss. The ancient stones of the circle look eroded by the sea, the pillars are encrusted with sea creatures, whether they are stone or real no one can tell. The pillars might be twisted tentacles. The bodies don’t stink, but the salt has stained the bodies badly. Claw marks run from into the woods around the Eye and scrape down the outer side of the Eye in white lines.

It is perfectly likely that investigators will wish to go to the Eye of the Sea straight away. Let them. Instead make the information above slightly more difficult to obtain. Kingsport people are a naturally suspicious lot, and strangers arriving in town to head out and visit strange stone circles in the woods tend to excite mistrust.

The Eye of the Sea is simply a hole in the ground. Rough rocks create a ring around the hole and a staircase outside it winds a spiral down to the bottom. Arches around the rim let people on the stairs see the inky black water below. Candles and rags of blue and green cloth have been left all along the stairs. Many of the candles have been knocked over as if several people were trying to rush down the steps. At the very bottom the steps simply disappear into the water. The water is salty. At the bottom are about 24 bodies all savagely mutilated as if by claws floating in the sea water. The days of exposure have left many of them bloated and fly blown.

Well versed trackers in the party will notice clear strangely circular foot prints that came to the top of the stairs north from a small copse of trees. There is an eight pointed star painted in blood and in the center is a human heart and an entire circulatory system. This is from Teresa Brown. Osric didn’t realize the sacrifice needed for the spell would take itself, he assumed it would accept his own blood which he used for the star.

Kingsport Cultists

The Kingsport cultists are not active agents in this campaign, instead they should serve as a background of horror for the investigation. Hint that someone or something influenced Osric into using the spell, or give the investigators glimpses of the strange house on the hill overlooking Kingsport. Remember that singing can be heard from that house, and mist and the northern lights all appear more frequently since that man braved the hill. The old terrible man should also be a nice subtle hint to the darker side of the town. Perhaps you want to make the cult even more prominent, they walk openly in the street in hooded cloaks bearing symbols. Or instead people seem to huddle oddly in every shop and on the corners muttering. Dr. Gardener and Osric seem to make a strange hand signal every time they see one of these groups.

Kingsport Dive

Several patrons mutter darkly about the group. They stare until the group have drunken the toe drink.

Kingsport is a town for sailors by sailors and it has a bar to match. It has no sign except for a large iron anchor leaned against the wall outside. The floor is sticky, the smoke assaults the senses, and the patrons are non-responsive. The bar seems to be half a tree trunk laid from one wall to the other, beer is offered but if the investigators ask for information the bartender grunts noncommittally. A helpful patron leans over and explains that if they want to gossip they should talk to the Captain in the corner. As they go the patron nearly falls off his chair and quickly tells them that they can’t do that yet. When asked why he points at a sign on the bar. “$5 l’orteil” Ordering this from the bartender he sets down as many tall glasses with a clear liquid about an inch deep at the bottom. Before they drink it the patron again exclaims, they need to see the captain for that.

This strange maze of social interaction reaching a climax the investigators are allowed near the Captain. Lacking a peg-leg this man is nearly the perfect image of a sea captain, sporting a skippers cap and a thick beard. When they ask him about the drink he splits a grin and pulls a slightly dirty handkerchief from his pocket. “Ah, the toe then! He he!” He goes into a lengthy tale of how three men had gone out fishing in Kingsport harbor back in the 1700s. They were out for so long one winter night one of the men lost his toe to frostbite. When they reached the pub the three men challenged each other to drink from a glass with the toe in it, to win the honor of always winning bar arguments. Meanwhile he has uncovered a blackened and slimy toe in his handkerchief. The nail is discolored and chipped and black flakes cover the cloth. With much aplomb the Captain drops it into the first drink. He nods encouragingly as investigators raise their glasses. As one the bar turns to watch chanting:

“You can drink it fast,

you can drink it slow-

but the lips have gotta

touch the toe!”

Once each investigator has finished this slightly disturbing practice the Captain grins again and the bar bursts out laughing, clapping them on the backs he asks them what they want to know. The Captain hears a lot of gossip and sees much from his corner.

-Nearly two dozen bums invaded town at the beginning of June all wielding a pamphlet of sorts. The Captain himself saw a red headed woman with them handing the pamphlet’s out to a couple newcomers. One of the homeless came into the bar to ask where the “Eye of the Sea” was. No one knew. A week later all of the homeless vanished.

-The Captain also spoke to several of the Bostonian builders Osric hired. Apparently they had mainly worked on a large cellar room. While digging they discovered another old cellar which contained a sealed lead box. The builder had drawn the symbol for the Captain and he can reproduce it. It looks like an eye of Horus combined with two ankhs. Investigators may recognize this as the Eye of Light and Darkness, an ancient seal of protection.

-The Captain will also relate how Teresa Brown Osric’s fiancé had been shopping for flowers in town when she had suddenly clutched her chest and fell to the ground. By the time someone went to help she was dead. Dr. Gardener, Kingsport only medical expert is keeping her body at the morgue.

Kingsport Historical Society

The lady running the archive tugs on her lapel when she sees the glued together page they found.

Any investigator interested in Somme’s background in Kingsport will do well to check the Kingsport Historical Society housed in one of the oldest houses in town peacefully shaded by two willow trees. The Society is manned by two old ladies who bicker constantly. The Society both proudly keeps a huge amount of genealogical data of the first Kingsport kin but also land records.

  • Genealogical records connect Osric Somme through several generations to Balthazar Somme in the 1700s. Like Osric claims Balthazar was one of the 13  founding fathers of Kingsport. It is interesting to note that two massive gaps in data exist, the origin of all 18 men and women who founded Kingsport and what any of them did up to the 1800s when a dangerous religious sect was uncovered following a huge earthquake.
  • Land records tell a slightly different story. Most of the earliest records have been written down in the 1800s after the raid based on older books. The Somme House is recorded at the bottom of one page and wraps to the next. But investigators will notice that two sheets have been glued carefully together hiding something in-between. If they are careful they can pry them apart, the glue long since losing its potency. Inside are two address, one for the Somme House, actually several houses away from where Osric built and the house of Casper Cohen built exactly where Somme House now stands. On the back page someone carefully added the Cohen address as Somme’s address.

Some investigators may have heard of Robert Cohen, the famed killer in the employ of the Bitter Servants. If they have they become curious about the connection to Casper Cohen. If they search in Arkham they discover that Casper was recorded moving to Arkham in 1718 and building a house ten minutes out of town. In 1722 a law suit was filed by Casper when allegedly a neighbor tried to burn down his house. An obituary for a Mr. C. Cohen is dated in 1730 and mentions a son Robert tending to his funeral.

Dr. Gardener

Dr. gardener is a small weedy man, with a thin pale face. His eyes, behind round spectacles, seem to water constantly, and he has a high pitched cough which he stifles with a balled up fist. He is also the head coroner and a private practice doctor in Kingsport. He has a small vine covered house in the lee of a old decrepit church that overlooks the ocean. Every so often the bell in the tower tolls, strangely at odds with the hour.

Constantly nervous and slightly pouting Dr. Gardener answers questions in short clipped phrases and is easily persuaded to do things. He is used to turning a blind eye to a lot of Kingsport doings.

Dr. Gardener used to work at the Arkham Orphanarium before it was burned to the ground in 1928. Dr. Gardener has a history of abusing children and his son aged six shows the marks of this in bruises on his back and arms.

Dr. Gardener is as bad at medicine as he is at taking care of children. Luckily most of the denizens of Kingsport don’t need his services. When Teresa Brown was carried into his office he panicked and called on Douglas Middleton for help. The Brown’s are refusing to do an autopsy but Dr. Gardener hopes that Dr. Middleton will help him do one in secret.

Dr. Gardener’s Office

Teresa Brown, Osric’s fiancé, died almost to the day people remember the homeless disappearing, though no one has made any connections. Her body is being kept in the tiny one room morgue by Dr. Gardener Kingsport solitary physician. On the death certificate the doctor has ruled she died of sudden cardiac arrest. Her mother saw her keel over suddenly at home and grow incredibly pale.

Dr. Gardener has been completely stumped as to why she died. She is incredibly pale, and her chest seems unusually hollow. The Brown family have so far refused an autopsy so he can’t investigate further. Dr. Gardener is curious enough to consider doing an autopsy without familial consent and wants Dr. Middleton’s approval to prove that what they found was useful. Dr. Middleton is far less accepting of cutting open a dead girl on such criteria.

Dr. Gardener’s coroner’s office is a tiny broom closet off of the town hall. Teresa’s body barely fits lying down on a small table. In contrast Dr. Gardener’s practice is in a much larger building up town. It is white and spot less.

George has a bed room upstairs across the hall from the guest room. Dr. Gardener sleeps downstairs, creepily near Teresa’s body. While Leslie and Dr. Middleton are staying Leslie will sleep in George’s room. Dr. Gardener insists that George give up the bed for Leslie.

George Gardener

George, Dr. Gardener’s son from Ms. Rosiare, who he met in 1928. Ms. Rosiare, who was not ready to have another child after the events of 1928, died during the birth.

Dr. Gardener in not a small way takes out this sorrow on his son and hits him with a length of surgical tubing. He carries bruises on his shoulders and back. A rather rough lad, George spends as much time out of the house as possible playing soccer with local kids. The other children stay away from the house since they believe Dr. Gardener has a ghost in a jar. His son, George, told them this story claiming that he had bottled the ghost who lived in the closet of a young child who had died there while being punished.

Al Pitman

Al Pitman is a man of the unions and traveled to Bolton, MA from his home town of Chicago to help workers there join the Steel Workers Union. Al hung around the yards for a couple of days before he got wise to the dangerous climate there. While many of the Puerto Rican workers were dissatisfied but many of them were also part of a dangerous gang, a gang quickly catching up with Al. He managed to get in contact with a Señor Castilla who was open to signing on with the Union along with another two dozen workers. But Castilla couldn’t sign for another week. That same night someone tried to shoot Al.

Realizing the danger he was in Al decided to leave Bolton. He wants to stay in the area until he can get Castilla and his men’s signatures. Knowing a family in Kingsport Al took the bus and is staying there. The family, a married couple with two kids, do not know anything about the matter.

Sadly for Al Pitman and his friends Castilla was not the altruistic man Al thought he was. Instead he was a Bitter Servant man and he quickly told Mr. Mallady where he was to visit Pitman. Mallady reported to Mr. Radcliffe and Radliffe decided to let Robert Cohen clean the matter up.

Waiting Outside Unionist House

It starts to get dark and the ocean sounds get louder. Bells toll, a sea gull mourns the dead. Several people in dark clothes gather on an opposite corner and watch the car. Another one joins them and seems to hand out objects to the waiting people. There are at least half a dozen now. A coppery scent is in the air.

Going in to find Cohen he sees him literally lying with his face in the guts of a dead man, chewing. A liver sits on a handkerchief next to him. Cohen rises on all fours and stares. He gathers up the liver and starts towards Malcolm. Assuming he stays staunch they get in the car, the people across the street advance on them. If Malcolm drives quickly they run after the car, if he goes slowly they follow slowly until they reach the edge of town where they disperse.

Friday Game Notes 17: Out of Eyeons

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

This short one shot was designed to be run before Flames Engulf.


Stuart Reynolds has hired four low level thugs from the Bitter Servants to steal a mummy from a traveling exhibit featured in the MU’s history gallery in 1938.  Stuart knows the mummy is the result of seeing Ghatanothoa and petrifying from the description in  his copy of the Nameless Cults. Stuart wants to remove the eyes and transfer the image onto a film producing a photograph of the creature.

Stuart Reynolds was a reporter who worked for the Boston Pillar and was enraged when the papers refused to report the truth after the events in 1932. At first he though all was lost, since both living mummies had been destroyed by the Cabot Museum. He quit the paper and exclusively studied the Black Book. He wrote often to occultists of note, including de Marigny, but soon was left without friends due to his insistence that more people reveal the truth.

In 1937 when the mummy was announced, discovered miraculously washed up intact on the shores of Chile he was dumb founded. He visited the exhibit once when it was Boston and confirmed his worst nightmares. The fright sent him into a catatonic state for two months. Finally waking he had new purpose. His very first act was to break into the Cabot museum and steal the two scrolls. He didn’t wish to protect the world, now he wanted to show them the truth! From late 1937 until 1938 when the exhibit moved to Arkham he created a complex projector to display the image on the mummies eyes, and is planning on showing it in the middle of Downtown Arkham. He isn’t sure which scroll is the one that keeps him safe so he keeps both nearby at all times.

In 1937 the Chilean museum where it was kept in La Serena had two unusual deaths, both were found dead and completely stiff.


Prof. Rice asks GPS to aid him finding out more about the mummy and why it has been stolen. He suggests looking into other mummies found in similar areas. It’s finals week at the MU and Prof. Rice’s first year in charge of the Library so he is too busy to do research himself, however he opens the library to their usage. He also mentions that two unusual men were seen visitig the mummy often, both men were Indonesian looking and looked at nothing else in the museum.

The Police suspect it was a gang operation and blame the Bitter Servants. Mama Warrell wants Malcolm to do his own digging and see if he can find out which lowlifes might be involved, before the police interrupt any more delicate matters.

The police have been hassling Bitter Servant members over a break in at the University. Mama Warrell want’s Malcolm to look into it before the cops disturb something more delicate.

  • One of the Mobsters who was pulled in for questioning, Dario, hangs out down the block. The police asked him a lot of questions about the robbery, if he knew of anyone asking about jobs – he wasn’t sure but thought there might have been someone asking around the Smoke and Handle about a job.
  • The Smoke and Handle is a dive bar run by Michaela, a rambunctious  brunette who has a thing for Malcolm. She remembers the man asking around quite well. He was a respectable and kind of smart looking, not the sort seen in the Smoke and Handle much. He was buying a lot of people drinks but Big Ben, one of the Bitter Servant’s larger members scared him off. Michaela heard him mutter something about heading down to George’s Café, a dive down the street.
  • George’s Café is owned by Tim Mahoney, a chubby red faced man in suspenders. He stays too drunk to remember any one passing through. But buying a drink of the two regulars Tiny and Large at the bar jogs some memories.
  • Tiny remembers the man coming in and asking about some pugs (thugs) and a driver. And Large remembers he ended up chatting to Timo and Becky in a corner. Another drink will remind him that Timo and Becky are a part of a small group who do petty crime and have a hangout in the Lower South Side. They pay their dues to the Bitter Servants, but are mostly independent. A third drink lets him recall that the hangout is a couple houses east of the Lock and Barrel gun store on College Street.

Asking around the docks

  • Maxwell Hank, a Bitter Servant member, heard about a young educated man bring a weird machine into Arkham. It wasn’t illegal, or something worth stealing, so Max didn’t pay much attention to it.


Prof. Rice comes to the GPS offices and asks Samuel for help on behalf of his friend Dr. Morgan. Dr. Morgan was helping out the MU Historical Gallery with a new exhibit, a Chilean mummy, but it was recently stolen. Dr. Morgan had heard a gun shot the night of the robbery and when trying to stop the robbers was hit over his head. He’s in the hospital for his trouble.

  • Three professors were working on the exhibit: Visiting professor Bruno Esmund was here from Chile to display the mummy around America, Dr. Ingolf and Dr. Morgan were both MU professors in the history department who were helping Prof. Esmund and running the MU Gallery
  • Prof. Esmund is staying at Dr. Ingolf’s house. Dr. Ingolf and his wife have one daughter, a 12 year old.

Both the Doctor and the Professor were not present at the gallery at the time. But both are very knowledgeable about the mummy. Prof. Esmund could tell them how it was found.

  • The mummy, nicknamed “the mermaid” was discovered washed up on the shore near La Serena Chile. It was miraculous that the mummy survived the ocean environment, but under inspection at the La Serena Archeological Museum the mummy showed no extensive damage. After a year of study the mummy was included in an American tour.
  • Dr. Ingolf remembers one other mummy of a similar look. One included in the mummy hall of the Cabot Museum in Boston. There was some problem some years ago that resulted in the mummy decomposing. He worries that the Mermaid Mummy may have the same problem while being away from the museum.
  • An April 5th copy of the Boston Pillar has a full page on their mummy including descriptions, photos, and images of the scrolls. It was written by Stuart Reynolds. It connected the mummy and scroll to several wilder books such as the Book of Ibon and the Necronomicon.
  • A November edition in The Occult Review has an article by the famous New Orleans mystic Etienne-Laurent de Marigny which connects the scroll’s characters to von Junzt’s Nameless Cults.
  • In September Boston papers published several reports of the mummy’s subtle change and deteriation. As well as some visitors noticing people acting strangely around it.

Guards and Attendants

  • Paul and Gary were present when the robbers broke in. Paul was knocked out as he walked around the outside of the Gallery. Paul was inside and saw the robbers coming, he managed to pull his gun before the thugs jumped him. He thinks he managed to shoot one, but the other hid him over the head and knocked him out.
  • Paul and Gary are both being questioned by the police.
  • Dwight was not on duty that night. But he does remember two strange figures who were spending a lot of time around the mummy. Both were emaciated looking men and looked “like those photos in the back” photos of Polynesian islanders.
  • Sidney and Rudolph don’t know anything about the robbery
  • Charlie does remember seeing an educated looking man who spent two or three evenings staring at the mummy. She also noticed that the man had spent a rather long time near the front doors as if examining he locks. Charlie meant to tell Dr. Ingolf but never did. She blames herself for the robbery.

Crime Scene

  • The gallery is closed for the time being. But Dr. Ingolf will let them in under recommendation from Dr. Morgan or Prof. Price.
  • Tire tracks have wrecked the lawn in front of the gallery. The marks look like a large car.
  • Four boot prints and prints of someone with nicer shoes are visible in the mud.
  • The front door of the gallery was not damaged, but it is clear the lock was picked. The glass case inside was smashed.
  • A bullet hole is in the wall of the middle room. Blood has dried on the floor in the middle room and it looks like who ever was wounded was taken out of the room by the front door again.

The Nameless Cults

  • The MU Library does have a copy of Nameless Cults, in the Dusseldorf original German version. Prof. Rice can translate if no one knows German.
  • Kindgom of K’naa where atop Mount Yaddith-Gho was a gigantic fortress of Cyclopean stone. Under which was the daemon god Ghatanothoa whom the entities from the stars worshipped.
  • The humans who lived in K’naa agreed that Ghatanothoa survived and that they must offer sacrifices to it to stop it from leaving. These victims were offered up on flaming altars in the marble temple near the mountain’s base, for none dared climb Yaddith-Gho’s basalt cliffs or draw near to the Cyclopean pre-human stronghold on its crest.
  • Seeing Ghatanothoa or a picture of Ghatanothoa meant paralysis and petrifaction of a singularly shocking sort, in which the victim was turned to stone and leather on the outside, while the brain within remained perpetually alive.
  • Eventually a high priest of Shub-Niggurath, T’yog dared consider climbing Yaddith-Gho. The gods Shub-Niggurath, Nug, and Yeb, as well as Yig the Serpent-god, were ready to help stop Ghatanothoa. He had been inspired in a dream to create a scroll written in Nacaal that would protect him from the sight of Ghatanothoa.
  • However his rival priests decided to betray him and secretly swapped the scroll. T’yog never returned from the mountain.
  • Long after the destruction of K’naa by a great storm people from those lands came together and started worshipping Ghatanothoa again in Mu and Atlantis

Looking up Stuart Reynolds

  • The Boston Pillar fired him in 1932 after trying to write several articles about the Cabot Museum “hiding” information from the public
  • A secretary at the Boston Pillar who had dated Stuart knows he stayed in Boston until very recently, but she hadn’t seen him since 1937.

Looking up the Cabot Museum

  • The curator Dr. Johnson, Wentworth Moore, taxidermist and Dr. William Minot who was connected with examining the mummy all died in 1933. – No one can describe what happened in 1932.
  • The museum also reports that “both scrolls” were stole in 1933 during a break in. The police were unable to make any arrests. – The investigators will probably not be aware that there were two scrolls, so they should be able to guess that one is the protection scroll and the other is the fake.

The Hideout

  • The machine is set up to create prints of an image in an eyeball. Three sheets of paper are missing from the packet next to it.
  • Stuart’s notes describe how the machine creates prints of images on an eyeball. Attached is a print of Stuart stabbing someone, as if from the first person.
  • Stuart, Caleb, Lew, and Timo are all lying on the ground with pictures of terror on their faces. They are stiff and their skin feels like that of a mummy. All four are slowly greying.
  • The machine is still set up with an eye ball encased in the machine. The mage has faded from it now and if anyone develops another sheet it comes out as a suggestive blur.
  • The hideout has been made completely dark with blankets under the doors and curtains pulled tight.
  • A black car is parked out front.
  • The two scrolls have been knocked to the ground behind a cabinet.
  • The investigators may wish to do an impromptu autopsy on the bodies. If they do… well there are horrific implications

The Revenge – Prof. Esmund

  • Dr. Middleton has been called to Dr. Ingolf’s house because Prof. Esmund has collapsed.
  • Prof. Esmund has been petrified just like the four men in the hideout.
  • He was alone in the study just after Dr. Ingolf brought him a letter. Dr. Ingolf remembers that Prof. Esmund remarked that none of his friends had his address to write to him there.
  • The envelope is on the desk in the study. It has Bruno Esmund written in bad hand writing on the front. There is no stamp and only a partial address.
  • Dr. Ingolf also remarks that Prof. Esmund had lit the fire, since the Massachusets summer wasn’t as warm as his native Chile.
  • A piece of paper has fallen into the fire place and is almost completely burnt up.

Revenge – Dr. Ingolf

  • His wife Maria was sitting in the upstairs window seat and saw him chatting with a large redheaded woman. She took an envelope out of her pocket and showed Dr. Ingolf at which time he collapsed.
  • Maria called the police quickly but the woman fled the scene.
  • Maria has been told by the police not to speak to anyone else about what she saw. However she told her 12 year old daughter Sarah everything before speaking with them. Sarah will chat with anyone her own age.

Revenge – Dr. Morgan

  • Dr. Morgan after hearing about the other attacks can suggest using himself as bait.
  • A maid complains he was knocked out and her uniform stolen.

Some ways to save Dr. Morgan

  • If they arrive as Becky is trying to show Dr. Morgan the picture switching off the lights will save him. She will try to shoot her way out of the room shortly after wards.
  • The doctors wont allow investigators to stay in the room personally. – Very dramatic if they are leaving the room just as a nurse comes into the room. As they leave the nurse who had her uniform stolen runs into the hall yelling that someone stole it.


  • The groups driver. He’s short and has a moustache like a brush.


  • A boxer and a bruiser. He ha a head like a cauliflower – carries a lead pipe


  • A skinny tall man, Lew is an half of an expert on locks.


  • A red head – rather butch and strong. She carries a 9mm


Paul, Gary, Dwight


Charlie, Sidney, Rudolph

Stuart Reynolds

Stuart wrote the sensational pieces connecting the mummy in the Cabot Museum back in 1932 to The Black Book. He was incensed about the lack of information after the deaths of the two men who broke in. He tried to get his paper the Boston Pillar to write publish several nasty pieces about the museum but instead was fired later that year.

Still taken up with the connections he had made about the mummy he tried writing to Etienne-Laurent de Marigny to get help revealing the cover up. De Marigny knowing as well as anyone that if the Cabot museum was hiding something about the deaths it was probably best kept hidden sent a polite refusal and never wrote again. Frantic Stuart broke into the Cabot Museum and stole the two Nacaal Scrolls. He continued tracking any news of strange mummies found in the Pacific or South America while working on a new device.

Not being present at the dissections of the mummy and the petrified robber Stuart didn’t know exactly what would happen. He wanted proof of the primeval being the mummies supposedly saw and so designed a complex device that would project light through an eye ball onto film in color. (Screw scientific accuracy here) He has a drawn schematic of the device and has tested it once. Taped on the schematic is a picture from the lens, a perfect image of Stuart killing his test subject.

Stuart doesn’t know which scroll will keep him from being petrified by the image of Ghatanothoa so keeps both nearby.

The Gallery

The mummy was installed in the MU’s Howard History Gallery in June 1938. Visiting professor Bruno Esmund is curating the exhibit on its way through American schools and is working with Dr. Ingolf  and Dr. Morgan in the history departments to study and display the mummy.

The Gallery has three guards, one an ex-police man, and three students who act as attendants during the day. The mummy was kept in the middle of the gallery hall flanked by Chilean artifacts. The gallery is split into three rooms, one devoted to the history of Arkham. The central room houses a portrait of Dr. Allan Halsey, a dean and medical doctor famous at the school and their exhibit space for the Chilean artifacts and mummy. The third room houses several plaster casts of Greek and Roman busts, several important paintings, and a small collection of stone tablets found in Greenland.

The Robbery

Stuart Reynolds arrived in Arkham at the beginning of the month from Boston and went to several dive bars on the North Side asking around for people who might help him in a robbery. He found a group of four mobsters (Timo, Caleb, Lew, and Becky ) who were willing to help out for good money and free drinks for a week or two. Stuart promised that the mummy would be worth thousands of dollars sold to the right people, the “right” people that he alone knew.

Stuart went to the museum on the 14th and 15th of June around the closing hour to see the mummy, something remarked on by Charlie, one of the attendants. Under the guise of admiring the mummy Stuart checked the locks on the museum doors, where the guards may be at night and so on.  Charlie thought to tell Dr. Ingolf but decided against it and now blames herself.

The night of the 17th Stuart returned with his little gang in a black car. They parked on the lawn outside, chewing up the grass in the process. Lew picked the lock while Becky and Caleb over powered the guards. Caleb was accidentally shot and Timo went back outside to start up the car incase someone had been alerted. In fact Dr. Morgan had and came outside just as the thieves were leaving.

Stuart directed them all to remove the mummy from the case by smashing the glass. They took it back to the car where Timo was waiting. Dr. Morgan spotted the car and started to run over and tried to grab the car but Becky hit him with her electric torch. They drove quickly off to the groups hideout in a small house in the Lower South Side.



After returning back Becky went to find a back door doctor to help Caleb. While she was away Stuart decided to make sure that the mummy was the real deal. With Timo, Caleb and Lew looking on he pried open the eye lids, forgetting his precious scrolls. All four of them were instantly mummified, still conscious.

Becky returned and horrified went a little mad. She searched for what might have killed her friends and discovered Stuart’s diagram of the machine. She realizes what has happened and decides it is the fault of the professors in charge of the mummy that her friends all died. She follows Stuart’s instructions and in complete darkness cuts out one of the mummy’s eyes and attaches it to the machine. She turns it on and creates three print outs of the image of Ghatanathoa. She is not completely spared as the light shines through the eye she gets a brief glimpse and her left hand is petrified, the petrification spreads slowly up her arm.

Game starts on a Saturday (June 18th) just after the robbery.

Curse of Ghatanothoa: Anyone in visual proximity to a perfect image of Ghatanothoa receives this curse.

In a few minutes, the victim’s flesh and sinews rapidly harden to the consistency of leather and bone. The brain and other internal organs remain fresh and alive in this hard, immobile case, aware yet unbearably imprisoned. Only the destruction of the brain can end the victim’s suffering. The blind, numb victim goes more and more insane until reaching permanent madness or the forgiving release of death.

Friday Game Notes 16: Alternate Dimensions

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

When writing the finale of Flames Engulf one idea was to send the players to separate alternate versions of Arkham and let them run from one to the other. This was scrapped but what I wrote was interesting enough to end up here. They were intended to be run as a sequence of scenes in order as the PCs begin to jump to the next one along and joining their friends but I have dispensed with that organization.

What I am trying to Achieve:

  1. Nyarlathotep is manipulating everything. He is the incarnation of perverse suffering.
  2. Ptof. Rice is killing people or doing other bad things to get the ingredients for the ceremony.
  3. Silas and Lavinia are using city magic to torture Trevor and drag him to them.
  4. Cohen is chasing and trying to kill them.
  5. Patricia is mad and is haunted by Agatha
  6. Make them scary and deadly


  1. All the Trevors have a fish hook stuck in them somewhere and a long cord stretched out to where they need to be to progress to the next section.
  2. In reflections the PCs see Lavinia and Silas enacting the ceremony.


  • Starting immediately after last session: Sam is unconscious, Malcolm is at hospital, Ben is at Emmerson’s funeral, Leslie and Benoit are still on the roof with Sam.
  • Silas’s working takes effect and begins drawing Trevor to him:
    • The city starts swirling in a circle
    • The magic fountains start disgorging magic everywhere
    • A bright light blinds everyone

Arkham of the Abyss

Malcolm suddenly appears having fallen into the abyss and is about to drown when he is saved by his mother and introduced to a strange apocalyptic city.

  • In a huge crevasse the city is built in six tiers over an inky body of water.
  • Malcolm is a diver who is going to go diving tomorrow.


Ripped from the normal world and suddenly thrown into the abyss. He still has his wooden foot and other injuries. In is wearing an old tattered coat that has his protection sigils embroidered into it. He has several other things, a strange diamond shaped badge colored red, a ring with three keys on it, and a picture portrait of his uncle.

  • The red diamond badge allows him access to the bottom three layers of the CITY. He can get to the hospital and the police station as well as some lower shops. He is forbidden from the richer areas above.
  • The three keys. One is the key to the research station at the bottom of the CITY. Another opens his locker in the research station and the other his room in the research station.
  • The picture portrait is water stained.
  • In his locker is a wetsuit with his name on it. Next to it is a large harpoon gun. There is also a lunchbox with a half eaten and now moldy sandwich.
  • His room has a tiny cot and a pile of clothes on a chair. His dog Jasper, old and a bit mangy looking sleeps beside it and is excited to see him.

The Research Station

A small platform and thrown together building perched at the very lowest point of the CITY. Besides the personal rooms there is a large lab space with a hangar door opening onto the diving platform built out over the abyss below. A large metal diving suit and air pumps are stationed by a large hatch that open over the water.

Mama Warrel, two workers, Malcolm and Jasper all live in the building.

Mama Warrel

You are the head of a small four man research team at the bottom of the CITY.

The things you would be surprised Malcolm doesn’t know:

  • The CITY is a vertically built town of multiple tiers of buildings and walkways built where a continental plate split in half.
  • In 1928, the year now called year 0, GOD was woken by evil magicians and GOD left the world behind causing the cursing of the surface and the destruction of humanity. The CITY survived by building into the chasm over an abyss of water.
  • Sheriff Stanley has always been dubious about the research Mama’s team is doing and would like to stop it if possible.

Things that you are surprised Malcolm doesn’t know and have to tell him:

  • Malcolm is the head diver of the research team and in two days is going to dive down into the deep to discover the “savior” a mystical sea creature that is rumored to be able to save humanity.
  • There was an explosion from the lab and Malcolm must have fallen through the floor hatch and into the abyss. You assembled your  diving suit and went down to get him. He seems to be badly injured from the explosion and he should be taken to the doctor’s hospital on LEVEL RED.

Procedure for a dive:

  1. Diver is put in metal suit.
  2. Diver is hooked up to a harness and breathing tubes
  3. Two hired laborers work on air pumps that keep air flowing into the suit.
  4. The diver is lowered by crane through the hatch and into the water.
  5. If the diver is exploring the bottom they are lowered until the rope goes slack.
  6. The diver can be pulled up if they tug three times on the rope.
  7. If the diver wants more slack they can tug once on the rope.

The Doctor’s Office

Built for function and not comfort. The waiting room is filled with waiting mothers with screaming children, coughing people and a few frail elders. A couple of nurses usher patients in and out somehow doing their work amidst the chaos.

The examining rooms have a simple cot and a desk with various medical instruments. It takes a long time for the doctor to come and look at each patient but she does eventually. Once she has done a quick examination of whatever is wrong with them she tries to treat them straight away. She then lets them rest for 10 minutes or so before kicking them out to free the space.

The Doctor

The doctor checks Malcolm’s wounds and makes sure his foot (which the doctor thinks he lost when he was attacked by a shark) is feeling okay. The doctor is very busy and doesn’t have time to do anything but bandage Malcolm’s wounds and quickly kick him out of the much needed bed.

Things the Doctor lets on:

Malcolm’s foot was the result of a shark attack while he was swimming in the abyss.

The Sheriff isn’t happy with the research team especially after that racket of an explosion.

The Levels

The levels of the CITY go from Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Black is the poorest with mostly closed shops and poor shabby clothed people. The moisture from the water below makes the air thick and cloying and everything looks damp. The conditions improve until Red where most of the cities main shops and institutions are built including the Doctor’s office and the Police station. There’s also a bank and food stalls. Above that the layers are richer. Green has a series of artisanal shops and Blue and Yellow have large richly decorated houses nearly thee times as long as the small huts on Black and White levels.

  • The lower levels have more people
  • The higher levels have less
  • Red level has huge crowds trying to get food, shop, or go to work
  • Police spot Malcolm if he tries to climb a level

The Sheriff

You, Sheriff Stanley, have been in charge of the CITY since its founding. In year 0 GOD was woken by evil magicians and fled the planet destroying and cursing the surface. Now anyone who tries to climb to the surface is horribly cursed with sickness, hair loss, red sores and bloody vomit and quickly death.

Of course no one has been on the surface for 13 years since year 0 so you are not sure if the surface is still cursed. You suspect it is too dangerous to check and if anyone did it may doom the entire population f the CITY.

To keep the CITY alive you have made some difficult decisions. For one you carefully police who can go where to keep order. Each LEVEL has a color and only people with that color badge can visit that LEVEL and the LEVEL’s beneath. There are six levels with colors from the bottom up: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

You and your police force carry stun tubes that shoot an icy cold mist that paralyzes the target. If anyone is trespassing at the wrong level or is without their badge they are arrested and taken to the jail to be interrogated.

Recently Terrance, a dangerous inventor from LEVEL WHITE, was caught on LEVEL YELLOW trying to find a way to climb to the surface. He claims he has an invention that would let the CITY gain power from the sun. You have him locked in Cell 2. Cell 1 is open.

The Police Station

A small office with two cells built off of it. Office Montana sits at the front desk while the Sheriff and other officers patrol the CITY. Montana happily potters around getting coffee from an ancient coffee press and reading newspapers from the Old World at his desk with his feet up. Montana keeps the keys to the cells. Terrance is kept in Cell 2.


You are a young inventor on LEVEL WHITE and you have just broken the biggest mystery in your work. You think you have created a way to harvest power from the sun something that could save the CITY for good. However you were arrested by Sheriff Stanley for trespassing on LEVEL YELLOW. You suspect that the surface is not as dangerous as the Sheriff claims and feel like you must find a way up to investigate. You were arrested just as you found an old sealed door that may lead further up.

Malcolm can see that Terrance has a large fish hook attached to the inside of his cheek with a cord that leads out of the prison and upwards out of the city.

The Abyss

Malcolm is fitted with a large diving suit and hooked up to the pipes and dropped into the abyss. After what seems like an eternity he reaches the bottom.

  • Streets are churned up forming strange cliffs and ravines.
  • Buildings are at angles making hills pocked with chasms in the shape of windows and doors.
  • Strange fish swim back and forth, the feeling of being watched is always present and something seems to be stalking him.

His suit gives him 20 armor. However any impaling attack against him may sever his air tube or line. His move is reduced to 4.

Butwan Noire

Under the abyss is the ruins of Arkham carved into cyclopean ruins by the water and the disaster that struck it. Over the hills of rubble shines one light, the light from a small one story brick shop with an old sign encrusted with barnacles and the letters ACC just visible.

Inside is an old antiquary shop filled with old items, antique side tables, candle sticks, and a collection of portraits. Behind the long solid counter stands a tiny black man wearing an old fashioned three piece suit. This man is Butwan Noire.

Butwan Noire greets Malcolm by name and jokes that with the amount of danger he has been in he is surprised he didn’t end up in his shop earlier. He will answer questions but will respond badly to insults.

What Butwan will reveal:

That some great magical power has caused Malcolm and those with their fates entwined to be thrown into alternate versions of Arkham.

That Terrance is the connection between them all, the avatar of the city itself. In every one there is a force that represents the city itself.

Malcolm can escape this dimension by taking Terrance to where the line is pulling him.

He was behind the destruction of the world in this reality by giving the spell to wake Nodens, the entity the CITY refers to as GOD, to the wizards.

He is also to blame for ruining the real world by helping to push the witches to spread the rumors about the prophesy and in fact gave the idea to Huey in the first place when he accidentally visited his shop.

Once he has been angered or has grown tired of the game he reveals more:

He is the crawling chaos. (This is accompanied by the banging of millions of claws against the back wall of the office.

Butwan is just a lure within the shop and is connected by strands to something in the back shop.

He knocks the walls of the shop down to reveal the mass of limbs all curled together behind the shop. And he attacks.

Black Angler

A mass of limbs wrapped together with a huge angler like maw. It can swim quickly but is slower when on land.

Brawn: 400 Brains: 500 Pow: 500
HP: 70 MP: 100 Move: 16 (Swim) 10 (Land), Build 11

The Chase

Once The Angler reveals itself Malcolm will likely wish to run. (If he doesn’t he will probably just be killed instantly.)

The magics holding the shop together are dissolved, the walls collapse, the ceiling crumbles and water rushes in.

Outside Malcolm’s line has been tangled with some of the ruins. He must climb to the top and disentangle it. (He may cut it, but would have to ditch the diving suit (and deal with the change in pressure and such not to mention drowning on the way up).)

The ruins are an old office building that have broken apart to leave a significant overhang. The rope has caught at the narrowest part

The Arkham Ripper

You arrived in the CITY at the same time as Malcolm and sniffing out the scent of the working that caused you to show up here you began searching for someone who appeared to have lost their memory. You question a few people, before killing them, and are on Malcolm’s trail. After he has completed has dive you are going to strike. Kill a few police to show how dangerous you are. Then go after Malcolm in a chase. He’ll probably get away but you will be chasing him through dimensions after this.

Sam’s Nightmare

A padded cell that they haven’t had time to put a bed.

  • There is a small hole in between padding on the left wall that peaks into Patricia’s room.
  • A torn piece of padding at the back of the room reveals a photo of Sam’s wife and daughter hidden in the stuffing


Sam wakes up in a padded cell. He is wearing a patient’s uniform, a neutral grey shirt and pants with no belt. He has socks but no shoes.

When he meets Tyler he sees that the man has a large hook through his side with a long cord that leads out one of the windows and past the front gate.


You were travelling in Europe with your mother and your two eldest children. That’s all you recall before you awoke here. At least that’s what you tell yourself. That kind Doctor Rice keeps you medicated so you don’t have those nightmares anymore.

After much time you have collected enough art supplies in your cell to make the “weapon.” You don’t know what its for and you don’t really want to escape. Of course if you see anyone you think is evil you will kill them with it, and anyone who you don’t know is an enemy. Next door you’ve heard the big black man yelling and screaming a lot. He yells a lot about “Arkham.” You like that word and you like the big black man though the doctor’s say he’s dangerous. You figure you could kill him with the weapon if he attacked you.

It shouldn’t be hard for you to be convinced to escape with Sam and any of his friends. But you should resist for awhile. Make Sam work to convince your twisted mind that leaving the nice warm safety of the asylum is to your benefit.

Doctor’s Visit

Doctor Rice comes and visits Sam. He has his orderlies wait outside. He concludes by allowing Sam time in the community room during lunch. He informs him about the scheduled lobotomy tomorrow.

Doctor Rice

You woke up in an unfamiliar office. At first you were confused but soon those nice voices took over and you could just sleep walk around. They read the papers on the desk and realized you were “Doctor Rice” in charge of the third floor of the Danvers State Hospital an institute that takes care of the insane. Magic doesn’t seem to work here so the voices have to be more careful here.

First they spot a needed ingredient quickly the tongues of those traitors Philo and Tony. They are orderlies working underneath you. It wont be easy to get their tongues. If you can get Sam or someone else to beat them up maybe you could cut their tongues out then.

Sam’s file contains the following:

  1. Sam has been ranting about monsters, magic, and a city called Arkham since he killed two girls in New York.
  2. He is a violent patient who is kept sedated often and is scheduled for a lobotomy tomorrow.
  3. His wife and child moved to California and the wife has remarried.

You go to visit Sam in the morning.

  • Do not reveal that you are not really Doctor Rice.
  • No matter what Sam says or acts you decide he is safe to visit the community room for lunch.
  • You should remind him about the scheduled lobotomy.

The Community Room

Overlooked by a nurses station and kept under the watchful eyes of Philo & Tony about a dozen small chairs and tables clutter the small space. Some are arranged in a fan about a radio mounted to the wall others cluster around tables with half set up board games. Patients during the day mutter to themselves while mindlessly push pieces around the boards or clap in delight at the sounds coming from the radio.

Philo & Tony

You guys are orderlies under Doctor Rice on the third floor of Danvers Asylum. You always help Rice with the dangerous patients like Sam.

Sam has been in Danvers for awhile after he snapped on a police investigation in New York and shot up two kids. He was arrested and thrown in here pretty quickly. He’s kept pretty well sedated during the day and let out to mix a little with the patients but is locked in his cell the rest of the time. You’ve heard him ranting to the doctor about monsters, magic, and some city called Arkham before.

You probably take a little too much pleasure keeping Sam oppressed. A few unneeded elbows to the ribs might just happen sometimes.


You are an ancient trucker who was interred in Danvers after you accidentally killed a man during a hallucination filled drunken bender. You would like to leave the asylum to visit your daughter who you know lives in Boston not far from Danvers.

You mostly have trouble speaking and mumble most of your  words.

Inclusion of Character

After Malcolm has gotten out of the CITY he falls into the asylum. This lets him get his revenge on Philo & Tony. Meanwhile Doctor Rice is trying to find the moment he can cut their tongues out.

The Ripper

You appear soon after Malcolm and begin punching your way through the hospital. Now you can smell two of your prey. You should chase them from the building.

Getting Out:

Trevor has to be broken out of the asylum somehow. Patricia can help out by using her gun but she will kill anyone other than who she has randomly decided are her friends.

The War Comes to Arkham

Sans Souci

In the middle of a swath of destruction French Hill stands mostly intact.

The university has been bombed into ruins.

Smoke rises from downtown, fires still rage there.

The lower south side looks pitted and scarred, like bulldozers drove through the neighborhood ignoring streets.


Leslie comes to themselves near Sans Souci. However most of the city looks ruined. Leslie is wearing a dirty long jacket and boys clothes. Their hair is cut short but is long enough to keep on getting in their eyes. Blood trickles down their forehead and they have several burns on arms and legs. A tag tied around the wrist reads “Leslie Middleton, Sacramento”

Doctor Middleton

A member of the resistance and harboring Rosenberg in Sans Souci. He notices Leslie first and goes to talk to them. He reveals:

That America is in the process of invasion and Arkham is being occupied by the Nazis. He and Rosenberg are about to start a magical resistance against them.

In 1928 the occult selection of the Orne Library were released to the public and magic became common place. Sadly German spies also had access and soon the Third Reich had figured out how to summon monstrosities. When Hitler was magically replaced by a Nyarlathotep cultist it became even worse.

Leslie was supposed to have been sent to California but Middleton was worried about the Japanese monster attacks there.

Henry died in the initial invasion.


In the 20s the occult libraries were plundered by the nations of the world and their scientists and magic became common place. You and some companions in the 30s tried to track down the Sedfkar Simulacrum and destroy it but you were used and the statue was given to a dangerous sect of Nyarlathotep cultists. You were there when their leader using the power of the statue assassinated and replaced Hitler. It was easy for him to use the already hate filled Nazi party to start the worst war ever witnessed on Earth and soon you had fled to America. Trapped in Arkham as the German shoggoth mechs march their way across the East Coast you have gathered a few like minded magicians to lead a resistance to try to fight back.

You, Dr. Middleton and other resistance magicians are planning your counter attack. One of your traps near the house has turned up a shock laden civilian and you must decide what to do with him as well.

Sadly your plan is doomed to failure and the shoggoth mechs are about to attack your HQ, the old Sans Souci. You, Dr. Middleton and the other magicians do their best to defend the house.


You were once the young assistant to Dr. Armitage, the head of the Orne Library and you were there when he was killed by Wilbur Whately. You were there when Dr. Morgan took over and you were there when he was mauled to death by his own guard dogs. You were also there when Prof. Rice became the new head and you were there when the governments science officer shot him and took the entire occult selection. Before that you had been there when Prof. Rice tattooed the important parts of the Necronomicon on your back before he burnt it.

You haven’t really paid attention to what you’ve been doing since then. You have a vague idea that you need to get out of the city and that if the right person, someone in the west, can read the words on your back they could stop all this death. But then you fell into that hole and those men with guns came to look at you and hauled you to their house. You’re not sure that they will kill you or not.

Then you were there when that kid showed up in the house. You think they might be able to get you out of here. You should stick with them.

The Attack

After entering the house and speaking with their father and Rosenberg and meeting Tim a platoon of shoggoth mechs attack.

Shoggoth Mech

A nightmare of mythos monster and German engineering. The German magicians have added cabins on the top of the protoplasmic shoggoths. These are fitted with various limbs, weapons, and other devices for different purposes. The three attacking Sans Souci are fitted with two air cannons, and one set of grabbing arms. The air cannons shoot a blast of air shaped like a rune acting like a high powered magical cannon. The arms are used to rip the walls apart.

Rune Shoggoth Mech

A metal superstructure perched on a mass of black glossy matter that undulates and forms many legs, mouths and eyes. Painted with Nazi swastikas the metal structure is capped with a revolving turret with a wide but stubby barrel. Three pilots sit inside working the gun and controlling the shoggoth.

Arms Shoggoth Mech

A metal superstructure perched on a mass of black glossy matter that undulates and forms many legs, mouths and eyes. Painted with Nazi swastikas the metal structure holds up two long piston articulated arms. Three pilots sit inside working the arms and controlling the shoggoth.


The Streets

While Leslie is exiting the caverns and out onto the streets from a hole created by a large bomb blast she and Tim start to follow Tim’s hook and cord.

Encounter 1: At some point they discover a contingent of six Nazi soldiers going house to house pulling people and valuables out. Any one that resists is summarily shot. In charge the sixth soldier has a red lining to his uniform and a rune shaped pin in his hat. He has no gun but only a short dagger in his belt.


The wizard attacks by using his dagger to cut his hand and draw runes in the air with his (floating) blood. He is the officer and will order the soldiers to also attack while he is magically attacking. He will waste no magic defending the others.

Encounter 2: In a small clearing Emmerson and Justine have been strung up as warnings of German citizens who betrayed the Reich. Prof. Rice is there cutting their eyes out unsure which is the eldest.

Prof. Rice

After the asylum you find yourself in a bombed out city remarkably like Arkham. Even more remarkably you stumble upon the next ingredients you need, the first born’s eyes. It seems Dr. Vogel’s eldest children were examples to the people of Arkham. You can easily remove both pairs of eyes from the strung up corpses, you never could remember which of the two was the eldest.

Magic works perfectly well in this dimension and you will defend yourself from any misguided attempt to kill you.

If you are damaged in two rounds in a row the voices recede and you are left as the panic filled Prof. Rice who doesn’t know what is happening. The voices can try to regain control every round and have a 50% chance of success.

You concede a magical combat once you are out of magic points or are brought out of the control of the voices. Once the voices have regained control you may attack again assuming they haven’t incapacitated you otherwise.

Inclusion of Characters

Once Malcolm and Sam have gotten out of the asylum they appear in some ruins near Leslie close to where a shoggoth mech is wandering.


By taking Trevor out of the city to where the smoke doesn’t cover the sky they can leave and go to the next section.

Witches Dimension

A patchwork of dimensions dragged together by the power of the witches. This is not an alternate dimension but instead a midway point.

Object 1: A great telescope made of huge copper tubes that look into the eye hole of a giant skull. A wheel attached to a series of cogs focuses the image. When looking into the small view port the observer sees a small flock of many legged sheep.

Amidst plowed furrows of earth.

Object 2: A series of metal bands formed into semi circles all attached at opposite ends to make a rough spherical space in the center. Long strands of spell weave have been raggedly draped across the bands. If the bands are spun the strands began tying into a knot. The knot swirls and unties itself summoning infinite small bugs. The bugs do 1 damage every round and multiply by 1D6 every round. They each have 1 HP. The portal can be shut with a magical working.

Amidst marble floors broken up by wooden pillars charred to points.

Object 3: A large floating ball with three mouths painted on it. Each mouth has a tongue hanging out of it just out of reach by the tallest investigator. The mouths will answer any question posed to it but always answer with a lisp.

Floating over purple grasses.

Object 4: A huge mix of cogs that whir constantly. Occasionally a piston shoots out the top and a pipe disgorges a small prickly looking fruit. If it is not taken it is grabbed by a claw and returned into the machine. The fruit tastes very good.

At the top of a small hill.

Object 5: A long sleeping snuffling thing shaped a little like a buffalo and a little like a crocodile. It wakes only to a nice petting on the nose. It really likes spiky fruit which it uses its fractal tongues to eat. The tongues cost 1D6 sanity to see.

Sleeping on a pile of wedding rings.

Object 6: A bell shaped cage filled with purple monkey shaped creatures that lie dead all along the bottom of the cage. They smell like pumpkins.

In a long trench ten feet deep.

Object 7: A small raised platform with five twenty sided shapes each within the other but never crossing each other. If someone stands on the dais and speaks the name of any creature the creature is summoned inside the shapes and is bound there. Larger creatures may only appear in sections. San loss applies.

Object 8: A large brass bathtub with lion feet. The water inside instantly starts boiling if anyone gets inside doing 1D4 every round until they get out. The sides are very slippery and need a Dex roll to grab on.

Object 9: A tall ornate coat rack with many pegs at different angles all the way up its hundred meters or so. The bottom is three chicken feet splayed out evenly. Several coats are hung on it including one tattered cloak that is seventy meters long.

In the center of it all is Diana, having done away with Channel she is doing a ceremony where she is about to sacrifice a baby (Trevor). She knows a lot about what is going on and can help the PCs get out of the collapsing alternate dimensions that Silas’s magic is whirling up.

Channel’s Ant Altar

In the middle of a chunk of heath there is a small raised platform of dirt is topped with a see through green stone that throbs. The scrappy grey shrubs that live on the heath seem to keep their distance from this altar. On the altar is no statue, but a huge withered brown ant. The ant, while clearly dead, still bites whoever touches it, permanently grabbing on.

Once Channel enacted her sacrifices to the Black Man here. She approaches with a baby, singing hymns. She forced the baby to nod before the altar in a show of acceptance and then cut its throat letting the blood soak the green stone. The blood seemed to be absorbed and curious investigators will notice that red filled veins seem to fill the green stone. Once the baby has bled out she slashed its stomach and examined the organs for signs of the future. Most of this was then burnt on the altar. The burnt remains and the altar both give off a heady black smoke. Finally the thigh bones were wrapped in fat and left on the altar, Channel either ate or stuffed the rest.


You have completed the combination with Channel and feel vastly more powerful but you also feel the hatred that Shub-Niggurath spews into your head like so much vomit. You have retreated to the patchwork dimension that you and the other witches have constructed alongside Arkham. Strange devices, creatures, and spells take up squares of oddly matched terrain fitted together like a huge non Euclidean jigsaw puzzle.

Amidst it all you were about to sacrifice a small baby on Channel’s old Ant altar when Benoit appeared. Rather surprised you stopped and froze him on the spot. You can free him later. Then as you are about to restart the sacrifice more of Benoit’s companions appear. You sigh inwardly as you prepare to speak to them.

What you know:

They are caught in rather powerful magic being done by Silas and someone gifted in city magic. The spell is calling all of the alternate dimensions Arkham inhabits to collapse in on themselves. Meanwhile they pull the avatar of the City closer and closer to the center where Silas must plan to use it to destroy the city once and for all.

You can help send the investigators back to the right Arkham to deal with Silas. However the next dimension has already killed their Avatar. Instead you can magically get them back to the real world but they will have to find a way to make themselves stand out. Something of enough magical potential to change the world that they are obvious through the fabric of space.

They are shunted between dimensions whenever they help the avatar move to a predetermined spot. It is likely the hooks and lines they see are representative of this. (The baby has one such hook which leads to a door which stands alone in the border between two of the patchwork areas.)

Once they’ve been brought back to their Arkham they will have to fight Silas and whoever is with him.

You have “dealt” with Channel.

Things you know but wouldn’t reveal:

If Silas is doing such powerful magic Agatha will surely have been stirred up. If you can get the avatar while the investigators are distracting Silas you should be able to go and start fighting her.


After conversing with Diana they know that the baby is one of the Trevor’s and the line leads to a door. Once they take him through it they come out into the next area.

Nyarlathotep has Already Won

The next dimension is then where Nyarlathotep has simply taken over. Of course this was always possible but he has found it is more fun to keep false hope in humanity.

Encounter 2: Several buildings have been gutted and in the space inside a huge grey stone statue of a elephant headed humanoid figure sits cross legged with hands out like a huge alien Buddha. When approaching the idol every character gains a random effect:

Encounter 3: A long street of rickety shops and stalls. Satyrs and large pulpy frog like creatures swap human teeth to buy various goods; human torsos, strange triangular books, and devices made of plants and gold swap tentacle to hand. In several more normal looking streets semi-humans scuttle between doorways. There is a trumpeting further down the street and people start scampering inside. A few remain outside looking terrified. A parade of the Brood of Eihort and Eihort itself. The huge many legged mass shambles along. It is adorned with rich fabric and gold bells. The other people on the street seem to panic and try to get into any of the houses on the street right up until they are swept up by the parade.

People of various sorts accompany the large creature all seem to dance a little to the rhythm of the bells. If any investigator gets close to these people the dancers try to grab them and spew tiny brood of Eihort at them. If any get in their mouth the brood start breeding in them and they are taken over after 1 round. A failed Con roll is needed to force them to throw up.

Encounter 4: A massive temple has been constructed over top of the railroad with a huge central dome and three large towers around it. Inside the writing and symbols of several religions are inscribed side by side and over each other while the railroad clock still perches out of place in the center of it all. A small shrine inside features the words in many different languages “The head of Saint Armitage lies within.” Many people peer through he stained glass but the door remains completely locked.

Encounter 5: Along the steps of the ziggurat pours floods of gore. The higher up steps suddenly open up revealing massive machines where tentacle headed monstrosities toss human sacrifices. With each corpse the cogs speed up. Gore is flung out of pipes and cascades down the stone slabs. Cowering near one are Philo and Tony unhinged once their boss went nuts. They had thought that Mallady was like them, but once all this happened he switched to being a nut worshipper of Nyarlathotep.

  • The ziggurat is actually made up of a huge humanoid corpse filled in with rubble and carved into arcane friezes. The body was once the avatar. At the top Nyarly sits on a black throne and laughs.


You are Nyarlathotep’s human liaison and a loyal worshipper. You had helmed Nyarlathotep’s human meat industry back in the 1920s and you were there when Radcliffe betrayed your master in the name of “humanity!” That idiot never realized the wonders of the Black Man, the Crawling Chaos, the GOD! The Crawling Chaos is the force behind all misfortune, behind each decision and accident that pushes each person to do the worst, to hurt others and to be hurt by others. He is like a child throwing the chess pieces into the fire one by one, each tragic story culminating in ruin. The Crawling Chaos isn’t just the god of misfortune he IS misfortune itself! He is the causality behind the universe, no human would exist without him, and the world would be blank and featureless without him. And he does it all because it entertains him, he creates each character and sets them up to fall. AND IT IS WONDERFUL! He is true power, true godhood! There is nothing but him and there is nothing to worship but him!

Nyarlathotep took over the world as he rightly should around 1925 when his  cults came together to open a rift in the skies above the Earth. With the universe itself ruptured Nyarlathotep covered the planet with everlasting night and his children the Elder Gods came down and joined him, they taught humanity the joys of killing and dancing and dying, no right and wrong, simply existence and death. You grovel at his feet as the creatures throw the bodies into the engines fueling the Magics.

But that Radcliffe keeps on annoying you. He keeps on showing up with that gun of his! The gal of that one, using a gift given to him by Nyarlathotep himself. It is time you ended him.


Once they have made their mark they feel hands grab them from behind and yank them backwards into space. They fall to the ground and land on rough concrete. Around them they see buildings swirl in a circle. They seem to be standing in the middle of Arkham. They are lying on a ring of a reservoir filled with swirling water of an unusual color. Silas, transformed into a horned monstrosity and Lavinia, in her lacy dress stand together by the edge and next to them Trevor stands wrapped over and over with chains that exude the stench of bad magic. He writhes in pain and is clearly unable to do anything, speak, move, or free himself.

Silas is standing with a staff carved with sick crawling symbols. His arms are outthrust facing the water screaming rough magic words. The water swirls more and more in front of him and the city in turn spins faster and faster about the reservoir. He turns dramatically and sees the party. He glares and sneers! He waves the stick in a circle and suddenly the party feels the reservoir move. The concrete underneath them never moving slides them further and further away from the magicians.

The spell is a simple misdirect and each round the players can make a Pow roll aided by everyone in the party (double for Sam) and overcome part of it. They need at least 4 successes to get close enough to do anything to Silas and Lavinia. Teleportation counts as double the success but Silas gets a free attack.

Lavinia crouches near the ground sawing at the concrete with a knife. From the spot blood leaks. Each time she stabs Trevor convulses and screams. Each time she does this a building explodes into dust in the swirling maelstrom outside the area. She does this once per round.

Friday Game Notes 14: Avatars of Cities

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

Smelly Trevor (Arkham)

Brains: 35

Brawn: 35

Power: 101

San: 0

HP: 101

Db: 0

For ease of having witnesses Smelly Trevor, a local bum, is present whenever an investigator can’t be, and sometimes when they can. Whether he is the living spirit of Arkham, or simply an unlucky man Smelly Trevor sees much. He lives near the Boston Rail Road Line and has spotted Aldrich and another man in a white van moving wood and gas cans into a wooden shack near the tracks. Most recently he saw Aldrich return with a brown package that he deposited there.

Smelly Trevor will happily tell anyone what he saw in return for some food. He’ll be insulted if anyone offers him alcohol however.

Long dread locks, greasy with grey eyebrows. Very dark but not very thick stubble over his face, lacking a mustache however. Very short and wide nose. His eyes are slightly rheumatic but normally proportioned. He always looks like he’s pursing his lips as if always on the cusp of whistling. He enjoys his fake fur cap which he scavenged from somewhere no one would like to know.

Saint of the House

A normal looking town house on the border between the poor North Side and the slightly better to do townhouses. The building is a two story brick building with small windows, a small white fence around a boring yard, and a plain yellow door. The paint is peeling of it, and when it rains the drains overflow. A young maple tree grows in the yard.

There is a back door, but both entrances are locked, all of the windows on the first floor are barred and the windows too grimy to see through. A smell of mustiness seems to waft from them despite being tightly shut. The processions of North Siders always stops at the door, they put candles and gifts on the steps (always gone by the next day, taken away by homeless and nameless city workers) and slip prayers into the mail box. Every now and again the prayer is interesting enough a note is thrown from an open upper window down to the crowd. They are very excited by this and try to figure out who it is for.

The worshipers claim that this house is a “Saint” who rules the city and who protects them from the dangers of the fires. They are very protective of the house and will try to prevent anyone from entering, with force if necessary. They keep the two Morales men posted as guards and they are surprisingly attentive since their brother has vanished.

In reality this is an element of Smelly Trevor’s avatar of the city. If an investigator does manage to get inside they find Smelly Trevor sleeping in the middle of the floor. His hands are covered in ink and he writes all the notes himself. The inside of the building seems to be a storehouse for city records, piles and piles of file boxes are rotting there and often the files are what are sacrificed to Trevor’s responses.

New York

Samuel’s mother is actually the personification of New York. He himself will eventually become a city – the future Witcheter.

Friday Game Notes 13: Witches

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

Historical Timeline

C.1000AD- Vikings settle the Miskatonic Valley. During one winter most of the men leave to hunt leaving the women in charge. When the slightly reduced band of hunters returned they are ambushed by their own wives and murdered. Lisbet, Greloo, and Asta rule the village from then on.

C.1200 Kree-kolen-ben a Misqat Indian discovers that her hunter husband has been visiting the settlement of white people in the woods in the valley. She kills Greloo in rage after her own village exiles her for crazy stories. She becomes a new witch.

C.1400 Harag-Dan kills her mother Lisbet.

Sath Sincaul kills her mother Asta.

1652 Keziah Mason and Mary Ayer accidentally discover the small settlement of degenerate Vikings. They become fascinated with the power these people apparently wield and decide to murder Harag-Dan and Kree-kolen-ben.

1692 Keziah Mason is accused of witch craft during the Salem Witch Trials. She flees to a higher dimension.

1699 Agatha the daughter of Sath Sincaul and an Arkham settler kills her mother.

C.1750 Pearl Face a vengeful servant of Mary Ayer murders her after Mary tortured Pearl’s husband.

1926 Keziah mason is overpowered and killed.

1932 Channel Delapore murders Pearl Face.

193x  Samantha follows clues in the Thaumaturgical… Canaan to find the Witch’s Sabbat and takes on Keziah Mason’s role.

History of the Witches

In 1000AD three women found a pale stone on top of a hill about which a large oak had grown. A large rat squatted next to the tree and directed the women to touch the stone. When they did each of their minds were touched by Shub-Niggurath. The rat, actually Nyarlathotep laughed, yet another seed of chaos had been planted. The women, now filled with the consciousness of an outer god became all power but with a hideous fate hanging over them. To survive they must continue to sacrifice genetic material to Shub-Niggurath. Shub-Niggurath wants new material from earthly dimensions to expand her influence.

Every time one of the women is killed their consciousness transfers to the body of the murderer. However keeping Shub-Niggurath in ones head is a terrible experience and because of the type of her brain that the women have only female minds may accept the chore. If a man kills the woman the consciousness attempts to fill their mind, usually driving the man mad and then once being rejected returns to the woman’s body resurrecting her for a short while. The woman’s body in this state is highly unstable, leaking pure energy from Shub-Niggurath. The body constantly distorts and infects its environment. The body seeks out a woman and forces them to kill it so that Shub-Niggurath can travel to a new body. If the body is trapped and fails to transfer it dies permanently. This happened when Keziah Mason was strangled in the Witch House and she was trapped in the room.

The woman’s duties are complex to keep themselves stable in this dimension as the filling presence of Shub-Niggurath preys on their brain. First of all they must sacrifice a baby every May-eve to sate Shub-Niggurath’s appetite for new DNA. They are aided in this by Nyarlathotep who appears as the Blackman. He has taught the persistent consciousnesses a lot, including how to travel in hyperspace. The three women must be guided by hyper dimensional creatures who when folded into the dimensions we can see appear as small animals with the faces of old men with human hands for limbs.

Samantha was always interested by the legends of the Witch House and Keziah Mason in Arkham and she was present when the menagerie of skeletons was lowered from its shattered attic. One day she followed clues in the Thaumaturgical Prodigees of the New English Canaan to the house of Agatha and there learnt about the existence of the witch cult. She was initiated that year as a witch and sometime in 1941 she will touch the white stone and take on a part of Shub-Niggurath. When Huey announced the prophesy to GPS Samantha was intrigued and told the coven about it. The witches consulted the Blackman and he told them what to do. The witches will sow the seeds of chaos in Arkham and cause Huey’s folly to come true. The sacrifice of citizens around Arkham will feed Shub-Niggurath beyond the goddesses wildest dreams and the witches would be allowed to rest for a decade.

The witches have become the masterminds of the entire campaign tormenting GPS and inciting its enemies. They are behind every threat to Arkham and personally haunt the investigators dreams. They will appear at the window, will do their best to hurt them, and crush them under their thumbs. And when the investigators start to stop them they will fight back. Only Samantha can be saved if she can be prevented from touching the stone of Shub-Niggurath. She will likely destroy herself if that happens.


  • Charming people – ribbons for Channel, Samantha marked stones –
  • Transportation, movement through dimensions, turning corner at right place and disappears – sets up dimensional feeling before meeting Agatha
  • The only absolute way to find a witch is to show they can’t drown.

The sounds of breaking glass is intolerable to a witch.

Samantha Phillip

Samantha hasn’t touched the stones yet that will put a part of Shub-Niggurath’s consciousness into her head. So far she has only signed the Blackman’s book. This will let Benoit save her – leading to conflicts with his wife.

Has met Benoit & was part of GPS


  • Smiling knowingly
  • Giving frank looks
  • Reading books


  • Persuade:
  • Samantha is incredibly curious about history and old things.
  • Samantha loves books and probably will be happy to suggest interesting things to read or be introduced to new authors.
  • Fast Talk
  • Samantha will lose track of the world when she has her nose in a book.
  • Samantha is quick witted and seems to have an uncanny knack for catching lies.
  • Samantha seems slightly jealous of her academic superiority.

Allies & Enemies:

Channel Delapore– Enemy Agatha Collins– Ally, Huey McCabe– Enemy/ex Ally

Brains: 80 Brawn: 45 Power: 80
San: 0 HP: 15 Db: 0


  • “Bumps” into Benoit
  • Casts dream spell on Benoit
  • Comes to Benoit in distress and seeking help – she thinks Channel is going to kill her


Progression of Samantha’s Witch Line

Diana (Diana, in game killed Samantha and took on her position) is the continuation of Samantha, Keziah, Harag-Dan, and Lisbet.

Lisbet – the leader and the youngest of the three original witches, the wife of the chief. She hoped to expand the witches while the other two tried to keep power to themselves.

Trait: Want to build a larger witch cult.

Harag-Dan – A young and battered down girl who was under the yoke of Lisbet most of her life. Considered ugly by the other witches it wasn’t until what would be her middle age before finally murdering her mother and taking on her power. She was always pushed around by Sath-Sincaul who ruled the witch cult.

Trait: A sudden ability to sucker punch people with magical power.

Keziah Mason – powerful with hyperspace magic and more tied to Nyarlathotep than the other witches she was accused of witchcraft during the trials and went into hiding. She came back to prey on people and turn them into pipers until one over powered her.

Trait: Very crafty, using her powers to travel in hyperspace to create secret spaces and keen to trick others.

Samantha Philips – An obsessive and intellectual woman who only became a witch by accident when she found Keziah Mason’s remains in the destroyed Witch House. While building back up the power lost when Keziah died she used her powers to try to destroy Benoit and Diana’s marriage to make them perfect sacrifices.

Trait: A sheer amount of knowledge both historical and occult.


After graduating from Miskatonic Girls College in 1930 at 20 Samantha Phillip was recommended to Father Daville as a potential recruit for GPS. Taken under the wing of Professor Rice while at the University Samantha gained a huge interest in the occult, and especially the history of witches. Samantha continued her pursuit of this topic while a member of GPS. In March, 1931, Samantha was called by Professor Rice that he had been called to investigate the recently collapsed Witch House. Samantha quickly grabbed her coat and set out.

The Witch House roof had been wrecked by a gale the night before and construction workers had been called to clear away the debris. Underneath it all they had found an odd crawlspace. In it were several human skeletons, a pile of odd objects of no known origin, and a small monkey sized skeleton with tiny human hands and feet. This was the house of Keziah Mason, who had been put on trial for being a witch in 1698. Legend claimed she had escaped from her cell and she certainty hadn’t been hung, and still haunted Arkham with her familiar Brown Jenkins.

Confronted with the reality of her suspicions Samantha became obsessed. Now she knew witches were real she set out to find a living one. To her surprise she discovered one quickly. Two witches were currently living in Arkham, Pearl Face and Agatha Collins. She quickly befriended Pearl and Agatha, both ancient ladies, and was learning quickly. In 1932 she was again shocked when Pearl was murdered by Channel Delapore.

Since Keziah Mason was killed the vast store of magical knowledge had been lost. Samantha is stepping into her place but has to take a more direct method of becoming a witch. She has already participated in a ceremony with the Blackman and has signed his book. The last step is to touch the white stone in the Valley. This will be the final step in absorbing part of Shub-Niggurath’s mind into herself. This will completely destroy her personality and make her a full “witch.”

When Huey invented his prophesy in 1940 Samantha was overjoyed and instantly quit GPS to spread rumors of this new fate. Samantha has been seen chatting with the homeless, criminals, students, and gossips to instil a fear of fire in Arkham.

Samantha’s TPNC

The book has a lot more information on the witches than he had previously. Samantha used this book to track down the witches. Of note she mentions another woman who had done a similar task and had started her on that path, Interesse Anguis.

She figured out that the witches existed and their lineage from Interesse’s own notes which were buried with her body.

Samantha also mentions her one and only meeting with Pearl Face before her murder by Channel. She mentions that Pearl taught her a lot but that Pearl had left a spell in her home that would help teach more about the other witches.

Misquat Indians were the only ones living in the valley when brave settlers came, but the savages claimed that there were white monsters here already. Considering the standing stones the Indians worshipped at on each hill it is no wonder their imagination was fired by the new white families moving in. The neighboring Indians were afraid of the Misquat and they had a lot of legends about cannibal monsters and worse in this valley. The locals said that the Misquat were descended from warriors who came into the valley long ago to fight the monsters there, that they were the only ones brave enough to settle there.

“Interesse said that her parents though French Hill and Hangman’s hill were two ancient sites that the Indians shunned. They certainly didn’t worship there. I found an old write up at the Orne of an interview with one of the last Misqat here and the old crone said that her people never went up the hill, or crossed the river to the North side because it was “bad power” there. If the old witches lived anywhere it was up on those hills.”

One of the most horrific stories is the murder of Mary Ayer a patron of Arkham in Essex County Mass. The poor women, whose money had funded much of the Town including schools and churches, was strangled by one of her slaves. When the black deed was done the whole house trembled and they say the woman’s spirit was imbued in her portrait and the judgmental eyes turned the slave’s heart to stone, striking her dead on the spot.

“How ridiculous, a quick check of a newspaper published around then reveals that the poor Mary was in fact a torturess most foul. When they broke into her house they found the slaves raped, whipped and sometimes chopped to bits. Three children’s bodies were found, including one identified as Mary’s own son, supposedly missing when a visiting priest insisted his imaginary friend Clootie was not real!

In fact I talked with the slave in question, the venerable Pearl Face, still alive since murdering her mistress in 1753. Her magic kept her alive and she promised to tell me much. In fact she left a powerful spell there in her house to help me if she hadn’t been murdered the day after!”

The case of Keziah Mason in the Witch Trials of Salem is quite incredulous. One of the many women dragged before a court for her evil acts as a witch. However before her trial she vanished from the cell she was held in, a strange symbol written on the wall in blood. Still the locals claim a rat like creature accompanies a ghost like crone that they whisper is the spirit of Keziah back to take revenge on the people of her town.

“Surprisingly close to truth! Of course Rev. Phillips, not a relative thank the gods, wouldn’t know that the symbol was the secret to much of Keziah’s mischief and ghost hood is the farthest from the truth one can get! Keziah was perfectly alive, but was indeed getting revenge, taking men in the night to sign the Book! At least that’s what Interesse said her parents told her. Shame her notes went into the grave with her! Perhaps I’ll have to take a visit!”


Interesse knew a lot from her parents and had managed to track back many of their lineage. She had tracked Keziah’s line back to Lisbet and tracked Mary Ayer’s line as well.

She wasn’t sure why the Viking women had murdered their husbands when they returned but they did, she knows there was a lot of in fighting. She managed to connect the Cannibal story to one death and figured out that she was then killed by Mary who ruled as an Arkham matron for decades, being “resurrected” as her daughter whenever necessary.

She is buried in the Christchurch Cemetery in the Anguis Plot beside her parents. The Christchurch is well tended by Eugenia Salomon a batty middle aged lady who has taken it up as a hobby. She is keen to help fellow occult minded folks, quick to warn of ghosts, and often comments on the “power” of people. Her biggest fear is of grave robbers and for this purpose owns a guard dog named Faust and a shotgun named Mephistopheles. With these she patrols the graveyard all night with a lantern, perhaps accounting for her craziness during waking hours.

“I talked to old Matron Pattit last night while mother was making coffee. The old woman always gets quite loquacious with a tot of rum in her drink and she opened up to my mother’s horror right in front of me. She said that she remembers the old stories about the Three Grey Ladies on the hill. Mother shut her up quickly after that, she must be afraid what I might learn.”

“I found legends about a white settlement from some explorer a long time ago. The Misqat Indians were always afraid of parts of the valley. They said that one of their women killed her husband on a hunt when she met three white goddesses living in the trees here. Maybe this was the white settlement and they were recruiting Indian women into the cult? The rule of three seems to persist as well.”

“We have a lineage of three witches, from things said by mother and the other women the lineage goes on when a worshiper kills one of the three. So the three settler women so long ago, their daughters killing them, some of the Indian women as well. All the way to the present? Is mother planning something?”

“Keziah Mason and Mary Ayer seem to be the two witches who lived through the witch trials. Was the third killed off by the others? All the stories say the three fought a lot.”

“Mary was infamous around here, though she was a patron to all sorts of things around Arkham and she was the only one with a house on French Hill before all the factory men moved in. They said she kept salves and would torture them horribly. She would rape the men while whipping them and make their wives watch, horrible. Apparently one of her slave women got to her eventually. Maybe that’s when her line ended.”

“Keziah must have escaped her cell when she was accused in Salem. They say there was some weird symbol on the wall and she was gone. Of course her old house still is said to be haunted by her and Brown Jenkins.”

“Found a weird story about the plague in 1888, besides the sickness they say there was this weird crow that would fly into windows and strangle infants with its human hands. Maybe a witch familiar?”

“Keziah’s familiar Brown Jenkins supposedly was a rat with human hands and face that always accompanied her. Clearly they had familiars, and weirder than any black cat.”

“There was a stone on French Hill that they worshipped, it would have been there when Mary had her house up there, but it must have been moved at some point. 1780 – May 14? Dark Ravine?”



Samantha’s Apartment

Situated on the western side of Downtown is a ten story building built over the Stock and Price Camera Shop. Samantha lives on the sixth floor reached either by a grimy and dingily lit stair well, or a well rusted elevator manned by Tony, an elderly black man. The elevator always seems to get stuck in between the fourth and fifth floors.

Down a dark green hallway that smells like mold is Samantha’s rooms. A pair of old ladies named Tibitha and Terry twitter in the room next door and a thin vampiric looking young man named Tip lives across the hall. The room on the other side is empty. All three of these neighbors know Samantha well, but have been enchanted into liking her and never giving up information about her. Tibitha is hard of hearing. However the charm isn’t very strong and asking the question three times will break it. If the neighbors hear a crash or people moving about in her room while she is not there they will quickly call the police. Several small white stones secreted around the apartment also start to vibrate if any stranger is nearby warning her telepathically that someone is breaking in.

The interior is modern and clean compared to the slight grunge of the rest of the apartment. Every room is wall papered in a nice floral pattern and a striped table cloth has been put out to cover the tiny table. In one room is a single bed with a modest covering and a small bedside table. Beside a lamp are the Book of Ibon and Witch Cults of Western Europe. Book marks and cursive annotations fill both volumes. The kitchen is the messiest room featuring a pile of herbs and spices, as well as some odder things in jars. On the stove is a large metal pot constantly foaming. A rich mushroom scent fills the room, though a bitter scent seems to undercut the more pleasant earthiness. The stew, a classic witches brew bestows random effects on the drinker. It tastes like fire and hatred all mixed together. Some random effects for investigators are:

  • Buoyancy
  • Changing hair color
  • Changing into a frog
  • Periodically teleporting to a different dimension
  • Becoming paralyzed
  • Turning red
  • Teleporting to Witch Island
  • Thinking they are a bird

Other side effects are for the Keeper to decide.


  • Potion
  • Sirens heard outside
  • Neighbor knocks on door concerned

Channel Delapore

Ultraviolet: Channel is enacting her magic in the ultraviolet realm, tying the ribbons to people’s minds in ultraviolet. The ultraviolet realm is where the invisible beings from Out of Beyond live and Channel sees these creatures every day.

In fact when she sacrifices babies to the grey ant on the altar she is sacrificing to a great ultraviolet serpent that represents the interest of Nyarlathotep.

If she wants she can make other see the ultraviolet dimensions opening them up to horrific sights. Horrific sights that want a bite of these morsels that just so stupidly revealed their existence to them.

High wide cheekbones tapering to a narrow chin. Thin lips that oddly enough that seem to be smiling, especially when she is insulting people. She has a wide forehead but it is most obscured by her frizzy red hair. She has very flat eyebrows high above her eyes which are slightly more slanted for a Caucasian woman. Most people who meet her get a good view of her nostrils since she always walks with her head tilted back. However her nostrils are small and people have often theorized that she is so mean because she doesn’t get enough oxygen.


  • When pretending to be Lulu she tries to act glamorous but uptight.
  • She hates water, children and men.
  • She manipulates everyone. Those she can’t manipulate she charms with magic.
  • High pitched giggle/voice
  • Checking her makeup while other people are talking
  • She is incredibly skinny.


  • Channel seems more inclined to listen to women than men.
  • Channel thinks very highly of herself. A little bit of flirting or some compliments will go far.
  • Channel works hard writing the Lulu Gossaph articles, maybe showing that you’ve read some of them will get her to open up.
  • Channel seems to get flustered around children, maybe having a child around will make her nervous.
  • Channel seems to act like any man has to do what she says. If you prove her wrong maybe it will unnerve her.
  • For some reason Channel seems to hate the rain and the river. Maybe bringing up water will put her on edge.

Allies & Enemies

Samantha Phillip – Enemy, Agatha Collins – Ally, Aldrich Cornstuck – Lover/Slave, Lavinia Wilson – Enemy, Silas Virginia – Worshipper, Weasel Thing – Guide

Brains: 75 Brawn: 25 Power: 101
San: 0 HP: 25 Db: -1D6


  • Channel doesn’t fight people directly but instead tries to bewitch them. She will cast a spell on a group of people. If she can overcome their will power she then can force them to kill themselves, each other or anything she bids. After they have been enthralled an extreme Pow or Cthulhu Mythos roll is needed to break out. Once cast Channel doesn’t need to pay attention to it.
  • This spell is visible to those who can see into higher dimensions as a string of ribbons tied to the afflicted person to Channel. If a person can see these ribbons they can cut them and remove the spell. Alternatively they might be able to tangle the ribbons or otherwise use them to trap Channel. This would harm who ever is being bewitched.


  • Prints story that no one but investigators were privy to
  • Prints a story insinuating investigators are criminals – can get Malcolm in trouble
  • Appears at Silas’ house
  • Summons dimensional shamblers
  • Tying ribbons in pattern near investigator’s home

Channel knows that the investigators are coming for them. She hopes to get to them first, getting to their family members to tie ribbons to their brains and controlling them. If she’s spotted hypnotizing them she’ll make the investigator see ultraviolet revealing destructive monsters that will hunt the investigators until she escapes.

Ultraviolet Monsters

Their attacks remove flesh from existence letting the organs or muscles underneath explode outwards. Dodging will be the only way to escape a successful attack, any strikes fighting back will simply pass through the creature. If the target closes their eyes the creature can’t attack them.

Channel’s Magic

Channel’s main source of magic is her hypnosis where she ties ribbons to their brains.

Her other power is to be able to pull herself into hyperspace so only a cracked fluttering thing is visible, having always been bad at hyperspace she can’t go into it more than that.  However learning to be stealthy from her memories as Kree-kolen-ben she uses this to her advantage to hide in dark corners or observe people.

Attacks: Tying knots in her ribbon she either blasts people with power with high velocity winds, or rakes at people’s minds telepathically causing excruciating pain. She only spends  2 or 3 magic points per attack as she prefers magical effects than killing.

Defenses: Ribbons as shields, balls of protection. Her actions are lightening fast deflecting attacks with a flick of wide ribbons of orange and red.

Effects: Once she has dominated a victim she chains them to her will tying ribbons around their brain effectively mind controlling them.

If she doesn’t have time she will quickly force them to see the ultraviolet spectrum and the monsters there.

Channel’s History

Flies floating around her mouth. Neck that extends.

In 1932 Channel murdered Pearl Face in her home. Having killed one of the three Witches of Arkham Channel was flooded with Pearl’s arcane knowledge and power. Channel instantly recognized her new potential and went on the attack, manipulating the Witch Cult’s many enemies.

In 1933 she met Aldrich Cornstuck who was trying to resurrect the Long Pork Club. The two became lovers and Channel quickly found Aldrich was incredibly pliable. Aldrich, obsessed with magical powers, was trying many different occult rituals, and with the help of Channel’s backstage magic, he thought he was succeeding.

In 1935 Channel hit upon manipulating the Cthulhu cultists of Kingsport and Arkham and circulated the pamphlet GPS received in the Kingsport section. Knowing ahead of time the fate that would come to the cultists she happily abandoned them to be murdered by Osric Somme.

Back in Arkham Channel had Aldrich comfortably tucked under her thumb Channel happily convinced him to create a plot to burn Arkham to the ground to comply with Huey’s false prophesy. In order to do this Channel has become a full time member of the Long Pork Club as well.

Lulu Gossaph

Channel also has an alter-ego from before her murder of Pearl Face. She works for the Arkham Advertiser as Lulu Gossaph, the resident tabloid columnist. She gleefully spreads false and secret information in her articles. Tales of brutal murders, ghost hauntings and astrology are extremely common. Channel also takes perverse pleasure in reporting on her own acts, including when she murdered Pearl Face.

Past Lives

Channel has gained a lot of knowledge from her past lives as well as some personality ticks.

She is afraid of water.

She hates kids and is very disdainful of men.

She is excellent at manipulating people both with magic and without.

Pearl Face

Channel’s most recent personality. Pearl was perhaps the most humane of the many women who became witches since the White Stone was discovered by the Norse Women settlers in the 1000s.

Pearl used her powers to heal those around her only allowing herself a few of the Blackman’s ceremonies each year. Keziah Mason, coming from her interdimensional hide out, attacked Pearl in revenge for the death of Mary. This caused the Dark Day in new England on May 19 1780.

Pearl abstained from marrying until the early 1800s. But once she had she quickly had many children and soon was a grandmother. Amongst a growing population of a marginalized black worker population her folk magic and real treatments made her a popular person. This receded as years went by as rationalism grew in the 1900s until she was murdered in 1932 by Channel.

Mary Ayer

Mary Ayer guessed what she might be getting into when she and Keziah Mason discovered the coven of witches living near their new home of Arkham. The two of them, already knowledgeable in black magic of Europe suspected them of devil worship and decided to kill two of them for their secrets.

Mary killed Kree-kilen-ben and became a full fledged witch. Glorying in power and immortality she happily used her husband to gain political power in the Arkham village and was quickly the richest person in town. She personally forced Keziah Mason into poverty and was personally present for Keziah’s Salem trial in 1692. Mary however was never good at interdimensional magic so had to keep a low profile for most of her life. Her husbands, of which there were two, she kept completely devoid of their senses after a “mental fit” soon after the marriage. Her many black servants she treated equally badly, often raping and murdering the men and torturing the women. Finally in 175- she was slain by Pearl Face in revenge for the killing of Pearl’s fiancé.


A young Misqat Indian woman who lived on the north shore of the Miskatonic River. Her husband one day disappeared while hunting and Kree-koeln-ben went looking for him. To her despair she found him amongst a tribe of white women. In anger she attacked and killed Greloo, becoming a witch. She tried to return to her people but they suspected she had killed her husband. (Only partly true, he became one of the pipers.) She was cast out by her people. She became very antisocial and stayed away from people until slain by Mary Ayer in the 1600s.

She hated men and because of the stories told about her in her tribe she became a cannibal.


An ancient old woman even when she traveled with the Norse settlers trying to find Vinland. Her husband drowned as they traveled across the Atlantic and she has been instilled with a fear of water. The other settlers thought Greloo brought bad luck. Many local children tossed rocks at her. When she, Lisbet and Asta found the White Stones atop the hill Greloo found great delight in retreating into a sub-dimension and letting only a little of her exist in our dimension, appearing as a flapping mangled bird straining at the air.


Channel’s Townhouse

Once becoming Aldrich’s lover Channel convinced him to buy her own house. After a short search they found a suitable abode just beside Carmela Chadburry’s townhouse. The house is a modern white stucco edifice with curved walls and large glass windows kept modestly blocked by mauve curtains. The house has two doors, a front door off center on the right hand side, and one that opens onto the spacious back yard.

Inside the entire house save one room is clothed in velvet and mauve hangings as if every room was a tent. There appears to be no kitchen, nor a bathroom since Channel believes it is unladylike to use either. One room is filled with a massive bed and two dozen pillows. The bed is obviously well used. By the front door is a suitcase with a mans clothes, all for a large man. Often Aldrich sleeps over and changes here. Also in every room are incense burners that keep the entire house smelling of forgotten dreams and haunting vistas. Apt since they keep details hazy and indistinct. On the walls are skeletons of babies all posed in slightly twisted poses.

Hiding amongst all of this mess is Channel’s pet familiar a weasel thing. Like Brown Jenkins her ferret has human hands where its paws should be and a twisted fanged human face. It twitters and snarls as it attacks strangers in its home.

One room has been left completely bare on the upper floor. Facing the window is a small desk with a large type writer. Next to the table is a glass orb on an iron stand. Here Channel sits to write her newspaper articles, using the orb to gain valuable visions of events as they happen, or as they may happen in the future.


Like Samantha Channel has protected her house with charms and alarms. Unlike Samantha’s Channel has gone for a more direct method. All of the neighbors claim to love Channel without question and will attack anyone inside her house when Channel is not there while doing so. Ribbons have been tied all over the street and anyone who can see into other dimensions will notice thin wires from each entering houses surrounding her house. When someone enters her house uninvited her ferret fights back and through the fog of incense come any nearby neighbors all chanting “I love Channel.” Killing them is a grievous things since they do not realize what they are doing.

Gate Puzzle

  • The join is different from other gate spells instead of three intersecting lines it is four making a triangular section rising from the floor meeting at a point with the ceiling. It looks odd and distorted from any direction except standing directly on the right or left side of the wall. Then the lines align to create the appearance of a doorway.
  • Once the doorway has been revealed a door handle can be seen only from that angle. On one is an embossed ant the other an embossed lion.
  • The ant has a poisoned needle that extends out of a small holes around the outer edge of the handle. The poison causes the eyes to bleed and swell in the head until the intruder is blind. To circumvent the poison it can be washed off by water poured on the handle, using thick gloves, or a tool to open the door without being pricked. The door leads to the altar.
  • The lion is covered in a salve that causes the offending hand to burn in pain and inflame. The eyes are the only thing that isn’t covered in the nearly clear salve. The eyes are designed for a key, but fingers also serve the same purpose. With the eyes the handle can be turned without touching the salve. The door leads to the lab.


The window seems to show some blasted grey heath. In the lab are many pots and vials and an extensive set of taxidermy tools. In one corner is a broken tanks with two newts in it.


Just outside the small shack is a large altar made of a see through green stone that throbs. The scrappy grey shrubs that live on the heath seem to keep their distance from this altar. On the altar is no statue, but a huge withered brown ant. The ant, while clearly dead, still bites whoever touches it, permanently grabbing on.

Channel enacts her sacrifices to the Black Man here. She approaches with a baby, singing hymns. She forces the baby to nod before the altar in a show of acceptance and then cuts its throat letting the blood soak the green stone. The blood seems to be absorbed and curious investigators will notice that red filled veins seem to fill the green stone. Once the baby has bled out she slashes its stomach and examines the organs for signs of the future. Most of this is then burnt on the altar. The burnt remains and the altar both give off a heady black smoke. Finally the thigh bones are wrapped in fat and left on the altar, Channel either eats or stuffs the rest.


In her workshop is a large broken tank holding one single newt. Newts have invaded the rest of Arkham from here, falling through the cracks in the pavement of space. Newts crawl from the sewers or tumble out of high gutters. These newts do deadly battle with the crows of Arkham, each one biting harmlessly baiting the birds into eating their poisonous flesh, or chewing off their malleable limbs only to grow them back. This is the sign of Channel’s power battle with Agatha, the mistress of Crows.


  • Dramatic moment discovering that Carmela Chadburry is one of these neighbors
  • A spinning top spins on her desk next to the type writer
  • Someone falls through corner into secret room
  • Some one spots ferret thing
  • Neighbors arrive to stop investigators

Weasel Thing 

Brains: 15

Brawn: 50

Power: 15

San: 0

HP: 10

Db: +1D4


Channel has created a ferret thing akin to Keziah Mason’s Brown Jenkin’s. It has little human hands for feet and a bizarrely human like face.

Agatha Collins

Agatha chases the players in a horrifying way. However unless they stupidly let themselves be caught, either stopping to confront her or failing to hide in some other dimension she never seems to catch up. This is in fact because she is chasing them towards the dimension filled with Shub-Niggurath, a new morsel for Agatha’s mother.

Players who manage to hide may leave assuming Agatha has been distracted by something else and is not still looking for them.


  • During rituals she is wild going into trances and chanting lists of numbers: 12, 4, 9, 123, 54, 60, 1, 2, 5, 79, 12, 11, etc.
  • Roaring – freezes foes she catches.
  • Her face extends into a nearly snouted shape, still clearly a woman’s face, but elongated and pinched as if of clay. She raises her head into the air and cries out, half moan half scream but the sound is a deep call, a man’s voice coming from a woman’s body.

Allies & Enemies:

Samantha Phillip – Ally, Channel Delapore – Enemy

Brains: 101 Brawn: 10 Power: 101
San: 0 HP: NA Db: -1D6


  •  Agatha’s arms grow into huge muscle veined limbs tipped with three huge stone claws. The victim is flung away from Agatha.
  • If Agatha can catch up to a target she can freeze them to the spot. She doesn’t have to touch them but must be at touching distance and able to see them. The target is frozen in place unable to move as their muscles constrict painfully dealing damage for every round they hold themselves like that. If Agatha has been trapped or killed the target may make Pow rolls to unfreeze and overcome their muscles instinct to stay contracted.


  • Gets up like old crone and then runs at investigators
  • Appears in dimension beside theirs
  • Turns into large inhuman creature

Agatha Collins is the oldest of the three Arkham witches and by far the most powerful. It is good for the rest of the town that Agatha doesn’t have the same worldly ambitions of Samantha and Channel. Instead Agatha has her hands in dimensions not our own. As an enemy she is a terrifying whirlwind of claws and teeth, striding ten feet tall through different times and places in an instant. Her house exists in multiple dimensions at once, a terrifying place for investigators to be. If Agatha catches anyone there she runs after them.

Agatha is the powerhouse of the cult, she has progressed far farther than either of the other two. She has forcefully unlocked the cupboards of the human mind and expanded herself outwards mentally nearly as far as a human can. It will not be surprising for investigators to see her haunting their dreams. But this extension is dangerous to her as well. While she is nigh-invincible physically her soul is easy to steal. Cameras will capture her soul and lock her in a two dimensional world that she can’t escape.

Channel doesn’t like Agatha much, thinking her old fashioned. The two have started a massive power struggle over Arkham, Channel’s newts doing battle against Agatha’s army of crows. Agatha is content to not fight her battle in person and realizes that if Channel were to attack her personally she would be in grave danger. Both women have been trying to influence Samantha’s decisions to aid them. So far she hasn’t taken sides.

Agatha’s Home

Agatha has no need for humanity in protecting herself. Instead she lets the city work for her. Her home is the picture of a witches house, and in the depths of the Lower South Side truly it is. Anyone looking for it must walk widdershins around the maze like blocks of the South Side until they come out into a shaded square, though where the shade comes from they can not tell. None of the buildings around this square have windows facing outwards. At the center of this space is a small cottage shaded by two old trees. It has a white picket fence and a slightly overgrown front garden. Below its slumped thatch roof are two accusing windows. As investigators try to walk around the house they find the two windows always face them. They can only enter by the front door. Agatha waits like a crouching frog within.

Inside the house its appearance always changes. At first it seems to be a stony cave, then a rustic log cabin, then an ancient stone tower, then a smooth metal cylinder. Ancient stone circles, empty wood clearings, palace rooms, and mansion wings flick past as people move about. Inside Agatha chases whoever enters her domain through the maze of times and spaces. Investigators can always tell she is the dimension just behind them catching up. If she catches them she will quickly catch them up in her massive claws and curse them forever.

The investigators only hope is to capture Agatha in some way. They may try to do this physically but it is incredibly dangerous to face her. Her soul is extremely vulnerable and may be absorbed by a camera. Once trapped or killed Agatha’s magic fade reverting the house to its normal state, a tired looking cottage overshadowed by two taller tenant houses.

Dimensions include:

Stone circle

Stone tower with spiral stairs

Wooden hut

Toad stool circle

Grassy tumulus

Brick boiler room

Colonial house



  • Keep on getting lost in streets
  • Trip over Smelly Trevor in the neighborhood
  • Enter house and come out in different building

Crow Thing


Brains: 15

Brawn: 50

Power: 15

San: 0

HP: 15

Db: +1D4

Agatha’s familiar and guide to hyperspace. The Crow thing takes the form of a large crow with human hands for feet and a distorted human face instead of a beak. The crow was famous in 1888 for strangling babies who cried during the flood and epidemics of that year.

Agatha uses the crow thing, and a greater army of crows to spy on the whole city.

Steward of the Oak


  • Persuade:
  • The Steward will do anything to keep his home safe.
  • Fast Talk:
  • The Steward seems to think that Leslie and Dr. Middleton are his family. If he thinks they are in danger he may be forced to act.

Brains: 20

Brawn: 35

Power: 101

San: 0

HP: 25

Db: -1D4

The witches moved the White Stone of Shub-Niggurath away from French Hill, but the ancient oak that grew around it still stands. An ancient man, possibly one of the men who traveled with the Vikings in c.1000 AD  or perhaps someone much older.

This ancient man took care of the tree for many years until the 1850s when the rich industrial minded men of Arkham began to build their French Hill Mansions. The fate of the old oak has been lost to time but the Steward came to live in Sans Souci, a house built by Mr. Pother Dodge at the height of the mill craze.

The Steward found his way inside the walls of the house and has constructed a nest for himself there between the insulation and wood panels. He steals food from a hole behind the pantry and sneaks electronic bits and bobs which he wires together into unusual devices imitating his secretly adopted ward,  Leslie Middleton.

The Steward’s actions come off as a haunting. The lights in the house flicker, things disappear and the noise of music can be heard floating from odd corners of the house. But over all the Steward is a benign member of the household, watching over Leslie in his own mad way. Should Leslie be threatened in the house the Steward will try to protect the child in secret ways.

The Steward’s Cubby

The walls of Sans Souci are thick and there are odd portions that can’t be reached letting the Steward move about the inside of the house like a ghost. On the third floor he has a secret cubby where he has removed enough insulation to have a whole room to himself. There he has stashed all of the radios, electric wires and gizmos that he has nicked from Leslie’s desk through out the child’s life.

He has constructed a huge radio array that picks up all sorts of odd frequencies. The radio catcher causes any radio set in the house to play odd music and alien sounding programs

His tapping into the electrical wiring inside the house has also led to the lights to flicker randomly and occasionally the fuses blow to the annoyance of the whole household.

The Steward can access the basement the easiest and uses it to exit his interior hideout. He crazily dons a tattered sheet to “hide and be safe” while outside. His work in the house has broken the heater in the basement as well.

Lastly a secret passage inside the wall of the basement leads down into the mound that once topped French Hill. Built up by artificial construction the hill has lost its artificial tip but the cavern underneath is still accessible through the Stewards passages. Below is the last branches of the Oak grown into a scraggly bush that haunts Leslie’s dreams.

The Oak Cavern

Down an ancient stone cavern, natural bedrock carved into perfectly smooth steps each 16 inches tall and only three inches wide. Despite the smoothness, (an effect impossible for the age of these steps

Keziah Mason

Keziah Mason joined Mary Ayer in 1652 in killing two of the Viking Witches. They absorbed their portion of Shub-Niggurath and gained their power. However Mary was a scheming woman and quickly felt threatened by Keziah’s uncanny ability with hyper space. Secretly she told Cotton Mather in Salem about Keziah and she was soon publically accused. Keziah admitted much about her craft, but did not give up the facts of her coven. That night she used her magic to escape her cell and disappear into thin air.

She stalked Arkham along with her hyperspatial guide, Brown Jenkins, a Rat Thing and in 1933 was killed by a man when she was weakest, Walpurgis Night. This disaster, on the only day a witch could be killed by a man, left the coven without a third of its power.

Now Samantha Philips is taking over Keziah’s role. But her intelligence and knowledge has been lost. Instead Samantha must take on Shub-Niggurath’s mind directly into herself.

The Witch House

The house was damaged by a falling tree in 1935 and demolished. Workmen were shocked to find a strange crawlspace filled with bones, many were babies, one was of an ancient woman a last was that of a huge rat like creature with seemingly human hands and head.

Pearl Face

Channel knew witch’s weakness to the sound of glass breaking, so when visiting the old blind lady pretending to be her granddaughter she smashed the second story windows to stun the old lady before stabbing her with the closest thing to hand, an antique top.

Newspaper Article: Pearl Face’s Murder

Pearl Face Murdered at 100

Lulu Gossaph

One of the oldest women in Arkham was killed last Sunday when someone broke into her house. Every window on the second floor were broken and she was stabbed several times with the spiked top of a top. Pearl, grandmother of five, was found by her eldest grandchild who was visiting from Boston.

“It was dreadful, she was lying there all covered in red. It’s so horrible, poor Pearl was blind as a bat, I can’t imagine why anyone would kill her. And her with salt on all the window sills! We were always saying she was a witch” said Emma Face on Monday.

Pearl’s House

Pearl left her house in the North Side, a small cottage to her family. Now a happy woman, her daughter, Oralee Face, has retired hoping her grandchildren visit. The only thing of note she knows was left by Pearl was a portrait, a portrait of a horrible looking white woman with a black slave. She hated the portrait, her mother used to say it reminded her of the hardships she had overcome, but it just made her daughter afraid. She sold it to the University and it now hangs in the Historical Museum.

The Portrait is of Mary Ayer and in the background her then slave Pearl Face. The portrait acts as a gate drawing a magician saying the right words, written on the table in the background, into her workshop where she was did her magic and divining.

Her workshop is an old kitchen, warm and humble, Pearl’s cabin before her slavery to Mary. There’s a man’s coat hanging on the peg next to a woman’s scarf. A metal oven still burns warm and snow falls outside the windows in the indistinct snowscape outside. If they do go outside there is a small garden growing herbs of all kinds. A washbasin is filled with a silver liquid and inside is Channel Delapore. The bowl can’t be picked up or spilled but can only be turned as if a strong magnet keeps it held in place.

When turned the bowl moves through time showing the life of the witch now known as Channel from the present all the way back to Greloo touching the stone in the forbidden glade.

Witch Island

The Miskatonic river runs through town crossed by one iron rail bridge and three tall bridges. A little north of the train crossing a small island has formed to the side of the sluggish channel. The island is overgrown with low vine covered trees. As the adventurous rower lands on the island the sounds of the city fade away and a deep silence descends. The island feels absolutely ancient. Six pale stones are built in a rough “V.” As you walk to the end of the V a high pitched sound gets louder and louder. Looking down the edge of each inside side of the stones makes the stones seem to recede into the distance infinitely farther than the actual island.

Out side of this is a large crouching cauldron squatting on a pile of embers. No one seems to be able to tell if the embers have just cooled or have been cold for some time. Three ancient brooms have been leant up against the old tree, and some archaic doodler has scratched a crescent moon into the bark. In the cauldron is a white bone, suggestively shaped like a human’s, though too small to be a grown person’s. The bone is slightly worn at the sides as if skinned by a dull knife, and the ends are smooth from boiling. On the island are six salamanders, all native varieties, mostly orange and spotted.

The large stones, completely unweathered in appearance, have stored magic points. As they approach the closer end of the stones they seem to flip again narrowing at the other end. The stones seem also to glow slightly, and because of their stored energy they will give off slight electrical shocks to someone touching them. If someone tries to touch all of them they will be zapped.


  • Salamander tries to bite
  • Skull and bones in cauldron

Black Ravine

The dark scar on the west side of Meadow Hill just outside of Arkham. The ravine has always been considered dangerous by Arkhamites. Its sloped sides hide hidden snags and a stream that gurgles suggestively. The trees and vines shadow it entirely giving its name.

Darker legends are told about the ravine by the granddames of Arkham. They say people used to worship there around a great white stone. In fact in 1933 police arrested a whole gang of people dancing in the ravine on Walpurgis Night (May Eve).

The Ravine is the home to the Mormo Stone, the pale artifact the Viking witches discovered once upon a time at the top of the then nameless hill. The witches moved the stone on May 14, 1780, causing the pitch black sky on that day. Pearl Face and Keziah Mason fought over the event and eventually were made to agree to put the stone in the ravine.

The stone forms one of the three points  around Arkham that form powerful streams of power. The other two points are it’s original resting place and mound on French Hill and the standing stone on Hangman’s Hill.

These tree points form a triangle, one end pointing at the eddy of magic around Agatha’s house. Witch Island lies on the line between Hangman’s Hill and the Ravine. The places where these intersect are powerful places for spells, especially ones to contact Yog-Sothoth or Shub-Niggurath.

The Dark Forest

In the back garden some shrubs have grown thick in the corner leaving a rounded hollow underneath. Every now and then Luna ducks into this space and vanishes within. A person can follow, but on all fours, thorns catching at hair and clothes. The tunnel never opens up, always cramped, completely surrounded by branches and never open to the sky, in fact once inside it seems like the sky above would be on some alien planet not on Earth. If you turn around in the tunnel you are suddenly back at the exit crawling out.

The tunnel leads to a variety of locations. Each fork gives a hint of each place, sounds or smells wafting to the explorer. The branches of the path are so thick that they can’t be pushed through. Each location can only be visited once.

The Dusty Knight

The sound of shuffling and a faint metal clanking drifts down the path.

Along the path trudges a knight in thick grey armour. It appears to be made of stone and he drags his sword along the ground. The knight never stops walking along the path, though he never seems to get anywhere. His shield has an upside-down torch on it.

The old knight talks… very… slowly. He explains that there is a dragon near by that he is going to kill.

The Witches Sabbat

The discordant bars of piping seem to slither down the path.

The path ends at the edge of the dark ravine which has grown thick with thorned shrubs. The distant notes of flute music seem to be coming from the opposite side up the hill some distance. In the clearing three women naked from the neck down cavort around the white stone. Each woman, two younger, one crone like with saggy breasts, wear headdresses made from fur and leaves with no facial features. A stone throne has appeared at the end of the ravine, the two bear corpses leaned against the back of it like guards, though both of their heads have been removed.

On the throne sits a man, clearly old from the grey hairs on his chest, he too is naked from the neck down, his phallus erect and enormous between his legs. As the women dance to the flute music they take turns climbing up to him and thrusting themselves on it, gyrating for a minute before exploding off in orgasm. The man’s head is covered with the two bear heads, each sewn back to back. Two eye holes have been cut and his sharp piercing eyes stare down at the white stone. He never moves a muscle.

The women laugh and scream as they dance and fornicate with the man. One has a high pitched cackle, one sounds familiar, and the old chrone seems to chant numbers.


The Faerie Glade

This path smells of mushrooms.

The path opens on a grassy clearing sloping down to a stream glinting golden in the soft light pushing it’s way through the leaves. Wild mushrooms grow along the bank and in a ring on the opposite bank. It seems idyllic.

However the faerie ring is a nest and disturbing it will disgorge the tiny pests, humanoid in limbs but insectoid in configuration with no head but chomping human teeth. They swarm out and attack their botherer biting at toes, climbing pant legs to savage the face or pull the hair.


The mushrooms are all poisonous and cause the eater to become paralyzed. When this happens the faeries come and chop off locks of their hair and if they are particularly unlucky will bite off their finger.

The path continues across the stream. The stream itself leads to the Faerie Queen.

The Faerie Churner’s Path

A sound of buzzing sounds in the distance.

As the explorer walks along suddenly the buzzing and chopping sounds get much louder and a huge beast, wielding buzz saw hands bashes through the path, destroying the trees and bushes as it goes. It wears an apron and it’s arms are mechanical tools tipped with saws and powered claws. Occasionally a steam valve in one arm leads out a gout of steam with a whistle. It’s head is featureless but is split with a huge set of gnashing teeth.

It stops for nothing and any attempt to prevent it destroying trees is met either with no reaction or a savage flailing of one of it’s arms.

Following the swathe of destruction to its origin leads to the Faerie Queen.

The Faerie Queen

The golden stream and swathe of destruction leads to a beautiful meadow amidst the trees. The sky is still not visible as the trees arch over the meadow. Amongst the trees beautiful creatures, humanoid in shape seem to stand moving along as if they are sliding the very forest around to suit them. Some lie in the grass eating fruit, others play ghostly music on lyres. Occasionally one of the smaller pixies or a churner is spotted playing the part of a pet or guard.

One creature approaches the explorer hardly moving as the trees move to suit its whims. It seems too beautiful, its features perfectly symmetrical. A mix of human and insect it’s limbs are that of an insect, segmented and far too many tucked under its clothes. Its upper limbs hang in front of it as if it is always supplicating the explorer. Its head appears human, nose eyes and brow all normal, but its jaw is missing and instead has folded mandibles that click and whirr in greeting. Despite speaking in clicks it is perfectly understandable.

The faerie queen wants the explorer to give it their teeth. The faerie’s are obsessed with human teeth since they do not have any and they create their monsters with this in mind. The faerie will offer to lead the explorer out of the forest or to a certain spot in the forest if they agree to give them their teeth. If they do agree several unobserved faeries grab the explorer from behind and take them to a dentist chair like stump in the forest. Then the queen uses her insect hands to pull each tooth out one by one. They then comply with the agreement.

The Naiad’s Stream

The sound of rushing water can be heard down this path.

A waterfall falls into a crystal clear stream. The thick bushes crowd around the trees making a nearly perfect round clearing. The path picks up above the waterfall up a steep scramble up the rocks.

In the pool are white egg sacks which disgorge the dragon fly/human naiad’s. They are very knowledgeable and may appear like alluring human women from behind before they reveal their dragon fly head or legs.

If the explorer can stomach their presence  they can answer any questions about the forest and what else is there. They refuse to talk about Nyarlathotep at all and only have a foggy understanding about Yog-Sothoth.


The Satyr’s Temptation

The sound of drums and pipes haunt down the path.

Coming the opposite direction is a parade of satyrs, appearing as shaggy wild faced men with goat legs and horns, they cavort down the path with pipes and drums, drinking from brimming goblets. Their music is alluring making the explorer want to dance along in the stamping fashion of the goat men.

If they join the parade they soon lose all sense of time, dancing drinking and stamping along until they find themselves thrust out of the woods, legs bruised weak, feet bloody, nails missing and heels gashed. They suffer a massive hangover and fear the sound of pipe music ever more.

Centaur’s Den

The path seems to be widened and large footprints lead up this path.

The path ends at a glade where a massive tree has fallen leaving a dark cavern underneath its uprooted base and the hole in the ground. A deep growling breathing can be heard from within. The ground is dark with foot prints that seem to have bruised the very ground, and three dead stags have been dragged to the edge of the cave, blood seeping from horrible gashes. A human body is there too dressed like a 13th century monk his head ripped off.

In the cave is a centaur, a chimeric creature a horse rump with a human torso twisted on, the horse legs and human arms making its four limbs, and a lion’s head. Three penises snake out of its horse loins. The back of the human torso and horse body are lined with thick grey feathers, though there are no wings. The whole beast is curled up, arms hugging the horse legs, the lion head asleep, feathers bristling with each breath.

The beast is dangerous, grabbing with its human arms as it stands upright on the horse hind legs or biting with the lions jaw.


Hypnos’ Statue

A scent of sweet flowers, nearly sweat enough to be gagging, floats down the path. Little white flowers bloom along the path growing more common the further along they go.

A small clearing opens filled with the white flowers making it appear almost snowy if it wasn’t for the thick canopy above. One shaft of light falls on a pale white bust on a pillar in the center of the glade. The state is the bust of a classical looking style, young with blank eyes, a straight nose, small mouth and soft facial features, its gender completely indeterminate.

Upon examine the statue closely the person starts to fall in love with it, admiring the way the ears peak from the curly hair, the smooth outline of their neck slightly to the side, even the firm square base where the bust intersects with the pillar. The subtle flair of the nostrils, the pert, almost wet looking lips, the brows, kind but sharp, the hair, pleasingly curly and high on the head, the clear brow.