The Ancient Language: Introduction

The Ancient Language is a basic (and I’m sure incomplete and imperfect) language made for a new¬†fantasy setting. Scenarios and setting notes for the world will be released at a later date. Look for Bridge of Brothers and other free scenarios soon!

Common Tales and Sayings of the Great Valley of Remas Asel

With Accompanying Lessons of Vocabulary and Grammar

By Renlaradel Borel Tarobel

I, Renlaradel Tarobel have traveled as far as the southernmost Islands and as North as the Badarel Del Somel. As brother to the Robel of Somalurala the greatest kingdom of the Great Valley, I have been chartered to document the language and sayings of the Great Valley. I have spent three years walking amongst the people of the Valley and recording their sayings and stories. May this work make me a Nuremel.

Here is the total of my work.