Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 21

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Leslie wrote note to Father – sent communicator – and mentioned that they would come see him soon

Got passports for them and recommendations for universities in Europe

Benoit wrote letters to his children and Diana to be sent if he dies

Ben has letters locked in his desk and has copy on person

Sam wrote will, and sent letters to family and aunts if he dies

Malcolm has written notes to Papa and Liam



  1. They can’t make noise with their mouths at all.
  2. Magic doesn’t work. It simply seems to have stopped existing. (Later they will find out that magic read straight out of books does work but no where else)
  3. Any written notes are passed to the Keeper and then given to recipient.
  4. Any time a player does talk to other PCs or NPCs they lose 1D10 sanity. This simulates the frustration of the complete inability to communicate.

No sound?

All passed notecards are handed to GM and switched for a random card (collected over the entire campaign) and given to the recipient.

Well well well. Not to gloat, but they completed the spell. You know what that means?


Nyarlathotep, agreeing to leave makes one final quip: “If you need me back there is a nice spell to summon me in those Archives of yours!”

He vanishes in a melodramatic cloud of black smoke.


It is the dark of the moon around midnight and it was a black out before the spell went into effect. Now the city is pitch black while everyone goes crazy.

Spell Site

Lavinia and Mitsuko panicked ran off. Mitsuko, unable to speak in panic killed Lavinia by strangulation and slamming her head against a head stone. Maddened with fear she rips strips of flesh from Lavinia’s face.

She will flee from the site of other humans. If cornered she will attack trying to strangle them.

From the top of the hill the town can be seen below, the lights are going off in many places and against the dark sky some smoke can be seen.

As you struggle to make sound issue from your lips, as you look around at complete strangers you’ve known well for the past five years and complete silence falls on the world around you your mind races through the possibilities. A wave of cold dread floods your body making you shiver uncontrollably. You realize all too quickly what has happened. Just like matter and energy, that thing that just left is us. The communication, the thoughts, interaction, literature, speech, sound, the senses, they are it. It has done you a kindness by leaving you your minds, for it is that too, and it could have taken that as well. Or… perhaps it wasn’t so kind after all.\

Zone 1 Encounters

Shell shocked people in a huge crowd walking in a group while Trevor (now just a crazy old man) tries to rob them and runs through them.

  • A chase scene
  • More horror as Trevor can’t communicate
  1. Bottom of the hill – smoke can be seen from the hospital (goal)
  2. Smoke is also coming from the university. (goal)
  3. People are walking around in the street. (mystery – obvious assumption – zombies)
    1. People are dazed and don’t respond to anything
  4. Someone is weaving through the crowd (mystery – Sam recognizes Trevor – goal)
  5. Trevor runs away (challenge)
    1. Pushes shell shocked people in the way
    2. Abandoned car is in the way
    3. Larger crowd of people to weave through
    4. Climbs over fence
  6. Trevor can’t speak and is terrified of people.

Shell Shocked: Camellia Addison, Mona O’Hare, Marilyn O’Hare

Looter: Trevor

The Hospital

Three aunts and a collection of eyes from the hospital – Truly Mad

  1. The front doors have been smashed open from the inside by a stampede of people, corpses lie trampled and bloody glass lies everywhere. Several people must have jumped from the higher windows. (horror)
  2. The doctors and nurses at the desks are missing their eyes. (mystery)
  3. Papa Warrell’s room is empty. (mystery)
  4. Patricia’s room is empty but there is a lot of blood on the floor and a drag mark out the door (mystery and horror)
  5. The aunts are wandering around collecting eyes. They act passive around people then inject them – a hard Con roll is needed to stay awake – a botch results in HP loss as well from whatever they injected them with. Once asleep they will remove the eyes and sew up the holes and any other wounds. Each round they have a 25% chance to do something new:
1 Wander off
2 Eat an eye ball before dancing on the spot
3 Pretending to heal the person like a doctor

The University

Papa Warrel has gone to University to have fun with his explosives

  1. A lot of smoke can be seen from the university (mystery)
  2. As they enter the quad there is an explosion from one of the buildings (danger)
  3. Papa Warrel is running around in the quad with a box of grenades (danger and goal)

Looters are attacking shops and trying to take whatever they can.

  1. Along an area with shops a burning car rolls into the street and crashes in front of the party/party’s car (danger)
  2. A half dozen men are looting the shops – they shoot at the party (danger)
  3. They attempt to steal the truck and kill anyone in their way (danger)

Looters: Harlow St. John, Liam Arriguccius

Truly Mad: Brid O’Hare

Orne Library beset by Ferals. Ferals roaming around.

  1. The doors and windows of the Orne Library are smashed up (mystery and goal)
  2. Ferals are running from inside the building with old looking books – they are the only thing so far that makes sounds (mystery)
  3. Ferals are running inside the building hunting anyone who enters (danger – horror)
  4. The Necronomicon inside the Orne has been picked up by one of the Ferals (goal  and danger)
  5. The feral attempts to escape from them (goal)
    1. Pushes over a book case to escape
    2. Other ferals attack
    3. Jumps over desks
    4. Smashes through window
  6. He has a ripped up Necronomicon – the spells in a lot of the books are readable and when spoken aloud still make sounds. They are completely random and generally summon things.

Ferals: Dr. Henry Armitage, Donald O’Hare, Aileen O’Hare, Philip Treval, Carol, Angelica Christie, Norm Ainsworth

Zone 2 Encounters

Chadwick, Bradwick, Chadley truly mad and making human pyramid.

  1. The ground shakes as they weave through a street packed with abandoned cars (mystery)
  2. A great silhouette rises above the streets (horror)
  3. The tower is a pile of humans all holding on to each other making a human like shape the head is made up of Chadwick Bradwick and Chadley. (horror)
  4. The thing takes a step – people at the base being squished as it goes (horror and danger)
  5. The thing tries to chase
    1. Crashed cars behind slow escape
    2. The creature falls apart as it follows
    3. It collapses into a horrific field of bodies


Haruto dragged his mother home

  1. The neighborhood around the PCs houses is filled with people dancing – they are not in sync with each other but do varieties of dancing from the ecstatic to the graceful ballet. They are close on the street and can’t be driven through without ploughing through them. If moved they will start dancing elsewhere (horror)
  2. An ambulance has been abandoned on Ben’s lawn (mystery)
  3. Blood can be seen on the porch and in the hall all the way up the stairs to one of the bed rooms (horror and mystery)
  4. Haruto is lying hugging his mothers body which is just barely still alive. The bandages have come loose and she has lost a lot of blood. She needs a blood transplant fast (horror – goal)
    1. There are a few tins of dried plasma and water in the ambulance
    2. All the necessary implements are also there – this counts as a hp to hp swap. She needs at least 5 hp of blood from someone to survive. If not done by one of her children there is a 30% chance she reacts badly to it.

Zone 3 Encounters

Cultist summons a bull like thing that kills plenty of shell shocked people.

  1. If the feral with the Necronomicon escaped from earlier the cultist here can be using the book
  2. Blood and bodies have been turned into totems and symbols along the walls of the houses up French Hill (mystery – horror)
    1. More and more shell shocked people are wandering around here as well
  3. At an intersection a man in a tattered suit Esmerelda Ocana is holding out an old book and is pulling out the guts of a man with his ribcage torn open in front of him (danger – horror)
  4. Esmerelda utters strange guttural sounds as she rips the guts out.
    1. In 1 round the body starts to shake and rise in the air.
    2. Black ooze seems to pop out of the body’s back and forms into a huge roughly bipedal creature the size of a rhino with the corpse as a head ridge.
    3. It gores Esmerelda and begins to charge through the crowds of shell shocked people

Shell shocked people: Elizabet Doulat, Bill Philips, Moreen, Sloane Foster

The Archive of Misery

Agatha/Diana/Channel happily comes out of her hideaway and begins wrecking havoc in the Lower South Side

The house is intact and not burning unlike much of the city. From the top of the hill Downtown can be seen burning.

Ferals: Fiona Salesman

Truly Mad: Lucy and Evana Salesman


Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 20

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 



  • Time spent in hospital
  • The many funerals
  • Law is gone overlooking many things
  • Water from reservoir is poisoned and people have to start using well or river water
  • People think the fires were caused by German bombing setting off plans to do blackouts at night across the East Coast
  • HOPE
    • Lavinia reveals that she thinks getting rid of Nyarly would help everyone stop suffering, all she wanted when she helped Silas
      • She asks Leslie what they think the ceremony will do and admits she hopes it will help people.
    • One of Sam’s aunt’s has had a dream about a Black Demon being defeated and wonderful things happening. Dead people coming back to their families, Sam getting to see his family again, being forgiven by his wife.
    • Malcolm is reminded of Mallady and Radcliffe’s interaction with Butwan Noire
    • Hestia goes to Benoit and apologizes for attacking him. She admits that Rastapopulus has vanished with all the church funds and that the church was a fake. She realizes she was brainwashed into believing it all. That they found a strange warren like hole in the back of the church with Rastapopulus’s white suit coat caught on the branches.

Prof. Rice Pays Vogel a Visit

(Note: I used Angry GM’s InterACTION! system here. The simple rundown is several objections have been thought out and if the player argues against them or comes up with other incentives a number is reduced until the conflict is resolved.)

  • Rice’s voices know about Vogel trying to stop the ceremony
  • Rice stabs Patricia and then uses the mind shot stone to send Ben into the brain space
  • In the Brain Space Ben meets the three lloigor who drove his wife mad, they force him to raise up and face Nyarlathotep so he can’t stop others from doing the ceremony.
  • He must talk his way out of the bargain in time to save his wife and himself. (Set actual Timer)

Challenge: Talking his way out of the bargain.

Objection: Wife is better off dead. -4

Talking to his wife who relives each horrible thing that has happened to her:

  1. Cave at Postumia and invasion of her brain. The way she alleviated her pain by painting but Ben kept on trying to stop her.
  2. Ben agreed to flute lessons and Agatha took over Patricia’s mind distorting it even worse.
  3. Her son going into a coma because of Ben. The death of her two eldest children.
  4. The taunting of Ben (homunculus) messing with her and driving her to paranoia.

Objection: Ben with perfect free will agreed to the deal multiple times. -4

Diana/Agatha/Channel sitting huge and monstrous inside a house/cave gloating about how she ensnared him.

  1. He so easily agreed to flute lessons
  2. When he had a chance to refuse service to Nyarlathotep in the library he didn’t.
  3. He took the flute from the hands of Nyarlathotep himself.
  4. He even handed the baby to Diana/Channel for a sacrifice.

Objection: Azathoth must be entertained and Ben has already volunteered. -4

He flies to and enters the homunculus’s body in space and sees Azathoth in the center of the universe and Nyarlathotep shows him what will happen if the Pipers do not entertain it.

  1. New horrible things will be formed.
  2. Azathoth will grow ever bigger and will consume everything.
  3. The universe will end leaving nothingness.

Objection: Why should Nyarlathotep care about him? -4

  1. Nyarly already has full control over AJ. He is part of everyone, that little voice in your head, always thinking ticking away processing.
  2. Humans couldn’t exist without Nyarly so why shouldn’t he control AJ too?

The Ceremony

  • Everyone (surviving) gathers to do the ceremony
  • Ink appears. Laughs, gloats, and happily departs.



  • No one can communicate to anyone except the GM. No signing, writing, texting, etc.

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 19

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes.


State each scene as:

  1. What the conflict is and what it will resolve.
  2. What stakes the conflict has, what will happen if they win or lose.
  3. What elements will and could be at play.

How to decide what these are:

  1. Some are predetermined.
    1. Silas fight.
    2. The ceremony
    3. Lavinia & Leslie’s chat
    4. Philo getting revenge
  2. The players can decide what and where to engage with them:
    1. What story elements they want to conclude.
    2. NPCs they want to find out about.
    3. Mysteries they want solved.

Arriving on the edge of the reservoir the investigators face Silas and Lavinia.

Leslie teleports Lavinia over to them to talk while Silas attacks the others.

Having defeated Silas the world goes back to normal. Chunks of the city have been destroyed.

The players get free reign for what to do now. However certain things lay in wait:

  • Agatha has vanished. Diana has defeated Agatha and is even more powerful and inhuman.
  • Trevor has vanished. Used by Diana he has been abandoned weak in the city.
  • Rice has all the ingredients except the “heart” of the city. He has kidnapped Trevor after Diana throwing him off. Once they find him they find Trevor. He explains about the ceremony and promises all the good it will do.
  • Philo goes and lays in wait at Mama and Papa’s hospital room waiting for revenge.

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 18

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes.


Remind everyone about the new magic rules.

Silas and Lavinia are doing their magic and the city starts swirling. With the city swirling around them the party must reunite, survive and make their way to the middle.

The city is swirling in a whirlpool effect emanating from the center where the river is reforming itself into the reservoir where Silas is doing the magic. The city streams away from this point

The magic floors Sam and Benoit. Everyone can feel the magic like a kick in the groin, but Benoit and Sam feel it like a metal hook has been thrust into their ribcage before someone yanks it upwards hard. Falling to their hands and knees both can feel the nature of the magic strongly.

Benoit feels it through his hands. He knows the Greek atomists were right through his hands he can feel that there are parts of matter that can’t be divided. As he feels it he has moments of victory and horror equally as he realizes the implications while simultaneously realizing he can control all of it. Of course he could never see these things, sight is not good enough, but touch… But he sees the way the magic flows through the structure of the very atoms:

  • The magic is making the city push everything away from the center while simultaneously pulling something to it.
  • That someone is using matter magic mixed with a magic much like Sam’s to do this.
  • That with Sam’s help you can work together to drag yourselves closer to the that center.

Sam feels the city swirling around clearly in huge pain. Whatever is doing this it is ripping the city apart.

  • While the city is swirling certain areas become eddies of stability.
  • Whatever is doing this is causing extreme pain in the city. Huge wounds spewing guts, organs and blood form out buildings.
  • Sam can lead the way through the torrent of buildings to different stable parts.


The party climb off the roof and Sam is still unconscious. People coming to themselves after Channel is carried off are streaming towards the hospital to deal with their burns.

  • Monty has been killed in the boiling water and Hestia attacks Benoit in a rage
  • Selma is badly burnt as well but alive.
  • Sam wakes slowly.
  • Prof. Rice bumps into them and acts very confused. He says he doesn’t know why he is there or what has been happening and wanders off.

There is the sound of an explosion somewhere in the East and then the whole building shakes. The city has started swirling about. Buildings seem to race by in contracting bands. Many of them can’t take the strain and collapse in clouds of dust.

  • The hospital starts collapsing.
    • The windows all shatter inwards.
    • The floor splits in the hallway
    • The stairs collapse
    • Beams fall through the ceiling
  • Once they get outside the hospital seems to rush away from them and they are in a maze of constantly shifting streets.

The Streets


Ben is thrown to the floor when the magic starts up. He finds himself alone in the building. Running outside he is on a ruined street. A three story brick building has slumped down into a mass in the middle of the block crushing a car with three passengers. The driver is sprawled out of the car. He sees something moving about behind it.

  • This is a part of Cohen who has been split by the magic.
  • Cohen is a powerful mind magician as well as very dangerous in his physical manifestation
  • Ben is encouraged to run the fuck away


The Party hear a roar from one of the outer rings and see a huge form rise up. A huge humanoid giant woman with long scraggly hair rises out of the explosion and starts walking against the stream.

Stumbling onwards they find themselves in an area of small wooden houses built along a hill. At the bottom is the small Catholic Church that Daville was always visiting and at the top a menacing low stucco house with long dark windows.

  • A scream echoes from the church and a strange mechanical sound of three bell tolls.
  • Inside the body of Daville is splayed out with strange crushing wounds. Small white maggots crawl all over him digging into his skin.
  • The side of the church wall is stood strangely perched on the pews. In the small walled yard outside the hole is Patricia holding a horrifying looking device. She points it at the fence and with another three clangs a chunk of the fence disappears and reappears behind her. She walks through away from them. The fence promptly starts to fall towards them.
  • The side of the church and several other places have huge wounds with guts and organs of indeterminate type fallen out of them. Blood from the buildings themselves gush into the street and make obstacles to them chasing after Patricia immediately.
  • She will also shoot at them if they get too close.
  • Following they see she is making her way in a swathe of destruction towards the menacing house.

Getting to the house Patricia seems to have used the front door like a normal person but the walls inside are all extracted and make weird maze like rooms split into mismatched areas.

  • Patricia has left the house intact.
  • It is very cold inside and breath condenses in the air.
  • The rooms are all covered in newspaper making the rooms appear to be filled with grey nothingness
  • A room is filled with melting bags of ice and two ice chests are filled with organs
  • Nearby is a lab of sorts with various experiments that appear to be trying to preserve human organs. Above the lab station are hundreds of covertly taken photos of everyone in GPS.
  • Finally there is a stair case leading to a hall and balcony where Patricia is.
    • Patricia is completely mad. And determined to use her weapon on anyone that tries to talk to her other than one of her family.


Ben stumbles away from the monster and into a series of narrower and narrower alleys that he begins to think might crush him alive. But he immerges in a small scrappy yard raised above the street and ringed with an old iron fence that has half collapsed. A small door in the house next to him leads inside into a largish room with a balcony above it.

  • Patricia is above on the balcony. She will likely be attacking the party. Ben can try to talk her down or play his flute which will cure her madness.
  • Once dealt with they must determine what to do with her before moving on. If she’s still mad she may be able to lead them onwards. Her gun can act as a way for them to create paths to the next part.

The Cemetery

They move on. Using the gun to carve a path, having the still mad Patricia lead them, or simply walking onwards. They find themselves alone again near the Burying Ground the main cemetery of Arkham and a place where bodies are kept before burial. (Emmerson’s body is here).

Walking out of the high walled Burying Ground is Prof. Rice.

  • He has lost his hat and glasses and has a bandage around his right ear.
  •  If stopped he is evasive and doesn’t seem to remember talking to them before but tries to hide it.
  • He wanders away.

Inside the burying ground Emmerson’s body has been desecrated. Either dug up or removed from the storage room his eyes have been torn out.

  • By now Prof Rice is gone
  • One of the shops across the street has bright lights on. The sign reads ACC.

What Butwan will reveal:

  • That a great magical working has been done to summon and capture the city’s avatar.
  • They will use the avatar to chain the city to their will. Destroying it or reshaping it however they want.
  • He helps people who come to him when they are in trouble.
  • Most recently the magician came into his shop fearful of GPS hunting him and Butwan showed him how to control the avatar.
  • He also was the one who gave Huey the idea to write the prophesy.

Once he has been angered or has grown tired of the game he reveals more:

  • He is the crawling chaos. (This is accompanied by the banging of millions of claws against the back wall of the office.
  • Butwan is just a lure within the shop and is connected by strands to something in the back shop.
  • He knocks the walls of the shop down to reveal the mass of limbs all curled together behind the shop. And he attacks.

The Black Angler is fast, far faster than any human can run and its huge body forms a cylinder of ungainly limbs, chomping maws, and peering eyes that rolls, a foot or hand seemingly randomly catching its weight as it does. It gets in front of the party no matter where they run finally chasing them into the Burying Ground.

  • Malcolm knows there is a tunnel there into the ghoul dens. (If he doesn’t remember he can have a hint if they seem unlikely to figure it out.)
  • The thing can’t fit into the hole and they escape into the dark.

The Tunnels

Dark paths leading deeper and deeper. At one point it climbs slightly and a hole above them reveals the sky.

The tunnels lead under the river where  a huge underwater lake has formed after years of condensation leaking from above. There is a boat on the far side and no path across. They must swim or magically get over the water.

  • It is immediately obvious to Sam that his city magic doesn’t work down here so he can’t just form a door from one side to the other.
  • Leslie can teleport across but can’t do so with others.

As an added danger Cohen is trying to reform under here bringing his many disjointed parts together. These start attacking the party. If they manage to get the boat one can drop down amongst them to overturn it. (It would die in the water but that doesn’t matter.)

The tunnels end in a refuge camp where a few last dying ghouls lie wounded from their battle. They don’t bother fighting. Half the camp is destroyed where the ground has given way and sky shines through from the ruins of the Baptist church above.

The Docks

Climbing out the hole they find themselves near the Docks where Radcliffe went to face Mallady and his goons.

In a swirling eddy of buildings a large dock building supported by large pillars is stranded away from the water. A large multi storied warehouse out of a custom officers fever dreams stands towering with crisscrossed piers over a canyon of streaming buildings. Across it is a line of nice town houses built on a grassy hill. Radcliffe stands outside taking a glowing tommy gun out of violin case.

The three piers are connected to various warehouse sections and suspended buildings. The front warehouse is filled with gangsters who Radcliffe cuts down instantly.

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 17

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Things going on:

  1. Philo & Tony are attacking the Bitter Servants
  2. Channel is sending armies of mind controlled people to attack Diana.
  3. Justine is trying to keep the city from burning
  4. The city has locked itself off from the world. People can’t seem to leave they just start wandering around confused and find themselves reentering the town.

The Battle

At the beginning I will explain that I want to end the conflicts between the gangs and between Channel and Diana. I will explain


  • Channel has made sure to have mind control over the newspaper office now. They will pull out guns and shoot themselves next time Sam visits.
  • Fiona calls Sam to say that a human hand being eaten by worms appeared in the garden of the archive.
    • The hand is a flesh golem sent to spy on GPS and attack anyone who sees it. It will try to lure the person away and then try to strangle them.

Channel’s Portrait

Getting Channel’s Portrait will be challenging for several reasons.

  1. The campus is filled with mind controlled students and teachers. They rove around in groups of five chanting “We Love Channel” and will attack any GPS member on sight as long as Channel can spy. If they spot enemies they will start yelling to attract more groups. (There are 100 people on campus)

Brains: 10 Brawn: 50 Power: 10

HP: 10

Fighting 1D3

  1. The security guards in the museum have locked the place up and will shoot on sight.

Brains: 10 Brawn: 50 Power: 10

HP: 10

Pistol: 1D8

  1. Inside the painting is trapped so no one can teleport in and steal it without a huge magical backlash. If they try to use magic to move it a corpse leech drops on them. They are invisible to everyone but the target. If they are attacked they tighten around the person’s neck strangling them.  They can only be gotten rid of by returning them to Hangman’s Hill which they will explain if asked.

Gang War


Street Watch 3

  • Guys on the street keeping an eye on shops and other things

Upper Northside

Devon Halfway House (PnT 1)

  • Recruitment of out of luck types

Not really an interesting place for anything. Malcolm could target it to stop the recruitment of new thugs. Or maybe this is where some of the more magical gangsters have made their base.


Pier 16, 3

  • Storehouse

Philo & Tony might try to destroy the Pier, but unless something valuable is there they wont bother. Maybe a target for the wizard gangsters.

Fish Bar (PnT 3)

  • Meeting place for smugglers
  • Maxwell Hank

Max is running his own part of P&T’s rebellion hoping to carve out a place for himself as his  own operation.


Smith & Jones 4

  • Closed down restaurant
  • Back up meeting place
  • Weapon storehouse

Now that this is the base Philo & Tony will probably do a drive by but not worry too much about an outright attack until later.


Lower South Side

Roger & Sons Locksmiths (PnT 3)

  • Roger Loché
  • Lock picks, skeleton keys, etc.
  • Door installation

Philo & Tony have keys for every mob building in Arkham and plenty others besides! Malcolm may want to start changing the locks and killing Roger straight away!

University Hill

Curwen Lodge 3

  • Student housing
  • Recruitment of young ambitious types
  • Safe house
  • Drug and alcohol sales

A dramatic attack or a fire meant to distract Malcolm while attacking another target. Philo & Tony know the same thing worked before.

St. Mary’s Teaching Hospital 1

  • Laila Hardwick
  • Drug supply

Philo & Tony will probably try to turn this instead of break it.

Market District

ACC Ruins (PnT 1)

  • Easy to access private location to threaten or dispose of bodies

A good place for a lure and shootout!

Nighjacks Gentlemen’s Club (PnT 4) 3

  • High class club
  • Drug and alcohol sales

Another possible main base for P&T. An interesting place for a fight, a final confrontation. This is probably where Mallady will show up.

P&T’s Plan:

First they knock Malcolm out of the picture. Knowing that they won’t be able to find Radcliffe without taking out the majority of the Bitter Servants they know they need to attack hard.

They get the DDs to attack the Warren and then start hitting the other locations. They do a couple drive-bys to scare the Loyalists then use the Roger & Sons keys to sneak in and kill the remaining problems. They have found a couple magical people who they keep at the Devon Halfway House as wild cards that they quickly set lose to wreck havoc.

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 16

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Sam sent hood ornaments to find Trevor.


Liam & the prostitutes of Allison’s are all arrested.

Silas’s house is going to explode in a day.  Diana has dealt with this.

Things going on:

  1. Philo & Tony set the Danger Dogs on the attack. Then go and take out Malcolm before starting off the gang war.
  2. Channel attacks Ben and steals Patricia’s sculptures to turn into a monster.
  3. Channel starts marching people around to kill Diana. Riots turn into battles.
  4. Silas sets his house up as a trap and with Lavinia start hiding out. He starts trying to find out how Lavinia can do City Magic and how he can use this to lure Arkham out and light it all on fire.
  5. Mallady arrives at the end of the session.

Some wild cards:

  1. Cohen – wants to kill GPS people. Esp. Daville, but would also be fine with getting revenge on Radcliffe


  • (If the Philo & Tony scene hasn’t happened) Cohen will kill Emmerson in front of Malcolm.  This begins his attack on the members of GPS.
  • If an NPC dies by beheading they get revived and become a headless teleporting goon. Using power magic they teleport to other magicians and follow them around. They have no head and can’t speak, eat, drink, hear, or see. They tend to crash into things. Trying to lose the goon results in it teleporting back to you. It has 30 hit points.
  • The Doctor who treated Leslie’s shoulder appears at Sans Souci and is eaten by a banjo playing monster wearing a cloak and with an upside down head. Arms shoot out of the cloak and grab the doctor and pull him inside.
  • Sam gets a visit from a Jerold Breckenridge claiming to have been sent by Sheri Christie, the mayor’s wife to get him to get proof that her husband is cheating on her. (Double agent)
  • One of the aunts is thinking about moving shop. If she does the other has a heart attack.
  • Donovan’s bodyguard walks in to the Grotto, neck at an angle with a bulbous growth sticking out of it. He’s holding a wooden box. It explodes. 5D6 damage to anyone in the room. 3D6 to anyone failing a Dex roll just out the door. 2D6 to anyone behind cover or passing their Dex rolls.

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 15

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Ben has bought a flute from the ACC and agreed to deliver an amulet to an unrecognized address.

Leslie gives Sans Souci address to a suspicious doctor who treated their shoulder wound.

Silas’s house is going to explode in a day.

Channel plans on mind controlling Addison to kill Sloane. Teach Diana that order never prevails. She could have Addison kill herself too, or frame Sam.

Things going on:

Diana’s Plan

Channel’s Portrait is a source of her spying power.

  • Stealing it will help them stop her watching them.
  • Channel has it well protected and will be summoned as soon as they touch the portrait.
  • The portrait itself is a puzzle in it’s own right that will need to be solved.
  • Channel, knowing that the portrait is a weak point that would cut her off from her spies decides to protect it for now waiting to retrieve it. She sets a magical trap around the museum and mind controls all of the guards.
    • She has create a series of magical trip wires around the museum that will trigger if any magic user breaks it. A power magician looking for it can see it as a faint glow and a spot hidden will identify it as a trip wire. They can disarm it with a working.
    • The trip wire triggers the guards who will try to shoot any intruder and to stop anyone with as much physical force as possible. It also informs her that someone is trying to steal it.
    • The painting itself has been set with ribbons tied behind it that will trigger if anyone tries to touch it. The painting will expel a huge amount of energy doing 5D6 power damage to the thief as well as 2D6 San damage. The San damage can be avoided with a Hard Pow Roll. The explosion closes any gates in the area.
    • Besides the magical defenses the museum has the normal physical defenses, the doors are kept locked (Channel has compelled them to keep it shut up 24 hours and the guards refuse to unlock it) and barred. Two guards remain outside while the third patrols around the outside with a dog.
    • The trip wire also triggers the summoning of a Leech Corpse, a blackened dead body that drapes itself over the target. It does not act alive but will tighten and start to crush the victim if it is harmed or yanked at. It must be taken to the place it was buried on Hang Man’s Hill.

It would be prudent to separate Silas, Aldrich and Channel somehow, either by distracting the other two or killing them.

  • Channel will go to Silas or Aldrich’s aid if either are in danger.
  • Silas will go to Channel if she wants for help.

Channel has mind control powers that are very dangerous a counter spell needs to be designed.

  • They need to find someone who has been mind controlled and figure out how.
  • Once they know how the spell is done they can figure out the easiest way to counter it.

(Only if someone mentions shooting her)

Channel may be well prepared for a magical attack but wont necessarily think of a long range physical attack.

  • She would be able to prevent anyone obviously aiming at her from hitting her, but a hidden sniper might do the trick.

Channel’s Plan

Channel puts everyone under surveillance putting power spies to work.

  • These appear as fluttering crackling but completely silent black masses about a foot in diameter all round. They hide in the shadows and are only visible to someone who has Power Magic. (Spot Hidden from Leslie) They can fly from shadow to shadow and extend backwards into hyperspace. Channel has attached these to her using brain magic so each has a brain signature as well and appear in the brain space. A brain wizard can spot these as lines.
  • They may be destroyed manually but Channel can make these so long as her scrying powers are maintained.
  • The surveillance causes glass to break near the person being watched.

Knowing that Diana is threatening her she also begins collecting Pow from people.

  • She has all the people in her neighborhood start rounding up their own children and babies and bringing them to her house.
  • She is happy to mind control the cops in her neighborhood using them as perfect armed guards.

Channel wants to kill Diana before her followers grow too powerful.

  • She goes to the university dorms and mind controls as many people as she can. She has them attack Diana when she lectures. They all chant “We Love Channel” as they attempt to rend her limb from limb.
  • Channel plans on mind controlling Addison to kill Sloane. Teach Diana that order never prevails. She could have Addison kill herself too, or frame Sam.

She goes to GPS and mind controls Huey to do her bidding.

Silas and Aldrich’s Plan

  1. Silas goes ahead with one of Deborah’s plans and sends Jerod Brekenridge to ask Sam to tail Cedric Christie on the behalf of Christie’s wife. His wife wants pictures of her husband cheating so she can get divorce papers signed as quickly as possible.
  • They hope this will distract him.
  • Cedric is cheating on his wife with Sloane Foster a teacher at Summanus. However Sloane is also a newly inducted witch in Diana’s new coven. Accordingly she has a basic matter swipe attack (50% 1D8 + on 1 or 2 damage a poison is injected causing a lasting illness)
  1. Silas meets Aldrich in Independence Square each day carefully using invisibility to appear nearby.
  1. Washington and Lincoln have been given sawn offs to defend Aldrich while he turns off the North Side Pump.

To keep Aldrich safe they are travelling around the city in the van which is constantly in motion. The only time it stops is when Aldrich needs to meet with Silas, go to a pump house, or buy supplies.

  1. Aldrich’s next move is to go to the Reservoir and blow up the pump there. Silas and the President’s will accompany him.
  • Silas will use a spell in the Necronomicon to summon a cthonian like monster to suck the water out of the reservoir.
  1. Silas may also want more power and go to the coma ward.
  • The colour out of space there has almost completely sapped power from the patients, if it senses someone of such great pow as any of the magicians in this game it will attack violently.
  1. Silas has the body of the body guard who was hired by Donovan. And he thinks it’s a perfect way to take care of his problems. He attaches a few organs so he can control the body, and gives it a box with a large bomb and walks it into the Grotto.


Silas also wants to give Benoit the chance. (Plus a nice dramatic twist on Diana’s offer to help) He goes in offers to let Benoit have ultimate power and aid the Alchemists in destroying the city. “Luke I am your father, together we can rule the empire, etc.”

  1. Silas heads back to the Downtown pump house and lays an ambush

Justine’s Plan

Justine has decided the city needs to be locked down and she does so with great prejudice, posting a pair of police men on every street corner. Now whenever a crime is committed a police man will call for back up at hasty phone booths erected on each street and then goes to investigate.

  • This has the effect to quell some of the people, but in other neighborhoods it soon becomes  blood bath with barricades put up.


  • The next downtown location they visit a riot is taking place outside.
  • The next North Side location they visit fake Bitter Servant thugs attack people.
    • Brawn: 60, Brains: 10, Pow: 10 Hp: 10
  • Channel has kidnapped (and controlled) Huey. She is holdig him in her house and the scroll is gone. (He may have hidden it, has it on him, or she has stolen it.
  • Ink wants to talk to Leslie about Lavinia and what they are going to do next.
    • He explains that he thinks Lavinia is a homunculus and not any avatar of Nyarly like Aldrich thinks.
    • He expects that some major power must have made it happen because it doesn’t seem like Aldrich is powerful enough.
    • He also asks what Leslie is going to do about the scrolls and if they should start working out what the scrolls need.
      • He discusses the ear, mentions subtly that Prof. Rice hasn’t been around for awhile.
      • He wonders what the heart could be, what is the heart of a city?
      • He wonders who the traitors might be and who they will betray.
      • How do you capture the eyes of a firstborn forever?
      • What is a part of Nyarly anyways?
  • When Leslie returns to Sans Souci Ink notices the power flowing from the hill. He offers to “widen Leslie’s eyes” so they can see too. He warns that other sorcerers wanting a top off and monsters wanting to feed might show up.
    • Henry has aged immensely from being on top of the power explosion.
    • Some monsters now are around French and Hangman’s Hill.
      • Stilt creature
      • Banjo monster wearing cloak and head upside down
  • Lavinia tells Leslie that she can’t go with them because Aldrich wants to take her away for awhile.
  • The Doctor who treated Leslie’s shoulder appears at Sans Souci and is eaten by a banjo playing monster wearing a cloak and with an upside down head. Arms shoot out of the cloak and grab the doctor and pull him inside.
  • Mitsuko comes home at night and Patricia accidentally murders her.
  • A letter from Mitsuko comes from New York asking Ben for patience and for the name of any friends
  • Sam gets a visit from a Jerold Breckenridge claiming to have been sent by Sheri Christie, the mayor’s wife to get him to get proof that her husband is cheating on her. (Double agent)
  • One of the aunts is thinking about moving shop. If she does the other has a heart attack.
  • Channel has made sure to have mind control over the newspaper office now. They will pull out guns and shoot themselves next time Sam visits.
  • Benoit is insane and is paranoid. The Forest starts to bleed into the real world. Any time he’s not with other party members things start to happen:
    • A doorway becomes the centaur lair.
    • The grey knight is walking down the street ignored by all.
    • A procession of satyrs playing flutes and dragging on more and more people, accompanied by worse monsters, shaggy clooties, legless haggard men, and a barely seen flapping thing all playing pipes and drums dancing on and on.
  • Donovan’s bodyguard walks in to the Grotto, neck at an angle with a bulbous growth sticking out of it. He’s holding a wooden box. It explodes. 5D6 damage to anyone in the room. 3D6 to anyone failing a Dex roll just out the door. 2D6 to anyone behind cover or passing their Dex rolls.
    • This is when Silas calls the grotto and offers to take Benoit on his side.
  • Get Liam to go drinking and then is arrested by the police and questioned by Justine. Philo and Tony probably engineer this.
  • Police are on every street corner and have been given Malcolm and Liam’s descriptions.
  • Radcliffe is informed by Philo & Tony that there is a police spy within the mob. The police know that the mob is trying to go underground and is waiting to arrest Malcolm and Liam.
    • If Philo or Tony are accused they insist on their innocence based on them telling Radcliffe in the first place.
    • If Malcolm gets close to fingering Emmerson Officer Drake will give herself up.
  • One of Channel’s semi invisible spies is following a parties member while they’re clue finding.
  • Benoit is insane and is paranoid. The Forest starts to bleed into the real world. Any time he’s not with other party members things start to happen:
    • A doorway becomes the centaur lair.
    • The grey knight is walking down the street ignored by all.
    • A procession of satyrs playing flutes and dragging on more and more people, accompanied by worse monsters, shaggy clooties, legless haggard men, and a barely seen flapping thing all playing pipes and drums dancing on and on.

Only when Ben has given Cohen the amulet

  • Fiona calls Sam to say that a human hand being eaten by worms appeared in the garden of the archive.
    • The hand is a flesh golem sent to spy on GPS and attack anyone who sees it. It will try to lure the person away and then try to strangle them.

Ben’s Favor

The amulet is actually a book inscribed on a sapphire like the one supposedly given to Noah containing heavenly knowledge of astrology. The address he has been given is that of Cohen and it contains the spell that will release him from Radcliffe’s control.

Once Ban has handed over the amulet Cohen is pleased and thanks him, promising to kill him last. He immediately sends his flesh golems to stalk Daville.

Cohen plans on murdering his way up GPS starting at their contacts.

Ben’s Flute

A sliver flute with gold detail. The flute has two purposes, it can cure sanity or it can drive a person to suicide (including the player).

The flute is unusual in two ways, first of all it has 29 keys, far more than the usual 16. Second the gold detail turns slowly to black while playing and fades back to gold once the player stops. There are two “heads” one that is played like a classical western flute, blowing over the head piece, or more like a recorder with a narrow head that is blown down.

The flute can be played as a normal if still powerfully beautiful instrument with either head by using the normal 16 keys. If the recorder head is used a Sanity roll must be made to resist playing the extra keys.

If the western head is used and all 29 keys are played the flute plays magical and almost non earthly music. Those hearing can’t help but be moved to tears by the notes. Each minute or round played it heals 1D3 sanity back. Anyone with outstanding mental trauma are compelled to dance, swaying around they relive the trauma and begin to heal from it. They dance for the length of the song. However if the music stops while they are dancing they immediately collapse from the great mental strain and incur 1D20 san loss.

If the recorder head is used and all 29 keys are played the musician can tell the song they play slowly builds and builds to the 11th stanza. Everyone around begins to dance uncontrollably, a traumatic experience. They lose 1D6 sanity. If the musician plays to the 11th stanza and fails a Pow roll the flute begins the final stanza and the flutist can’t put it down. They begin to see visions of a great burning light in their mind. Everyone dancing lose 1D20 health and the flutist if failing a sanity roll loses 2D10 sanity. The musician must also make a Con roll or lose 10% in any skill related to sight. The bright light in their eyes burned their retinas and they have begun going blind.

If played in magical combat it can confuse a villain and give them a flat -10% to their pow rolls, or give a flat +20% to any ally’s pow roll.

Ben upon picking up the flute finds that he knows how to put it together and play it at a professional level. (70% in flute) The flute never needs cleaning, needs new parts. Even the spit valve never needs emptying.

Channel Delapore

Channel knows that the investigators are coming for them. She hopes to get to them first, getting to their family members to tie ribbons to their brains and controlling them. If she’s spotted hypnotizing them she’ll make the investigator see ultraviolet revealing destructive monsters that will hunt the investigators until she escapes.

Ultraviolet Monsters

Fighting: 75% 1D10+2 The attacks remove flesh from existence letting the organs or muscles underneath explode outwards. A CON roll is needed to not go into shock from the sudden damage. Dodging will be the only way to escape a successful attack, any strikes fighting back will simply pass through the creature. If the target closes their eyes the creature can’t attack them.

Channel (Mind & Power)

Channel’s main source of magic is her hypnosis where she ties ribbons to their brains.

Her other power is to be able to pull herself into hyperspace so only a cracked fluttering thing is visible, having always been bad at hyperspace she can’t go into it more than that.  However learning to be stealthy from her memories as Kree-kolen-ben she uses this to her advantage to hide in dark corners or observe people.

Attacks: Tying knots in her ribbon she either blasts people with power with high velocity winds, or rakes at people’s minds telepathically causing excruciating pain. She only spends  2 or 3 magic points per attack as she prefers magical effects than killing.

Defenses: Ribbons as shields, balls of protection. Her actions are lightening fast deflecting attacks with a flick of wide ribbons of orange and red.

Effects: Once she has dominated a victim she chains them to her will tying ribbons around their brain effectively mind controlling them.

If she doesn’t have time she will quickly force them to see the ultraviolet spectrum and the monsters there.

Silas’s Ambush

Silas has gone to the Downtown pump. First of all he sealed the street entrance with matter magic. He trapped all the orifices with teeth so they will obviously bite anyone going that way and the gate hinges have been fused together. An explosion might still break it down.

The orifice has eyes and a voice box attached next to it. It tells people that they can’t get to the pump this way or it will have to kill them. That they can still get inside the pump by asking at the front desk.

Built amongst the now highest buildings of the Arkham downtown the  pump house has been integrated into the base of a large office building The Anzac. The Anzac, a masterpiece in Art Deco in white stone towers in between two shorter edifices. The pump can be accessed from the street or the building. A steel gate and a steel door block entrance from the street. Both have well rusted padlocks as if no one has entered the pump room from this way in a long time. Back corridors lead in a labyrinth from behind the store rooms of the building to a wooden door with a bolt locked from the outside, as if something will try to escape from the pump room.

Silas also went into the Anzac lobby and back rooms and flexed his new magical muscles. He slaughtered everyone inside and used them, animal parts, and planks of wood to make a parody of the staff and visitors that will attack anyone going to fix the pump.

The Lobby

The lobby seems normal enough, inside are:

  • A woman wearing a yellow dress and old fashioned bonnet.
  • A pram with a crying baby being tended by a man in bell boy outfit.
  • A pair of twins working the desk.
  • A family of five, husband, wife, and three kids sitting at one of the tables.
  • Three office workers.

Silas hid the rest of the bodies above the lobby hanging by ropes. The blood has been cleaned up wherever he expects it to be seen from the street, so the Lobby floor in front of the desks is clean.

They first notice a normal lobby, people talking, the baby crying some office workers waiting for the elevator.

Then they notice that the woman in the dress has bunny ears.

Then they notice the baby is actually conjoined squirrels.

Then they notice that there is blood splattered behind the front desk and on the backs of the chairs not facing the windows and that there is blood dripping from the ceiling.

They see the bodies hanging there.

By now they should be in the middle of the room. The creatures wont attack unless they try to get to the pump room.

The lobby is laid out long ways. The desk and booths with tables run parallel away from the entrance. At the far end is a line of three elevators and on one side are the stairs and the other an alcove with a door with “Employees Only” hung on it.

The Constructs

Rabbit Woman – A woman wearing a frilly white dress. Her body is made of planks of wood nailed loosely together with a rabbit’s head and organs melded on to it.

  • The Rabbit ears poke out of her old fashioned bonnet.
  • She doesn’t have hands, one she keeps in her purse, the  other is simply the end of a plank of wood.
  • She attacks with a machine like gun that fires spinning projectiles that attach to the target.
  • Her bunny muscles have been grafted to the wood making her legs spring like limbs letting her jump high in the air.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 30 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Automatic Seed Gun – 3 bullets/volley. Always fires 3 volleys, 30%/30%+pen die/30%+2pen die    2D6 damage – the bullets burrow into the flesh, doing a further 1 pt. damage when removed.

Arm clubs – 1D4+2 (only if seed gun damaged) (+1D6 when on fire)

Conjoined Squirrel – In a pram is a conjoined squirrel, two squirrels joined at the torso. Its two heads and six limbs all swaddled in a little baby jumper. There is no mother pushing it.

  • The wailing sounds just like a human baby.
  • The thing has two horrified looking squirrel heads sticking out of the jumper as well as six limbs, four on one side, two on the other, and a tail.
  • The squirrel will scamper away when the fighting starts and will climb up the wall (Hard Spot Hidden to see it)
  • It then will drop on combatants and will latch on with all six limbs and try to maul them to death.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 75 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Bites – two attacks per round – 1D3 damage  (+1D6 when on fire)

The Twins – These two look identical. They have unmoving human faces and they seem weirdly proportioned, their arms too low and too short. They are plank people with fox heads, the human decoy heads above them. They are a head shorter than they look in disguise and are in fact about children height.

  • Their lips nor eyes move at all.
  • Their arms seem to be attached at where their ribs should be.
  • They are quick and nimble with fox muscles. They’ll scamper around on all fours.
  • They attack with their fox teeth, though their jaws don’t work so they’ll saw at their victim.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 45 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Sawing Teeth – 1D4+2 (+1D6 when on fire)

Arm clubs – 1D4+2 (+1D6 when on fire)

Family of Five – Plank people with bird parts dressed like a nuclear family. Mom and Dad, A seven year old boy, five year old girl, and a two year old girl.

  • They sit with their hands to their sides awkwardly in their seats.
  • They seem to be wearing wigs. When you peer under one you notice a beak.
  • They are feathered and flap their wings so they can hover a meter or so off the ground.
  • They can use their wings to do a short burst of flight into a target head butting them.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 90 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Head-butt – 1D3+1D4 A Dex roll must be made to stay standing after being hit. (+1D6 when on fire)

Arm clubs – 1D4+2 (+1D6 when on fire)

Three Office Workers – Dressed in suits and holding guns these wood men are mostly all wood. They have raccoon heads.

  • They try to keep their backs to the people coming inside as much as possible.
  • Their hair looks odd, like it’s fur.
  • They carry small pistol like things attached to their plank hands. They fire bullets like the bunny woman but slower.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 40 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Seed Pistols – 1D8 – the seed burrows into the skin and inflicts 1 pt. damage when removed.

Arm clubs – 1D4+2 (only if seed gun damaged) (+1D6 when on fire)

The Bell Boy – His face looks normal but the uniform hangs loosely on him. His body is planks of wood like the woman and the head is the head of the old bell boy skewered on a broom stick.

  • The uniform hangs loosely on him.
  • He doesn’t have hands, instead he looks like he’s hiding axes up his sleeves.
  • He attacks with two axes in each hand.
  • He has no sense so will pretty much just flail at whatever enemy makes the most sound.
  • He acts last in combat.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 30 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Axe Flail – 2 attacks per round at loudest target – 1D6+1+1D4 (+1D6 when on fire)

Arm clubs – 2D4+2 (only if axes are removed) (+1D6 when on fire)


The Postmen – Two men in Anzac uniforms with cat heads. They demurely sort mail until someone comes in.

  • They immediately look up at the oncoming investigators. Their cat eyes shine in the dark.
  • They attack with the sharpened ends of their arms.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 70 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Arm clubs – 1D4+2 (+1D6 when on fire)

The creatures will respond like regular people at first but will then attack once the investigators start to head to the pump room.

The creatures are things of matter created by Silas by bonding planks of wood with human and animal organs. They have a POW pipe like all living creatures but it is very small. Removing it will de-animate them.

They have minds which can be destroyed but doing so will simply result in them going berserk.

Being made mostly out of wood they are hard to kill as the animal and human organs and muscles must be broken to stop them. However the wood parts can be broken making their moving parts useless.

The wood will break with any damage roll over 5. The organs are only struck on an impale but only have 5 health.

Back Halls

The door leads to a short hall that opens without a door into a mail room. The hall opens at to the side of the room on the end. Another door opens on the far end. The room is so filthy with blood that it requires DEX rolls when moving or fighting to stay upright.

Silas didn’t bother to hang the bodies in here, just stacked them in a pile, more constructions have been left here, the pretense of humanity gone, though they still pretend to be sorting mail. These attack on sight but are easy to destroy.

The door on the end leads into the heating room. The door opens onto a catwalk which runs around two sides of the room, a stair case is on the opposite corner. The door to the hall to the pump room is on the ground floor below and across from the stairs.

Jumping from the catwalk to the ground takes a JUMP roll to not take damage or a DEX roll to halve damage. (1D6+2 for the full damage, 1D3+1 for half)

Four large furnaces with ducts leading around and up fill the room. They are extremely hot and anything nearby has to roll DEX not to light on fire. Silas’s wood and meat constructions have a 50% chance to catch on fire. People on fire take 1D6 per round. The constructs take the 1D6 to their organ health AND limb health.

Pump Room

The final hall is a short length filled with the building’s cleaning trolleys, three lined against the wall. These can make cover or obstacles for the players. The door at the end is padlocked.

The door opens into the pump room. Inside is a musty little room, damp from the water running through the pipes underneath. The pump itself is well buried but pipes have been drawn out of the ground with pressure gauges and lock wheels.

There are three wheels. One turns the engine on to start pumping and the other two are valves. The valves must be turned after the start up wheel and at the same time.

The start up wheel has a bent pipe through it that takes a STR roll to free and a round to turn.

The other two wheels must be turned at the same time (if only one PC is free they can be done individually) each taking a round to turn.

Jerold Brenridge/Sheri Christie & Sloane Foster

Jerold is an old friend of Donovan & co. and is under Silas’ sway. He asks Sam to investigate Cedric Christie’s affair for Sheri Christie, the mayor’s wife.

Once a week while Sheri Chrisite is elsewhere Cedric goes to the Arkham Lodge to meet Sloane. They sleep together and he leaves at midnight, Sloane leaves the next morning and pays for the room.

Now that Sloane is a witch she has more power and is using it to help Diana by taking over the mind of the Mayor. She has made herself sexier, stronger, and more dexterous. If she thinks their tryst is being invaded she will magically attack, flipping around acrobatically to dodge and throwing matter bullets to attack physical stats.

Brains: 30, Brawn: 30, Pow: 70 Hp: 15

During the rest of the week she works at Summanus as a Freshman teacher. On weekends she goes to Diana’s house and helps Diana and  Cammelia Addison doing Sabbats. In black slips they dance about a bonfire while their worshippers grovel around them. Large bat like creatures fly over head as this happens. They all swear themselves to “The Black Goat with a Thousand Young, the Mother Goddess!”

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 14

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Homonculus survived because it he woke up in space. But also had no Pow so still dead.

Dead bodies that appear on people’s backs, wizened and withered. They appear one day lying on the person’s back. They can’t be pulled off, simply tightening their grip as someone yanks on them. They stay, removing a magic point per day and weighing them down. They must be carried to their grave on hang man’s hill.

Peer behinds are a shaggy creature, larger than a human by a large amount with long spiny fingers and huge lidded eyes that peer around. You never see them completely, though they are always huge and staring at you. They hunt in packs, always watching. The best way to get rid of one is to turn your back on them and throw salt over your shoulder.

A lion like creature, though its skin is toad like with warts. Its mane is made up of long tentacles that stand on end pointing away from the head each tip twitching and curling. Its

A strange odd limbed humanoid with large hands instead of feet its head hangs between it’s shoulder blades and its mouth is open in a continual shout. It hangs onto stilts that it sways along on. Four odd looking creatures hang onto the bottoms of the stilts dragged along the ground as it swings.

A long creature that holds itself up with short legs at one end, the rest straight up in the air. When a victim is nearby it reaches down with its maw and many clawed legs. It then straightens up victim held high in the air to be devoured. It can hide upside down and curl over the edge of a ledge to seize a tasty morsel.

A man does a jig to a banjo, he has chicken legs sticking out of an old fashioned coat. Amidst his frilled collar his angular head is upside down

A monster made up of prosthetic mechanical arms. It attacks at night while you’re sleeping but it is loud and always wakes you up as it reaches for you.

Things going on:

  1. Aldrich attacks the University Hill pump and sets a bomb  there.
  2. Philo & Tony take over dealing with the huge influx of Bitter Servant crooks. And they are subtly using them as new troops for the coup d’etat


  • Next time Malcolm checks on recruitment Philo and Tony have taken over and have it under control.
  • Get Liam to go drinking and then is arrested by the police and questioned by Justine. Philo and Tony probably engineer this.
  • Lulu has sent Selma a box of chocolates with a note for Sam. “Thank you for the good talk about my article!”
    • Channel has made sure to have mind control over the newspaper office now. They will pull out guns and shoot themselves next time Sam visits.
  • Cohen has tortured and killed Frank of Frank’s Printer and Copiers.

Samantha’s TPNC

The book has a lot more information on the witches than he had previously. Samantha used this book to track down the witches. Of note she mentions another woman who had done a similar task and had started her on that path, Interesse Anguis.

She figured out that the witches existed and their lineage from Interesse’s own notes which were buried with her body.

Samantha also mentions her one and only meeting with Pearl Face before her murder by Channel. She mentions that Pearl taught her a lot but that Pearl had left a spell in her home that would help teach more about the other witches.

Finding Donovan:

Clue: Where Donovan would go into hiding:

  • Monty recalls that Donovan had a cabin in a forest out west where he’d go hunting but he doesn’t recall where it was exactly.
  • Faron recalls that it was in Willard Brook State Forest, and that it would take a day to hike from the nearest road to the cabin.

Clue: Who is making trouble for GPS

  • Faron also knows that it was Donovan and Dr. Mason who filed the complaints against Ben at the insurance office.
  • Dr. Mason will talk with Ben but will be very hostile. He’ll complain about Ben’s files being destroyed and claim that several patients of Ben’s have come to Dr. Mason for help instead. And he even uses the suicide against him.

Donovan’s large black Cadillac has been abandoned at the edge of the woods. It’s a day trek through the forest to the cabin and Donovan and his body guards have left some surprises for people following.

Benoit’s Madness

Benoit was driven crazy by the forest and the consequences of it. So now by going into a forest his madness is amplified. The forests seem to bend towards him as he approaches it, the yawning spaces between growing dark with menace. Strange chittering and howling can be heard in the distance and the hair on the back of his neck stands on edge.

  • While approaching the pit trap he spots a ring of toad stools ahead of them past the next hummock. But by the time they get over to it there is no ring.
  • When the Hounds are hunting them he begins to see the chittering fairy things crawl up his pant leg. He can see the hump in his clothes but to everyone else he seems to be batting at nothing.
  • He spots a leaping centaur keeping pace with them for a short while. It opens it’s bloody maw at him once before turning back into the forest.
  • Black shapes begin appearing in the corner of his vision.

Pit Trap

The ground is covered in old leaves, but in one hollow it seems thicker than normal. Some weakened branches cover a deep pit, hastily dug and filled with sharpened stakes.

  • Hard Spot Hidden to see the leaves. A successful Spot Hidden might spot the hasty pile of dirt.
  • Jump roll to get off before it breaks.
  • DEX roll to slow the fall.
  • 1D6+ 1D8+1 (Luck to not fall on too many spears: 1D6+1D6)

Sound Makers

Cans have been strung up on wires to make sound as people approach.

  • Spot Hidden to notice the cords.
  • Dex or Sneak roll to get over the cords without hitting them.

Explosive Crates

To stop Silas Donovan has had to be creative, so he’s hidden crates of TNT around the cabin in rifle shot hidden by lots of leaves. When he thinks Silas or any other threat is near one of these crates he’ll try to shoot the crate to have it explode.

  • Hard Spot Hidden to see before they start shooting at it.
  • Idea roll to notice that they aren’t shooting at them but at a bush nearby.
  • Dex roll to get away in time to not get hit by the explosion.
  • 2D10 damage to anyone caught in the explosion. They are thrown in the air.

Shooters in the Cabin

Donovan and the two body guards have holed up in the cabin with rifles. They cover the cabin from all directions, a body guard in the front, Donovan covering the left side, and the last bodyguard covering the back and right from a corner room.

  • They each have a spot hidden roll to make to see anyone who’s snuck up without hitting the sound makers. (75%)
  • They all have .30 bolt action rifles. (Rifle: 50% 2D6+4) But they try to aim for the legs if they can.
  • A hard spot hidden is necessary to aim at the shooter, and two penalty dice are added to hit them. (Cover + darkness)

The Cabin

The cabin is a small three room building, an outhouse leans away from the building. A few trees grow close but most of the area is hard to approach unseen, and where it is they’ve strung noise makers.

Inside has been ripped up for anything to help them protect the house and all the canned food and bottles have been emptied to make the sound makers. Otherwise the cabin is nicely furnished, the front room has a living area with chairs and a table, the two back rooms are a bedroom with bunks and a kitchenette.

Donovan has brought as many incriminating papers with him as he could, including the map of the pumps that Aldrich is attacking. There are also papers incriminating Dr. Mason and Faron Ainsworth in fraud of various sorts. He has papers showing that Silas and he had fire insurance on several properties around Arkham, though the addresses are not included.

Silas’ Hounds:

Black Dobermans – they don’t have teeth, when their jaws open they snap down revealing a spinning drill.

Sneaky HP: 25-5=20 20-9=11  26-5=21

Greedy HP: 25-2=23 23-5=18 18-5=13 13-7=6

POW: 35

Armor: 5

Fighting: 50% 1D8 + 1D4 – the drill drills holes in the victim, piercing completely if they fight back. The wound always leaves it covered in infectious saliva. A CON roll to resist or otherwise they are paralyzed and can’t move.

Jump/Dodge: 75%



Since they stalk in the matter plane they are invisible until the moment they attack appearing as a streak of blackness manifesting into a buzzing drill bit in a dog like maw attached to claws.

The hounds will split up and one will creep as close to the party as possible. Then the other will use it’s drill to try to draw the parties attention. If the party splits up a hound will attack whichever has the smallest number of people. Then the hound will flee if reinforcements arrive.

If they are unsuccessful in drawing someone away from the party they execute a pincer attack taking one side at a time.

They don’t bother hitting anyone more than once hoping their paralyzing liquid is enough to down the target. They run from target to target like black lightening.

They only ever dodge incoming attacks preferring the precision of attacking themselves.

Hounds are so quick they attack every other turn attacking whoever is next in the Dex order and in the same area. This should speed up the combat drastically.

Magical Weakness

The Hounds exist mostly in the matter plane and so are weak to power or mental attacks.

If Benoit is in the matter space he has a normal Spot Hidden roll to spot them. Once they realize this they will try to attack him first. Their talking can also be heard in matter space with a listen roll as a harsh whispering.

They have very small minds despite being very intelligent. They may be lobotomized but will simply revert to normal dog level intelligence instead and simply attack one person and never dodge.

Removing their Pow will make them die and wither up.


He uses his blood smeared sheets to manipulate the matter around him that others can’t see. He mostly pulls the matter around him to make him invisible, appearing to step sideways behind an invisible wall leaving a smeared sheet floating to the ground. He uses this to get behind the investigators, get into guarded locations, and otherwise go unnoticed.

He attacks with a knife: 1D6 + 1D4

Silas is not far behind the investigators in finding Donovan, in fact he probably followed them there. He releases his hounds to hunt the investigators and hopefully Donovan, he will try to use his invisibility to get to the papers Donovan brought with him. The presence of the investigators has screwed up his plan since he hoped to kill him. It would be too risky if he tried to stab him then.

Robert Cohen

Maggot filled skin of a dead wizard keeping himself alive with magic and the harvested organs of others. Cohen plans on kidnapping a GPS member and torturing them into telling him more about Daville.

He is on the attack, but keeps his assaults at night. During the day he retreats to his home where he continues to try to preserve body parts and organs. He tries to shake anyone following him

Flesh Golem

Cohen can leave a large part of his flesh behind and fill it with bugs to act as a spy or advance troop.

They can wrap around a targets legs and start climbing up them to cover their mouth and fill their mouth and nose with bugs. It can also go for their eyes.

Fighting: 70% Strangling: CON Roll, 2 points/round. Eating eyes: 1D4 – 2 rounds to blind.

It can also use its bugs to attack the limb as it touches someone’s legs. But if the target brakes away it could destroy itself.

Bite: 45% 1D6

HP: 5


His body can shape and reform as it wants. His fists turn into thick sledgehammers to slam his opponents. He can also open his skin with the buttons he’s sewn on his skin and can spew worms and maggots on a target. He’s ginormous

Punch: 50% 3+2D6

Spew: 30% but covers all the area in front of him so still hits anyone not dodging. The maggots do 1D6 per round inside the pile.

His magic is violent and messy, he doesn’t bother with spells but just throws scythes of matter across.

Scythes: 45% 1D10+5 It smashes any limb it hits, severing it savagely if they fail a luck roll.

Frank’s Printer & Copiers

Cohen stepped into Frank’s and carefully shut the door behind him. He inquired in his gravely voice if Frank could print one of those new pamphlets. Frank, already worried, led him into the back room.

Cohen then grabbed Frank’s hand and holds it near the roller. He asks if Frank can tell him who wanted those pamphlet’s printed. Frank shakes his head and Cohen pushes it into the roller. The roller quickly mangles his hand and the next pages printed run red. With one hand Cohen crushes the stump to staunch the bleeding. Cohen grabs his other hand as he screams and asks him again but Frank is in too much pain. The other goes in. This time more of his arm is pulled in. The roller jams just shy of the shoulder and Frank faints.

Cohen snaps his neck to kill him and then digs into his chest, he wants a new intestine. He feeds it to his belly and carefully leaves.

The next customer who comes in hears a swatting sound. They walk into the back and scream. The police soon arrive and the journalists shortly afterwards.

The Scene: Frank has been pulled backwards into the print machine one arm twisted backwards. His body faces away his arm twisted too far back behind him. His head hangs loose with jaw hanging open in a scream. His other hand lies down a jagged stump of twisted flesh. Frank’s stomach has been pulled open and parts of his guts hang out, maggots already crawling in the new cavern. Most of his intestines are missing.

The only blood is in the machine and in front of Frank. There seems to be no forced entry or sign of struggle. The police immediately guess it is the Arkham Ripper and the Advertiser soon prints a shock piece on it.

The machine printed three pamphlets before the jam and each is partially splattered with blood the ink mixing with the red liquid.

Water Pumps

Aldrich has have already turned off the water to Downtown and soon to French Hill. His next goal will be to set up a bomb at the University Hill pump cutting off the cities reservoir supply.

At each location Atlach Nacha has sent her spies to see what Aldrich is doing, spiders stream under the doors, have made webs in the corners and cover every object. They don’t do any harm but simply watch anyone entering.

Silas’s House

Silas’ house overlooks the Lower South Side. It’s one of the large French Hill mansions, well above the thickly condensed Lower South Side alleyways. The house has been in the Virginia family for generations and Silas has kept it in good repair with the money he made in the logging trade. Since Silas began worshipping Diana in the late 1910s he has collected a host of witchcraft related artifacts.

His entry hall, kept dark by velvet curtains, houses a rare framed list of witches sentenced to death in 1690 including the famous Keziah Mason. A polished wooden statue of Artemis, copied from a Roman marble sits on a table in the room.

The slightly lighter dining room is done in moon tones and has a series of carved moons in each phase around the top of the walls. The full and new moons are mounted above the head and tail of the table. There also burn red, slightly scented candles.

The parlor features three darkly painted landscapes supposedly painted by Edward Derby Pickman, but they are not actually originals. They show black clad figures cavorting on blasted semi abstract hills. Dead trees twist around toppled columns. Very inhuman shapes seem to be providing the music in the background but are all indistinct.

Silas’s study, a roomy and tall room on the side of the house has the nicest view over the South Side. Silas is fond of standing at the window and grumbling about the state of the world. The has a large fireplace which Silas often unseasonably lights to “commemorate the lumber trade.” He has a shrine to Diana with another wooden idol and a wicker moon where he ties black thread. The table it stands on has a drawer under the idol. Here Silas devotes chunks of meat to Sub-Niggurath, there they remain rotting. A slight sweat scent fills the air of the room. To hide it Silas burns incense on the offering as well.

Upstairs are several bedrooms. The lightest room in the house was Diana’s but is now a guest room. A small sun room is built over the veranda, several ferns grow giant in pots.

Silas keeps some help, a gardener, a maid and a manservant to help him around the house. The gardener is the manservants son Tony. The maid is the manservants wife Maddie. The manservant is named Harry. Harry is a curmudgeonly but loyal servant and is fast friends with Silas. All he knows about the LPC is that Silas’ health improved greatly after joining.


Philo and Tony have been running the Danger Dogs against the Bitter Servants hoping to destroy it from the inside. Philo and Tony follow Mallady who wants to stop the mob who is both a cultist, masochist, and huge patriot. Determined to join the army he thinks it is wrong that the Mob is preventing many young men from joining the army.

Philo and Tony have been passing information on to the Danger Dogs through Dr. d’Poe and others. In the tunnels is a drop point where there is a paper that Riley finds on the next raid. The note is an explanation of Pier 16 and how Malcolm plans to defend it. It also mentions that it will be leaving the Warrell house vulnerable to attack.

Riley also spotted Philo and Tony meeting with Dr. d’Poe and then Shane Belcher.

Philo and Tony have managed to get Malcolm to let them take over the recruitment process. Malcolm also gave them a magic detecting marble. Of course Philo and Tony are going to start setting up recruits to report to them, letting the more loyal ones get cushier jobs while he puts the older more Malcolm and Radcliffe loyal gangsters to work at the tunnels. Meanwhile they also let plenty of magic users into the mob letting them be their own land mines.


Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 13

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Ben writes to Laurenz about Dr. Dexter.

Malcolm gets his name on the Ghoulish Gabe newsletter.

$2000 have gone missing from the police.

Police have a tommy gun. They will be able to check the serial number under the stock.

Things going on:

  1. Aldrich attacks French hill pump.
  2. Having the force following him other very poor and disenfranchised people begin seeing Benoit as a medium to help them commune with the force and with Diana. The people take ownership over Benoit’s body, claiming they have a right to access to the spirits that commune with him and he can’t deny them.
  3. Bobby Young comes back to the Grotto to join GPS. When he’s around Leslie he has waves of memory, and begins to remember the Hound, a hound that might hunt Leslie too.
  4. Cohen sends his flesh golems to attack Daville.
  5. Silas is meeting with Aldrich every day to convey orders.
    1.  Silas is to use Donovan’s contacts to help them keep the government disinterested and Dr. Mason to help get rid of other annoying people.
    2. Aldrich goes to the park and Silas uses his invisibility to get to him without leading someone there.
  6. Lavinia wants to do a ceremony that will tell her more about the power her father says she has from “his mother.”

Benoit has published a pamphlet accusing Lulu, Aldrich and Radcliffe of being High Alchemists damaging this city. He made sure to be surreptitious and sent half of them to Rastapopoulus.

  1. Rastapopoulus will be furious and pleased at the same time. While it may endanger him he may get an influx of people joining the church. He has them hand out pamphlets around town. He starts collecting all the money he can get while stirring up trouble so that he can leave without any one knowing.
  2. Aldrich will make sure Silas comes along with him to the pumps to make sure they aren’t attacked. He also packs a .45 Lincoln and Washington are packing sawn offs.
  3. The Catholics, Benoit’s people, North Side House Worshipers all start protesting outside the police stations, other churches and any occult shop they can find. (Monty is planning on torching the Zither Boutique)
  4. Lulu publishes an article, she has some revealing comments, mentioning she was accused of witchcraft, though that wasn’t mentioned at all in the pamphlet. She doesn’t deny anything but does hint she knows who made the pamphlets.
  1. An unexpected advantage of the pamphlet is that Bitter Servant recruitment is up, however  most of the young people are joining out of selfish reasons, in order to work out their violent tendencies stirred up by the call to action, or those escaping the draft. Better to join an army with a profit!
    1. This has the huge disadvantage that most of the new kids are uncontrollable, expect to do little work, or start indulging in their personal vices.
    2. Some start terrorizing people on the street, they don’t even have to be members.
    3. Some start stirring up trouble with the police in the name of the gang or with the government.


  • While Leslie is locked up the Hound tries to kill them. It begins to materialize in the corner of the cell, slowly, blue light leaking out. If Leslie can get out of the room or find some way to curve the corners they can survive.
  • Agatha takes Ben to the Blackman to sign his book.
    • Agatha takes him to an alien library with alien readers. There he picks up the blue book that the creature sent to Benoit. There too in one of the dark stacks is the Black Man, a howling faceless creature with six legs, offers up the book for him to sign.
    • He is allowed free will in this “dream” but if he refuses to sign he’s abandoned there and he must go to the books for help. He must get an hard library use roll to find a book with a gate spell he can use. He appears again in a week just as the players arrive.
  • When the two Ben’s are confronted it tries to confuse them and failing that then runs for it running to his office, chased by Otto, barricading himself inside with the desk. Of course the creature can’t disappear if there’s an animal watching him, he strangles Otto and then vanishes.
    • The door will be barricaded by Ben’s desk and locked. The door can’t be bashed open but must be broken completely to get in. An ax, or similar item can be used to smash it open. It takes three strength rolls to make a hole big enough to get the door open.
    • They can hear Otto barking as other Ben moves the desk but then a yelp and a whine. He then chokes the dog to death. If any of the strength rolls are failed Otto is dead once they get in.
    • Otherwise the Other Ben is still strangling Otto, seeing that they’ve gotten inside he jumps through the window and tries to run.
  • Benoit is insane and is paranoid. The Forest starts to bleed into the real world. Any time he’s not with other party members things start to happen:
    • Toothed pixies swarm over a lamp post or devour a small dog in front of him.
    • Naiad’s splash in the stream or the river.
    • A doorway becomes the centaur lair.
    • The grey knight is walking down the street ignored by all.
    • A procession of satyrs playing flutes and dragging on more and more people, accompanied by worse monsters, shaggy clooties, legless haggard men, and a barely seen flapping thing all playing pipes and drums dancing on and on.
  • A young boy suddenly appears to hand Benoit the TPNC from Samantha’s apartment. (Point out a villain they’re chasing, tell them an important fact, etc.) He says that a man in a shop gave him a potion to make him smarter after he ran away from home after failing a test. He quaffs it as they watch and he is soon killed by the strong acid.
  • The people on Benoit’s lawn will love him even more, claiming the papers came from him.
  • Lulu will be trying to build her power quicker, going to protests and mind controlling several protestors to start riots.
  • The Catholics, Benoit’s people, North Side House Worshipers all start protesting outside the police stations, other churches and any occult shop they can find. (Monty is planning on torching the Zither Boutique)
  • Haruto is listening to the radio when Ben gets home one day. Except that it’s only playing static.
  • Lavinia asks Leslie to help her do a midnight ceremony to discover something about the power Aldrich says she’s imbued with.
  • Lulu sends in an article about the child killing cop from New York at large in Arkham. Everyone who knows Sam now hates him. (Isolate Investigator)
  • Someone tosses a brick through his office window with a note reading “CHILD KILLER.”
  • A group of thugs on the North Side start attacking cops and innocents claiming to be Bitter Servants.
  • A huge number of young men and women start showing up at the Tikal in order to join up with the Bitter Servants.
  • Bug man, man wearing hat and tie, holds out arms, bugs fly out of hat, shirt, sleeves, pants, always smiles.


Lavinia is the resurrected child, formed partly from Sam’s city magic and Atlach Nacha’s power she is the ultimate abomination. Aldrich had been teaching her how to use Aklo and other magic to converse with dark powers and she is starting to realize who her real parents are.

She has started to learn how to call spiders to her and use them as spies or soldiers for her use. At the same time knowing about the city has let her abuse that power, cutting into the flesh of the city to learn things about the city.

When she has learned more about her mother she starts to use spiders to torment people and consult the city, literally cutting furrows in it to learn about things.

The Ceremony

At midnight the ceremony begins. Three people must make a triangle and each must burn incense in a bowl in their hand. The most powerful third is an exhumed corpse. Standing on a high place (a roof will work) the three people must stand and chant until 13 minutes past midnight.

As it goes the scent starts sweet and biting but soon turns bitter burning the eyes and nostrils, it’s a struggle to hold the hot bowls steady and to not cry from the smoke.

A groan comes from the body and the mouth and eyes fly open belching smoke of an acrid blue color.

Then the person seeking knowledge must walk to the edge of the high place and converse with the things that come there.

The Things in the Air

A roiling mass of shadow, a faint sense of great flapping wings and great unthinkable weight and eight great burning eyes all moving separately around coalesce beyond the edge. Lavinia and the thing speak in Aklo.

San Loss (1D6/1D10)

Ink will say he can translate the conversation and extols Leslie’s bastard propensity to butting into a private conversation.

Lavinia asks the beast to tell her about herself. Who she is, where she really comes from.

It explains that the girl child is an abomination. Cast off by mother and father, ripped from home and denied love.

She’ll ask who her mother is.

It says her mother is the cold bite of the Plateau of Leng.

She’ll ask if her mother is alive, if she can meet her.

The thing says yes. But that she wouldn’t want to.

Lavinia denies it crying.

The thing insists, she is her mothers child, but she is also one from perverted origins, no one could love her.

Lavinia shouts in English: NO! I don’t care what you say! I’ll make her! I’ll make her!

The creature recedes like a fog to wherever it came. Lavinia turns, trying to stifle her tears

Samantha’s TPNC

The book has a lot more information on the witches than he had previously. Samantha used this book to track down the witches. Of note she mentions another woman who had done a similar task and had started her on that path, Interesse Anguis.

She figured out that the witches existed and their lineage from Interesse’s own notes which were buried with her body.

Samantha also mentions her one and only meeting with Pearl Face before her murder by Channel. She mentions that Pearl taught her a lot but that Pearl had left a spell in her home that would help teach more about the other witches.


Interesse knew a lot from her parents and had managed to track back many of their lineage. She had tracked Keziah’s line back to Lisbet and tracked Mary Ayer’s line as well.

She wasn’t sure why the Viking women had murdered their husbands when they returned but they did, she knows there was a lot of in fighting. She managed to connect the Cannibal story to one death and figured out that she was then killed by Mary who ruled as an Arkham matron for decades, being “resurrected” as her daughter whenever necessary.

She is buried in the Christchurch Cemetery in the Anguis Plot beside her parents. The Christchurch is well tended by Eugenia Salomon a batty middle aged lady who has taken it up as a hobby. She is keen to help fellow occult minded folks, quick to warn of ghosts, and often comments on the “power” of people. Her biggest fear is of grave robbers and for this purpose owns a guard dog named Faust and a shotgun named Mephistopheles. With these she patrols the graveyard all night with a lantern, perhaps accounting for her craziness during waking hours.

Pearl Face

Pearl left her house in the North Side, a small cottage to her family. Now a happy woman, her daughter, Oralee Face, has retired hoping her grandchildren visit. The only thing of note she knows was left by Pearl was a portrait, a portrait of a horrible looking white woman with a black slave. She hated the portrait, her mother used to say it reminded her of the hardships she had overcome, but it just made her daughter afraid. She sold it to the University and it now hangs in the Historical Museum.

The Portrait is of Mary Ayer and in the background her then slave Pearl Face. The portrait acts as a gate drawing a magician saying the right words, written on the table in the background, into her workshop where she was did her magic and divining.

Her workshop is an old kitchen, warm and humble, Pearl’s cabin before her slavery to Mary. There’s a man’s coat hanging on the peg next to a woman’s scarf. A metal oven still burns warm and snow falls outside the windows in the indistinct snowscape outside. If they do go outside there is a small garden growing herbs of all kinds. A washbasin is filled with a silver liquid and inside is Channel Delapore. The bowl can’t be picked up or spilled but can only be turned as if a strong magnet keeps it held in place.

When turned the bowl moves through time showing the life of the witch now known as Channel from the present all the way back to Greloo touching the stone in the forbidden glade.


A little mental predator that managed to get into Ben’s body and form a little homunculus. It has started to consume bits of Ben to grow to real size. It seeks to use Ben’s body and voice to spoil his life. It will start by calling people close to Ben and insulting them. Then it will start committing crimes making sure to leave plenty of evidence that Ben was involved if not the committer. At first there are no fingerprints.

Dodge: 90%

Other wise it will take on Ben’s stats:

Fighting: 50% 1D3+1D4

If it can get out of sight it vanishes without a trace. It can reappear elsewhere where it’s not being observed by any animal.

Invisible World Church

A pseudo catholic church who firmly believes that God has called on them to rid the world of witches. Their priest Rastapoupolos is doing it for the money, he’s using a hallucinogen that comes in special “pharaohs cigars” to bestow visions on his most devoted disciples.

The Church is split into four levels:


The normal church goers who have been drawn to the church. The attend Saturday’s and Sunday’s to hear “father” Rastapopoulos gives his sermons. Most find comfort that the evils they face in the world are the work of “witches” which they some day can defeat.

Most are devoted to becoming Brothers and Sisters by showing their devotion to the church, attending as many events as possible, once a Brother or Sister has seen their acts they made decide to enter a pilgrim into a raffle to be promoted.

Brothers & Sisters

Brothers and Sisters have been “chosen” by God to be his troops on Earth hunting out witches. They dress all in white with silver crosses and do God’s chosen work. Or in reality Rastapopoulos’s.

The Brothers and Sisters get sent out to protest or denounce people around town and to try to incite violent incidents. Once they’ve done enough Rastapopoulos promotes them to places of power over other Brothers and Sisters, despite the supposed “equality” within the group.

The Brothers and Sisters also attend special sermons on Fridays where Rastapopoulos burns incense that induces mild hallucination triggering the “visions” his church is growing famous for.

After being promoted Brothers and Sisters who donate large quantities of money to the church and into Rastapopoulos’s pockets he choses them to become “Visionaries.”


The Visionaries are Invisible World Church’s sponsors. Brothers and Sisters who have paid Rastapopoulos enough to be in his special sessions. These happen on Thursdays  and the Father gives everyone special cigars to invoke visions in his chosen few.

The Prophet

Rastapopoulos sits at the top of the stack.

The Church

The Invisible World Church is built like a fort, a large wall surrounds the very newly built building, originally planned to be a school but scooped up by Rastapopoulos when the construction failed. He spent every penny he had saved from his last scheme selling used  furniture in New York.

Inside the wall is one building, the entrance a small door on the side. The side doors are all kept locked and the handles removed. They can only be opened from the inside. The main entrance opens into a large hall, what was to be the cafeteria that is being used as the main chapel.

Mother Sluf Den

Clue: It’s living in the Train Tunnels

  • The neighbor hood just north of the river around Garrison street has less animals than it should. Most of the pigeons seem to be missing.
  • Trash around the neighbour hood are all inedible.
  • The spawn that the Mother Slug birthed is trying to coax dogs and such to its lair.
  • The Spawn are not very intelligent and can lead the investigators right to the Mother Slug.

The Mother Slug has dragged itself east to a tunnel under the Garrison Street Bridge. The tunnel is parallel to the train tracks under the bridge. The tunnel, originally designed for a parallel track, has been blocked on one end by a wooden plank and chain link fence. A track laying car has been left derelict in the tunnel after the project was canceled.

The rail yard is mostly inaccessible, a fence where ever the tracks aren’t walled in. The tracks, going under the streets in tunnels is the easiest way to get in.

The Mother Slug has made its nest in the tunnel dragging its smothered victims into the tunnel. Hair and small fragments of bone lead up to the tunnel. A lack of any animal life is also apparent around the tunnel. All the pigeons and stray cats having been eaten. Can’s and candy bar rappers have been licked clean in the vicinity.

In the nest are piles of the ill-born children of the Mother Slug, almost none of them surviving. A few squeak horribly, their organs malformed but shapely enough to work in a terrible survival. The young boy the Mother Slug ate has turned into spawn which brings it food.

When they discover it it’s eating a cat. It’s grasping it with one hand on its back. As the cat yowls and tries to scramble away the flabby thing pushes down sharply, breaking the cats spine with a sickening snap! The cat is still alive as the human faced slug thing puts the cat’s head in her mouth and bites down. Blood dribbles down her sunken chin, a long tongue extruding to suck every last drop up. She takes her time to suck out the insides of the cat before putting the furry mess into her mouth.

Mother Slug

Michalea has been transformed into a Mother Slug a hideous malformed creature. The top half has long arms and sad looking face. The rest of the body seems like a long distended slug like form with protruding breasts and a warty orifice at the end from which it gives birth.

Normally it tries to smother sleeping victims to devour completely.

If it must it will jump onto the back of a target and scratch and bite them. 1D6

HP: 15-4=11 11-8=3 3-5=-2


Fighting: 25% 1D3

HP: 10-5=5 5-1=4 4-2=2

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf Season 1

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 



Riley (Emmerson) tossed a tommy gun out the window and Malcolm thinks this could be a bad way to connect them to the crimes. Of course the police wouldn’t follow the clue since they already know Emmerson is there.


Ben has realized that all mental thought is Nyarlathotep. Of course if a god is your thoughts you can’t think about it or he’d know. And if he told anyone he would know. So he can’t let anyone figure it out.


Justine failed to get her man, besides the wounded men. Of course one of those men was Ben, and the other two were killed, but at least she got a couple of gangsters to hang up. The only victory is getting one gangster and Detective Herrick accidentally was killed in the shooting.  This leaves the DA without a man on the inside and will have to pressure Justine from without.


Justine will put Ben under watch. She is worried that he’s doing illegal stuff.



Quail Zither was shot dead. Clues point heavily to him eating humans and being the “Arkham Cannibal.”



Leslie goes back in time a year to save Ernest and maybe Henry. They live in Henry’s basement, considering whether to find someone to murder to replace Henry’s corpse. Leslie has been learning how to cook and how to use magic to summon mechanical things. They use magic to improve all of the electronics and to help bring in money and food without Henry knowing. And they’ve cut their hair to be really short (a number 3).


Leslie has lured a homeless person to the house and summoned a monster to butcher him in a blood circle. The body is similar to Henry, the corpse bathed and shaved before being killed, but Leslie had to use a blood circle to summon the creature safely. This is mostly hidden from people but the blood stain has left a slightly circular mark.



Throws the Plato gang’s bodies into the river.


The police have a couple of gangsters and have dredged up the Plato gang’s corpses and is on the hunt for Malcolm.



Silas has done the power ritual and will be holding the flanks as Aldrich attacks the pumps.


Threads & Goals



  • Scare players with a powerful villain and further warn them against Aldrich.
    • Hunt for Donovan
    • Mother Slug
  • Teach Benoit what powers he might be able to use.



  • Cut off water to city and give the players chances to slow down his plan.
  • Setting the fires giving the players a chance to fight Aldrich and discover that he has no magic
    •  So how did he revive Lavinia?
      • Leads to the reveal that Sam’s magic did it.
    • Where does the power of his immortality come from?
      • Atlach-Nacha reveal


Leslie and the Hound:

  • Get revenge on Leslie for refusing to help Aldrich and entrap them into aiding the LPC’s plot
    • Kill someone to get Leslie locked up in the asylum
    • Release Leslie with a catch – help them or ruin Dr. Middleton’s reputation
  • Put a limit on time travel
    • The hound wont kill Leslie straight away, instead it will be part of the risk that comes with trying to solve problems with time travel.


Benoit and the Dark Power

  • Lead Diana to have a witch cult
  • Hint at various mythic echoes in the forest
    • Elves
    • Silas’s attempt at power


Witch cult vs. witch cult vs. witch cult

  • All three witches have created posses of superstitious people
    • Catholic Anti Witches
      • Hunting witches and magic users
    • Diana’s Worshipers
      • Listening directly to Shub-Niggurath through Benoit
    • North Side Socialites
      • Fighting the North Side House Worshipers
  • Display the power of Nyarlathotep
    • All three are using Nyarly’s power to manipulate people


Bitter Servants Civil War

  • Let Malcolm defeat the Danger Dogs
  • Reveal that Philo and Tony are betraying him
    • Kill dog
    • Kill Emmerson
  • Have civil war happen
  • Have an excuse for Radcliffe to move bombs under city into ghoul tunnels
  • Let Malcolm defeat Philo and Tony
  • Have a second betrayal when Mallady decides to try to take out Radclffe
    • Malcolm can pick a side then. Psychopath or cultist?



  • Radcliffe wants a distraction as he sets up fires around town – he hopes to burn the ACC out of hiding.
    • He’ll also use the civil war to move bombs under the town as well.
  • Make Radcliffe a psychopath even as he technically is doing the right thing (fighting Nyarly)