Dungeon Design: EAT3 Ogre Den

Ogre Den.png

1.A large cavern filled with stalagmites rising from the floor. The south and east sides of the cavern are choked with the stalagmites requiring anyone trying to get past them to squirm and wiggle past them. The east side opens into a tall chamber. The south side has a hidden passage that leads to a ledge in another cavern. The west side opens into another cave down a slope of loose rubble.

Ogres throw their kills up here, at least five partially eaten villagers, three horses, and two sheep lie rotting up here. A magical bow has been deposited here as well.

Special Rules:

Gas: The gas is a green substance that is heavier than air. It is poisonous to breath and fire will not burn in it. Gas masks and flashlights are necessary to travel through it.

Poison: reroll attack whenever not poisoned in a poisoned area.

Mushrooms: If the mushrooms are hit with enough force, say by an attack with a weapon or a firing dart trap they explode violently into spores. The spores then root themselves and will grow into giant mushrooms in the future. The explosion is dangerous enough to do damage.

Anyone with spores attached to them may find mushrooms growing on them if left in armor or touching skin for too long.

2.A huge cavern with an eastern slope of rubble that raises to another cave, to the south are two different huge passages. The western one leads outside into a steep valley. The eastern one opens into another large cave. Green mushrooms with red spots grow around the cave.

Two ogres sleep here. If a fight goes on too long a third ogre shows up from the exit. The chamber is filled with poisonous gas.

3.A large cavern with a small rim on the north side. The rim can be accessed by a small passage from a cavern above. There is a tiny cave in the rim with a goblin cache with several magical items.

An ogre shaman has an altar in this cave grown around with mushrooms. The room is filled with poisonous gas. The rim is just high enough to be outside the gas.

4.A long cavernous tunnel. Half way it intersects a dungeon cavern. The north side passage has a flight of stairs. The south passage ends in a “T” but both sides are filled in with fallen rubble. The tunnel connects to a large cave on the west end and the east end breaks into a dungeon passage.

The floor is curved inwards and several green red spotted mushrooms.


Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 17

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Things going on:

  1. Philo & Tony are attacking the Bitter Servants
  2. Channel is sending armies of mind controlled people to attack Diana.
  3. Justine is trying to keep the city from burning
  4. The city has locked itself off from the world. People can’t seem to leave they just start wandering around confused and find themselves reentering the town.

The Battle

At the beginning I will explain that I want to end the conflicts between the gangs and between Channel and Diana. I will explain


  • Channel has made sure to have mind control over the newspaper office now. They will pull out guns and shoot themselves next time Sam visits.
  • Fiona calls Sam to say that a human hand being eaten by worms appeared in the garden of the archive.
    • The hand is a flesh golem sent to spy on GPS and attack anyone who sees it. It will try to lure the person away and then try to strangle them.

Channel’s Portrait

Getting Channel’s Portrait will be challenging for several reasons.

  1. The campus is filled with mind controlled students and teachers. They rove around in groups of five chanting “We Love Channel” and will attack any GPS member on sight as long as Channel can spy. If they spot enemies they will start yelling to attract more groups. (There are 100 people on campus)

Brains: 10 Brawn: 50 Power: 10

HP: 10

Fighting 1D3

  1. The security guards in the museum have locked the place up and will shoot on sight.

Brains: 10 Brawn: 50 Power: 10

HP: 10

Pistol: 1D8

  1. Inside the painting is trapped so no one can teleport in and steal it without a huge magical backlash. If they try to use magic to move it a corpse leech drops on them. They are invisible to everyone but the target. If they are attacked they tighten around the person’s neck strangling them.  They can only be gotten rid of by returning them to Hangman’s Hill which they will explain if asked.

Gang War


Street Watch 3

  • Guys on the street keeping an eye on shops and other things

Upper Northside

Devon Halfway House (PnT 1)

  • Recruitment of out of luck types

Not really an interesting place for anything. Malcolm could target it to stop the recruitment of new thugs. Or maybe this is where some of the more magical gangsters have made their base.


Pier 16, 3

  • Storehouse

Philo & Tony might try to destroy the Pier, but unless something valuable is there they wont bother. Maybe a target for the wizard gangsters.

Fish Bar (PnT 3)

  • Meeting place for smugglers
  • Maxwell Hank

Max is running his own part of P&T’s rebellion hoping to carve out a place for himself as his  own operation.


Smith & Jones 4

  • Closed down restaurant
  • Back up meeting place
  • Weapon storehouse

Now that this is the base Philo & Tony will probably do a drive by but not worry too much about an outright attack until later.


Lower South Side

Roger & Sons Locksmiths (PnT 3)

  • Roger Loché
  • Lock picks, skeleton keys, etc.
  • Door installation

Philo & Tony have keys for every mob building in Arkham and plenty others besides! Malcolm may want to start changing the locks and killing Roger straight away!

University Hill

Curwen Lodge 3

  • Student housing
  • Recruitment of young ambitious types
  • Safe house
  • Drug and alcohol sales

A dramatic attack or a fire meant to distract Malcolm while attacking another target. Philo & Tony know the same thing worked before.

St. Mary’s Teaching Hospital 1

  • Laila Hardwick
  • Drug supply

Philo & Tony will probably try to turn this instead of break it.

Market District

ACC Ruins (PnT 1)

  • Easy to access private location to threaten or dispose of bodies

A good place for a lure and shootout!

Nighjacks Gentlemen’s Club (PnT 4) 3

  • High class club
  • Drug and alcohol sales

Another possible main base for P&T. An interesting place for a fight, a final confrontation. This is probably where Mallady will show up.

P&T’s Plan:

First they knock Malcolm out of the picture. Knowing that they won’t be able to find Radcliffe without taking out the majority of the Bitter Servants they know they need to attack hard.

They get the DDs to attack the Warren and then start hitting the other locations. They do a couple drive-bys to scare the Loyalists then use the Roger & Sons keys to sneak in and kill the remaining problems. They have found a couple magical people who they keep at the Devon Halfway House as wild cards that they quickly set lose to wreck havoc.

Friday Game Notes 17: Out of Eyeons

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

This short one shot was designed to be run before Flames Engulf.


Stuart Reynolds has hired four low level thugs from the Bitter Servants to steal a mummy from a traveling exhibit featured in the MU’s history gallery in 1938.  Stuart knows the mummy is the result of seeing Ghatanothoa and petrifying from the description in  his copy of the Nameless Cults. Stuart wants to remove the eyes and transfer the image onto a film producing a photograph of the creature.

Stuart Reynolds was a reporter who worked for the Boston Pillar and was enraged when the papers refused to report the truth after the events in 1932. At first he though all was lost, since both living mummies had been destroyed by the Cabot Museum. He quit the paper and exclusively studied the Black Book. He wrote often to occultists of note, including de Marigny, but soon was left without friends due to his insistence that more people reveal the truth.

In 1937 when the mummy was announced, discovered miraculously washed up intact on the shores of Chile he was dumb founded. He visited the exhibit once when it was Boston and confirmed his worst nightmares. The fright sent him into a catatonic state for two months. Finally waking he had new purpose. His very first act was to break into the Cabot museum and steal the two scrolls. He didn’t wish to protect the world, now he wanted to show them the truth! From late 1937 until 1938 when the exhibit moved to Arkham he created a complex projector to display the image on the mummies eyes, and is planning on showing it in the middle of Downtown Arkham. He isn’t sure which scroll is the one that keeps him safe so he keeps both nearby at all times.

In 1937 the Chilean museum where it was kept in La Serena had two unusual deaths, both were found dead and completely stiff.


Prof. Rice asks GPS to aid him finding out more about the mummy and why it has been stolen. He suggests looking into other mummies found in similar areas. It’s finals week at the MU and Prof. Rice’s first year in charge of the Library so he is too busy to do research himself, however he opens the library to their usage. He also mentions that two unusual men were seen visitig the mummy often, both men were Indonesian looking and looked at nothing else in the museum.

The Police suspect it was a gang operation and blame the Bitter Servants. Mama Warrell wants Malcolm to do his own digging and see if he can find out which lowlifes might be involved, before the police interrupt any more delicate matters.

The police have been hassling Bitter Servant members over a break in at the University. Mama Warrell want’s Malcolm to look into it before the cops disturb something more delicate.

  • One of the Mobsters who was pulled in for questioning, Dario, hangs out down the block. The police asked him a lot of questions about the robbery, if he knew of anyone asking about jobs – he wasn’t sure but thought there might have been someone asking around the Smoke and Handle about a job.
  • The Smoke and Handle is a dive bar run by Michaela, a rambunctious  brunette who has a thing for Malcolm. She remembers the man asking around quite well. He was a respectable and kind of smart looking, not the sort seen in the Smoke and Handle much. He was buying a lot of people drinks but Big Ben, one of the Bitter Servant’s larger members scared him off. Michaela heard him mutter something about heading down to George’s Café, a dive down the street.
  • George’s Café is owned by Tim Mahoney, a chubby red faced man in suspenders. He stays too drunk to remember any one passing through. But buying a drink of the two regulars Tiny and Large at the bar jogs some memories.
  • Tiny remembers the man coming in and asking about some pugs (thugs) and a driver. And Large remembers he ended up chatting to Timo and Becky in a corner. Another drink will remind him that Timo and Becky are a part of a small group who do petty crime and have a hangout in the Lower South Side. They pay their dues to the Bitter Servants, but are mostly independent. A third drink lets him recall that the hangout is a couple houses east of the Lock and Barrel gun store on College Street.

Asking around the docks

  • Maxwell Hank, a Bitter Servant member, heard about a young educated man bring a weird machine into Arkham. It wasn’t illegal, or something worth stealing, so Max didn’t pay much attention to it.


Prof. Rice comes to the GPS offices and asks Samuel for help on behalf of his friend Dr. Morgan. Dr. Morgan was helping out the MU Historical Gallery with a new exhibit, a Chilean mummy, but it was recently stolen. Dr. Morgan had heard a gun shot the night of the robbery and when trying to stop the robbers was hit over his head. He’s in the hospital for his trouble.

  • Three professors were working on the exhibit: Visiting professor Bruno Esmund was here from Chile to display the mummy around America, Dr. Ingolf and Dr. Morgan were both MU professors in the history department who were helping Prof. Esmund and running the MU Gallery
  • Prof. Esmund is staying at Dr. Ingolf’s house. Dr. Ingolf and his wife have one daughter, a 12 year old.

Both the Doctor and the Professor were not present at the gallery at the time. But both are very knowledgeable about the mummy. Prof. Esmund could tell them how it was found.

  • The mummy, nicknamed “the mermaid” was discovered washed up on the shore near La Serena Chile. It was miraculous that the mummy survived the ocean environment, but under inspection at the La Serena Archeological Museum the mummy showed no extensive damage. After a year of study the mummy was included in an American tour.
  • Dr. Ingolf remembers one other mummy of a similar look. One included in the mummy hall of the Cabot Museum in Boston. There was some problem some years ago that resulted in the mummy decomposing. He worries that the Mermaid Mummy may have the same problem while being away from the museum.
  • An April 5th copy of the Boston Pillar has a full page on their mummy including descriptions, photos, and images of the scrolls. It was written by Stuart Reynolds. It connected the mummy and scroll to several wilder books such as the Book of Ibon and the Necronomicon.
  • A November edition in The Occult Review has an article by the famous New Orleans mystic Etienne-Laurent de Marigny which connects the scroll’s characters to von Junzt’s Nameless Cults.
  • In September Boston papers published several reports of the mummy’s subtle change and deteriation. As well as some visitors noticing people acting strangely around it.

Guards and Attendants

  • Paul and Gary were present when the robbers broke in. Paul was knocked out as he walked around the outside of the Gallery. Paul was inside and saw the robbers coming, he managed to pull his gun before the thugs jumped him. He thinks he managed to shoot one, but the other hid him over the head and knocked him out.
  • Paul and Gary are both being questioned by the police.
  • Dwight was not on duty that night. But he does remember two strange figures who were spending a lot of time around the mummy. Both were emaciated looking men and looked “like those photos in the back” photos of Polynesian islanders.
  • Sidney and Rudolph don’t know anything about the robbery
  • Charlie does remember seeing an educated looking man who spent two or three evenings staring at the mummy. She also noticed that the man had spent a rather long time near the front doors as if examining he locks. Charlie meant to tell Dr. Ingolf but never did. She blames herself for the robbery.

Crime Scene

  • The gallery is closed for the time being. But Dr. Ingolf will let them in under recommendation from Dr. Morgan or Prof. Price.
  • Tire tracks have wrecked the lawn in front of the gallery. The marks look like a large car.
  • Four boot prints and prints of someone with nicer shoes are visible in the mud.
  • The front door of the gallery was not damaged, but it is clear the lock was picked. The glass case inside was smashed.
  • A bullet hole is in the wall of the middle room. Blood has dried on the floor in the middle room and it looks like who ever was wounded was taken out of the room by the front door again.

The Nameless Cults

  • The MU Library does have a copy of Nameless Cults, in the Dusseldorf original German version. Prof. Rice can translate if no one knows German.
  • Kindgom of K’naa where atop Mount Yaddith-Gho was a gigantic fortress of Cyclopean stone. Under which was the daemon god Ghatanothoa whom the entities from the stars worshipped.
  • The humans who lived in K’naa agreed that Ghatanothoa survived and that they must offer sacrifices to it to stop it from leaving. These victims were offered up on flaming altars in the marble temple near the mountain’s base, for none dared climb Yaddith-Gho’s basalt cliffs or draw near to the Cyclopean pre-human stronghold on its crest.
  • Seeing Ghatanothoa or a picture of Ghatanothoa meant paralysis and petrifaction of a singularly shocking sort, in which the victim was turned to stone and leather on the outside, while the brain within remained perpetually alive.
  • Eventually a high priest of Shub-Niggurath, T’yog dared consider climbing Yaddith-Gho. The gods Shub-Niggurath, Nug, and Yeb, as well as Yig the Serpent-god, were ready to help stop Ghatanothoa. He had been inspired in a dream to create a scroll written in Nacaal that would protect him from the sight of Ghatanothoa.
  • However his rival priests decided to betray him and secretly swapped the scroll. T’yog never returned from the mountain.
  • Long after the destruction of K’naa by a great storm people from those lands came together and started worshipping Ghatanothoa again in Mu and Atlantis

Looking up Stuart Reynolds

  • The Boston Pillar fired him in 1932 after trying to write several articles about the Cabot Museum “hiding” information from the public
  • A secretary at the Boston Pillar who had dated Stuart knows he stayed in Boston until very recently, but she hadn’t seen him since 1937.

Looking up the Cabot Museum

  • The curator Dr. Johnson, Wentworth Moore, taxidermist and Dr. William Minot who was connected with examining the mummy all died in 1933. – No one can describe what happened in 1932.
  • The museum also reports that “both scrolls” were stole in 1933 during a break in. The police were unable to make any arrests. – The investigators will probably not be aware that there were two scrolls, so they should be able to guess that one is the protection scroll and the other is the fake.

The Hideout

  • The machine is set up to create prints of an image in an eyeball. Three sheets of paper are missing from the packet next to it.
  • Stuart’s notes describe how the machine creates prints of images on an eyeball. Attached is a print of Stuart stabbing someone, as if from the first person.
  • Stuart, Caleb, Lew, and Timo are all lying on the ground with pictures of terror on their faces. They are stiff and their skin feels like that of a mummy. All four are slowly greying.
  • The machine is still set up with an eye ball encased in the machine. The mage has faded from it now and if anyone develops another sheet it comes out as a suggestive blur.
  • The hideout has been made completely dark with blankets under the doors and curtains pulled tight.
  • A black car is parked out front.
  • The two scrolls have been knocked to the ground behind a cabinet.
  • The investigators may wish to do an impromptu autopsy on the bodies. If they do… well there are horrific implications

The Revenge – Prof. Esmund

  • Dr. Middleton has been called to Dr. Ingolf’s house because Prof. Esmund has collapsed.
  • Prof. Esmund has been petrified just like the four men in the hideout.
  • He was alone in the study just after Dr. Ingolf brought him a letter. Dr. Ingolf remembers that Prof. Esmund remarked that none of his friends had his address to write to him there.
  • The envelope is on the desk in the study. It has Bruno Esmund written in bad hand writing on the front. There is no stamp and only a partial address.
  • Dr. Ingolf also remarks that Prof. Esmund had lit the fire, since the Massachusets summer wasn’t as warm as his native Chile.
  • A piece of paper has fallen into the fire place and is almost completely burnt up.

Revenge – Dr. Ingolf

  • His wife Maria was sitting in the upstairs window seat and saw him chatting with a large redheaded woman. She took an envelope out of her pocket and showed Dr. Ingolf at which time he collapsed.
  • Maria called the police quickly but the woman fled the scene.
  • Maria has been told by the police not to speak to anyone else about what she saw. However she told her 12 year old daughter Sarah everything before speaking with them. Sarah will chat with anyone her own age.

Revenge – Dr. Morgan

  • Dr. Morgan after hearing about the other attacks can suggest using himself as bait.
  • A maid complains he was knocked out and her uniform stolen.

Some ways to save Dr. Morgan

  • If they arrive as Becky is trying to show Dr. Morgan the picture switching off the lights will save him. She will try to shoot her way out of the room shortly after wards.
  • The doctors wont allow investigators to stay in the room personally. – Very dramatic if they are leaving the room just as a nurse comes into the room. As they leave the nurse who had her uniform stolen runs into the hall yelling that someone stole it.


  • The groups driver. He’s short and has a moustache like a brush.


  • A boxer and a bruiser. He ha a head like a cauliflower – carries a lead pipe


  • A skinny tall man, Lew is an half of an expert on locks.


  • A red head – rather butch and strong. She carries a 9mm


Paul, Gary, Dwight


Charlie, Sidney, Rudolph

Stuart Reynolds

Stuart wrote the sensational pieces connecting the mummy in the Cabot Museum back in 1932 to The Black Book. He was incensed about the lack of information after the deaths of the two men who broke in. He tried to get his paper the Boston Pillar to write publish several nasty pieces about the museum but instead was fired later that year.

Still taken up with the connections he had made about the mummy he tried writing to Etienne-Laurent de Marigny to get help revealing the cover up. De Marigny knowing as well as anyone that if the Cabot museum was hiding something about the deaths it was probably best kept hidden sent a polite refusal and never wrote again. Frantic Stuart broke into the Cabot Museum and stole the two Nacaal Scrolls. He continued tracking any news of strange mummies found in the Pacific or South America while working on a new device.

Not being present at the dissections of the mummy and the petrified robber Stuart didn’t know exactly what would happen. He wanted proof of the primeval being the mummies supposedly saw and so designed a complex device that would project light through an eye ball onto film in color. (Screw scientific accuracy here) He has a drawn schematic of the device and has tested it once. Taped on the schematic is a picture from the lens, a perfect image of Stuart killing his test subject.

Stuart doesn’t know which scroll will keep him from being petrified by the image of Ghatanothoa so keeps both nearby.

The Gallery

The mummy was installed in the MU’s Howard History Gallery in June 1938. Visiting professor Bruno Esmund is curating the exhibit on its way through American schools and is working with Dr. Ingolf  and Dr. Morgan in the history departments to study and display the mummy.

The Gallery has three guards, one an ex-police man, and three students who act as attendants during the day. The mummy was kept in the middle of the gallery hall flanked by Chilean artifacts. The gallery is split into three rooms, one devoted to the history of Arkham. The central room houses a portrait of Dr. Allan Halsey, a dean and medical doctor famous at the school and their exhibit space for the Chilean artifacts and mummy. The third room houses several plaster casts of Greek and Roman busts, several important paintings, and a small collection of stone tablets found in Greenland.

The Robbery

Stuart Reynolds arrived in Arkham at the beginning of the month from Boston and went to several dive bars on the North Side asking around for people who might help him in a robbery. He found a group of four mobsters (Timo, Caleb, Lew, and Becky ) who were willing to help out for good money and free drinks for a week or two. Stuart promised that the mummy would be worth thousands of dollars sold to the right people, the “right” people that he alone knew.

Stuart went to the museum on the 14th and 15th of June around the closing hour to see the mummy, something remarked on by Charlie, one of the attendants. Under the guise of admiring the mummy Stuart checked the locks on the museum doors, where the guards may be at night and so on.  Charlie thought to tell Dr. Ingolf but decided against it and now blames herself.

The night of the 17th Stuart returned with his little gang in a black car. They parked on the lawn outside, chewing up the grass in the process. Lew picked the lock while Becky and Caleb over powered the guards. Caleb was accidentally shot and Timo went back outside to start up the car incase someone had been alerted. In fact Dr. Morgan had and came outside just as the thieves were leaving.

Stuart directed them all to remove the mummy from the case by smashing the glass. They took it back to the car where Timo was waiting. Dr. Morgan spotted the car and started to run over and tried to grab the car but Becky hit him with her electric torch. They drove quickly off to the groups hideout in a small house in the Lower South Side.



After returning back Becky went to find a back door doctor to help Caleb. While she was away Stuart decided to make sure that the mummy was the real deal. With Timo, Caleb and Lew looking on he pried open the eye lids, forgetting his precious scrolls. All four of them were instantly mummified, still conscious.

Becky returned and horrified went a little mad. She searched for what might have killed her friends and discovered Stuart’s diagram of the machine. She realizes what has happened and decides it is the fault of the professors in charge of the mummy that her friends all died. She follows Stuart’s instructions and in complete darkness cuts out one of the mummy’s eyes and attaches it to the machine. She turns it on and creates three print outs of the image of Ghatanathoa. She is not completely spared as the light shines through the eye she gets a brief glimpse and her left hand is petrified, the petrification spreads slowly up her arm.

Game starts on a Saturday (June 18th) just after the robbery.

Curse of Ghatanothoa: Anyone in visual proximity to a perfect image of Ghatanothoa receives this curse.

In a few minutes, the victim’s flesh and sinews rapidly harden to the consistency of leather and bone. The brain and other internal organs remain fresh and alive in this hard, immobile case, aware yet unbearably imprisoned. Only the destruction of the brain can end the victim’s suffering. The blind, numb victim goes more and more insane until reaching permanent madness or the forgiving release of death.

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 16

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Sam sent hood ornaments to find Trevor.


Liam & the prostitutes of Allison’s are all arrested.

Silas’s house is going to explode in a day.  Diana has dealt with this.

Things going on:

  1. Philo & Tony set the Danger Dogs on the attack. Then go and take out Malcolm before starting off the gang war.
  2. Channel attacks Ben and steals Patricia’s sculptures to turn into a monster.
  3. Channel starts marching people around to kill Diana. Riots turn into battles.
  4. Silas sets his house up as a trap and with Lavinia start hiding out. He starts trying to find out how Lavinia can do City Magic and how he can use this to lure Arkham out and light it all on fire.
  5. Mallady arrives at the end of the session.

Some wild cards:

  1. Cohen – wants to kill GPS people. Esp. Daville, but would also be fine with getting revenge on Radcliffe


  • (If the Philo & Tony scene hasn’t happened) Cohen will kill Emmerson in front of Malcolm.  This begins his attack on the members of GPS.
  • If an NPC dies by beheading they get revived and become a headless teleporting goon. Using power magic they teleport to other magicians and follow them around. They have no head and can’t speak, eat, drink, hear, or see. They tend to crash into things. Trying to lose the goon results in it teleporting back to you. It has 30 hit points.
  • The Doctor who treated Leslie’s shoulder appears at Sans Souci and is eaten by a banjo playing monster wearing a cloak and with an upside down head. Arms shoot out of the cloak and grab the doctor and pull him inside.
  • Sam gets a visit from a Jerold Breckenridge claiming to have been sent by Sheri Christie, the mayor’s wife to get him to get proof that her husband is cheating on her. (Double agent)
  • One of the aunts is thinking about moving shop. If she does the other has a heart attack.
  • Donovan’s bodyguard walks in to the Grotto, neck at an angle with a bulbous growth sticking out of it. He’s holding a wooden box. It explodes. 5D6 damage to anyone in the room. 3D6 to anyone failing a Dex roll just out the door. 2D6 to anyone behind cover or passing their Dex rolls.

Friday Game Notes 16: Alternate Dimensions

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

When writing the finale of Flames Engulf one idea was to send the players to separate alternate versions of Arkham and let them run from one to the other. This was scrapped but what I wrote was interesting enough to end up here. They were intended to be run as a sequence of scenes in order as the PCs begin to jump to the next one along and joining their friends but I have dispensed with that organization.

What I am trying to Achieve:

  1. Nyarlathotep is manipulating everything. He is the incarnation of perverse suffering.
  2. Ptof. Rice is killing people or doing other bad things to get the ingredients for the ceremony.
  3. Silas and Lavinia are using city magic to torture Trevor and drag him to them.
  4. Cohen is chasing and trying to kill them.
  5. Patricia is mad and is haunted by Agatha
  6. Make them scary and deadly


  1. All the Trevors have a fish hook stuck in them somewhere and a long cord stretched out to where they need to be to progress to the next section.
  2. In reflections the PCs see Lavinia and Silas enacting the ceremony.


  • Starting immediately after last session: Sam is unconscious, Malcolm is at hospital, Ben is at Emmerson’s funeral, Leslie and Benoit are still on the roof with Sam.
  • Silas’s working takes effect and begins drawing Trevor to him:
    • The city starts swirling in a circle
    • The magic fountains start disgorging magic everywhere
    • A bright light blinds everyone

Arkham of the Abyss

Malcolm suddenly appears having fallen into the abyss and is about to drown when he is saved by his mother and introduced to a strange apocalyptic city.

  • In a huge crevasse the city is built in six tiers over an inky body of water.
  • Malcolm is a diver who is going to go diving tomorrow.


Ripped from the normal world and suddenly thrown into the abyss. He still has his wooden foot and other injuries. In is wearing an old tattered coat that has his protection sigils embroidered into it. He has several other things, a strange diamond shaped badge colored red, a ring with three keys on it, and a picture portrait of his uncle.

  • The red diamond badge allows him access to the bottom three layers of the CITY. He can get to the hospital and the police station as well as some lower shops. He is forbidden from the richer areas above.
  • The three keys. One is the key to the research station at the bottom of the CITY. Another opens his locker in the research station and the other his room in the research station.
  • The picture portrait is water stained.
  • In his locker is a wetsuit with his name on it. Next to it is a large harpoon gun. There is also a lunchbox with a half eaten and now moldy sandwich.
  • His room has a tiny cot and a pile of clothes on a chair. His dog Jasper, old and a bit mangy looking sleeps beside it and is excited to see him.

The Research Station

A small platform and thrown together building perched at the very lowest point of the CITY. Besides the personal rooms there is a large lab space with a hangar door opening onto the diving platform built out over the abyss below. A large metal diving suit and air pumps are stationed by a large hatch that open over the water.

Mama Warrel, two workers, Malcolm and Jasper all live in the building.

Mama Warrel

You are the head of a small four man research team at the bottom of the CITY.

The things you would be surprised Malcolm doesn’t know:

  • The CITY is a vertically built town of multiple tiers of buildings and walkways built where a continental plate split in half.
  • In 1928, the year now called year 0, GOD was woken by evil magicians and GOD left the world behind causing the cursing of the surface and the destruction of humanity. The CITY survived by building into the chasm over an abyss of water.
  • Sheriff Stanley has always been dubious about the research Mama’s team is doing and would like to stop it if possible.

Things that you are surprised Malcolm doesn’t know and have to tell him:

  • Malcolm is the head diver of the research team and in two days is going to dive down into the deep to discover the “savior” a mystical sea creature that is rumored to be able to save humanity.
  • There was an explosion from the lab and Malcolm must have fallen through the floor hatch and into the abyss. You assembled your  diving suit and went down to get him. He seems to be badly injured from the explosion and he should be taken to the doctor’s hospital on LEVEL RED.

Procedure for a dive:

  1. Diver is put in metal suit.
  2. Diver is hooked up to a harness and breathing tubes
  3. Two hired laborers work on air pumps that keep air flowing into the suit.
  4. The diver is lowered by crane through the hatch and into the water.
  5. If the diver is exploring the bottom they are lowered until the rope goes slack.
  6. The diver can be pulled up if they tug three times on the rope.
  7. If the diver wants more slack they can tug once on the rope.

The Doctor’s Office

Built for function and not comfort. The waiting room is filled with waiting mothers with screaming children, coughing people and a few frail elders. A couple of nurses usher patients in and out somehow doing their work amidst the chaos.

The examining rooms have a simple cot and a desk with various medical instruments. It takes a long time for the doctor to come and look at each patient but she does eventually. Once she has done a quick examination of whatever is wrong with them she tries to treat them straight away. She then lets them rest for 10 minutes or so before kicking them out to free the space.

The Doctor

The doctor checks Malcolm’s wounds and makes sure his foot (which the doctor thinks he lost when he was attacked by a shark) is feeling okay. The doctor is very busy and doesn’t have time to do anything but bandage Malcolm’s wounds and quickly kick him out of the much needed bed.

Things the Doctor lets on:

Malcolm’s foot was the result of a shark attack while he was swimming in the abyss.

The Sheriff isn’t happy with the research team especially after that racket of an explosion.

The Levels

The levels of the CITY go from Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Black is the poorest with mostly closed shops and poor shabby clothed people. The moisture from the water below makes the air thick and cloying and everything looks damp. The conditions improve until Red where most of the cities main shops and institutions are built including the Doctor’s office and the Police station. There’s also a bank and food stalls. Above that the layers are richer. Green has a series of artisanal shops and Blue and Yellow have large richly decorated houses nearly thee times as long as the small huts on Black and White levels.

  • The lower levels have more people
  • The higher levels have less
  • Red level has huge crowds trying to get food, shop, or go to work
  • Police spot Malcolm if he tries to climb a level

The Sheriff

You, Sheriff Stanley, have been in charge of the CITY since its founding. In year 0 GOD was woken by evil magicians and fled the planet destroying and cursing the surface. Now anyone who tries to climb to the surface is horribly cursed with sickness, hair loss, red sores and bloody vomit and quickly death.

Of course no one has been on the surface for 13 years since year 0 so you are not sure if the surface is still cursed. You suspect it is too dangerous to check and if anyone did it may doom the entire population f the CITY.

To keep the CITY alive you have made some difficult decisions. For one you carefully police who can go where to keep order. Each LEVEL has a color and only people with that color badge can visit that LEVEL and the LEVEL’s beneath. There are six levels with colors from the bottom up: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

You and your police force carry stun tubes that shoot an icy cold mist that paralyzes the target. If anyone is trespassing at the wrong level or is without their badge they are arrested and taken to the jail to be interrogated.

Recently Terrance, a dangerous inventor from LEVEL WHITE, was caught on LEVEL YELLOW trying to find a way to climb to the surface. He claims he has an invention that would let the CITY gain power from the sun. You have him locked in Cell 2. Cell 1 is open.

The Police Station

A small office with two cells built off of it. Office Montana sits at the front desk while the Sheriff and other officers patrol the CITY. Montana happily potters around getting coffee from an ancient coffee press and reading newspapers from the Old World at his desk with his feet up. Montana keeps the keys to the cells. Terrance is kept in Cell 2.


You are a young inventor on LEVEL WHITE and you have just broken the biggest mystery in your work. You think you have created a way to harvest power from the sun something that could save the CITY for good. However you were arrested by Sheriff Stanley for trespassing on LEVEL YELLOW. You suspect that the surface is not as dangerous as the Sheriff claims and feel like you must find a way up to investigate. You were arrested just as you found an old sealed door that may lead further up.

Malcolm can see that Terrance has a large fish hook attached to the inside of his cheek with a cord that leads out of the prison and upwards out of the city.

The Abyss

Malcolm is fitted with a large diving suit and hooked up to the pipes and dropped into the abyss. After what seems like an eternity he reaches the bottom.

  • Streets are churned up forming strange cliffs and ravines.
  • Buildings are at angles making hills pocked with chasms in the shape of windows and doors.
  • Strange fish swim back and forth, the feeling of being watched is always present and something seems to be stalking him.

His suit gives him 20 armor. However any impaling attack against him may sever his air tube or line. His move is reduced to 4.

Butwan Noire

Under the abyss is the ruins of Arkham carved into cyclopean ruins by the water and the disaster that struck it. Over the hills of rubble shines one light, the light from a small one story brick shop with an old sign encrusted with barnacles and the letters ACC just visible.

Inside is an old antiquary shop filled with old items, antique side tables, candle sticks, and a collection of portraits. Behind the long solid counter stands a tiny black man wearing an old fashioned three piece suit. This man is Butwan Noire.

Butwan Noire greets Malcolm by name and jokes that with the amount of danger he has been in he is surprised he didn’t end up in his shop earlier. He will answer questions but will respond badly to insults.

What Butwan will reveal:

That some great magical power has caused Malcolm and those with their fates entwined to be thrown into alternate versions of Arkham.

That Terrance is the connection between them all, the avatar of the city itself. In every one there is a force that represents the city itself.

Malcolm can escape this dimension by taking Terrance to where the line is pulling him.

He was behind the destruction of the world in this reality by giving the spell to wake Nodens, the entity the CITY refers to as GOD, to the wizards.

He is also to blame for ruining the real world by helping to push the witches to spread the rumors about the prophesy and in fact gave the idea to Huey in the first place when he accidentally visited his shop.

Once he has been angered or has grown tired of the game he reveals more:

He is the crawling chaos. (This is accompanied by the banging of millions of claws against the back wall of the office.

Butwan is just a lure within the shop and is connected by strands to something in the back shop.

He knocks the walls of the shop down to reveal the mass of limbs all curled together behind the shop. And he attacks.

Black Angler

A mass of limbs wrapped together with a huge angler like maw. It can swim quickly but is slower when on land.

Brawn: 400 Brains: 500 Pow: 500
HP: 70 MP: 100 Move: 16 (Swim) 10 (Land), Build 11

The Chase

Once The Angler reveals itself Malcolm will likely wish to run. (If he doesn’t he will probably just be killed instantly.)

The magics holding the shop together are dissolved, the walls collapse, the ceiling crumbles and water rushes in.

Outside Malcolm’s line has been tangled with some of the ruins. He must climb to the top and disentangle it. (He may cut it, but would have to ditch the diving suit (and deal with the change in pressure and such not to mention drowning on the way up).)

The ruins are an old office building that have broken apart to leave a significant overhang. The rope has caught at the narrowest part

The Arkham Ripper

You arrived in the CITY at the same time as Malcolm and sniffing out the scent of the working that caused you to show up here you began searching for someone who appeared to have lost their memory. You question a few people, before killing them, and are on Malcolm’s trail. After he has completed has dive you are going to strike. Kill a few police to show how dangerous you are. Then go after Malcolm in a chase. He’ll probably get away but you will be chasing him through dimensions after this.

Sam’s Nightmare

A padded cell that they haven’t had time to put a bed.

  • There is a small hole in between padding on the left wall that peaks into Patricia’s room.
  • A torn piece of padding at the back of the room reveals a photo of Sam’s wife and daughter hidden in the stuffing


Sam wakes up in a padded cell. He is wearing a patient’s uniform, a neutral grey shirt and pants with no belt. He has socks but no shoes.

When he meets Tyler he sees that the man has a large hook through his side with a long cord that leads out one of the windows and past the front gate.


You were travelling in Europe with your mother and your two eldest children. That’s all you recall before you awoke here. At least that’s what you tell yourself. That kind Doctor Rice keeps you medicated so you don’t have those nightmares anymore.

After much time you have collected enough art supplies in your cell to make the “weapon.” You don’t know what its for and you don’t really want to escape. Of course if you see anyone you think is evil you will kill them with it, and anyone who you don’t know is an enemy. Next door you’ve heard the big black man yelling and screaming a lot. He yells a lot about “Arkham.” You like that word and you like the big black man though the doctor’s say he’s dangerous. You figure you could kill him with the weapon if he attacked you.

It shouldn’t be hard for you to be convinced to escape with Sam and any of his friends. But you should resist for awhile. Make Sam work to convince your twisted mind that leaving the nice warm safety of the asylum is to your benefit.

Doctor’s Visit

Doctor Rice comes and visits Sam. He has his orderlies wait outside. He concludes by allowing Sam time in the community room during lunch. He informs him about the scheduled lobotomy tomorrow.

Doctor Rice

You woke up in an unfamiliar office. At first you were confused but soon those nice voices took over and you could just sleep walk around. They read the papers on the desk and realized you were “Doctor Rice” in charge of the third floor of the Danvers State Hospital an institute that takes care of the insane. Magic doesn’t seem to work here so the voices have to be more careful here.

First they spot a needed ingredient quickly the tongues of those traitors Philo and Tony. They are orderlies working underneath you. It wont be easy to get their tongues. If you can get Sam or someone else to beat them up maybe you could cut their tongues out then.

Sam’s file contains the following:

  1. Sam has been ranting about monsters, magic, and a city called Arkham since he killed two girls in New York.
  2. He is a violent patient who is kept sedated often and is scheduled for a lobotomy tomorrow.
  3. His wife and child moved to California and the wife has remarried.

You go to visit Sam in the morning.

  • Do not reveal that you are not really Doctor Rice.
  • No matter what Sam says or acts you decide he is safe to visit the community room for lunch.
  • You should remind him about the scheduled lobotomy.

The Community Room

Overlooked by a nurses station and kept under the watchful eyes of Philo & Tony about a dozen small chairs and tables clutter the small space. Some are arranged in a fan about a radio mounted to the wall others cluster around tables with half set up board games. Patients during the day mutter to themselves while mindlessly push pieces around the boards or clap in delight at the sounds coming from the radio.

Philo & Tony

You guys are orderlies under Doctor Rice on the third floor of Danvers Asylum. You always help Rice with the dangerous patients like Sam.

Sam has been in Danvers for awhile after he snapped on a police investigation in New York and shot up two kids. He was arrested and thrown in here pretty quickly. He’s kept pretty well sedated during the day and let out to mix a little with the patients but is locked in his cell the rest of the time. You’ve heard him ranting to the doctor about monsters, magic, and some city called Arkham before.

You probably take a little too much pleasure keeping Sam oppressed. A few unneeded elbows to the ribs might just happen sometimes.


You are an ancient trucker who was interred in Danvers after you accidentally killed a man during a hallucination filled drunken bender. You would like to leave the asylum to visit your daughter who you know lives in Boston not far from Danvers.

You mostly have trouble speaking and mumble most of your  words.

Inclusion of Character

After Malcolm has gotten out of the CITY he falls into the asylum. This lets him get his revenge on Philo & Tony. Meanwhile Doctor Rice is trying to find the moment he can cut their tongues out.

The Ripper

You appear soon after Malcolm and begin punching your way through the hospital. Now you can smell two of your prey. You should chase them from the building.

Getting Out:

Trevor has to be broken out of the asylum somehow. Patricia can help out by using her gun but she will kill anyone other than who she has randomly decided are her friends.

The War Comes to Arkham

Sans Souci

In the middle of a swath of destruction French Hill stands mostly intact.

The university has been bombed into ruins.

Smoke rises from downtown, fires still rage there.

The lower south side looks pitted and scarred, like bulldozers drove through the neighborhood ignoring streets.


Leslie comes to themselves near Sans Souci. However most of the city looks ruined. Leslie is wearing a dirty long jacket and boys clothes. Their hair is cut short but is long enough to keep on getting in their eyes. Blood trickles down their forehead and they have several burns on arms and legs. A tag tied around the wrist reads “Leslie Middleton, Sacramento”

Doctor Middleton

A member of the resistance and harboring Rosenberg in Sans Souci. He notices Leslie first and goes to talk to them. He reveals:

That America is in the process of invasion and Arkham is being occupied by the Nazis. He and Rosenberg are about to start a magical resistance against them.

In 1928 the occult selection of the Orne Library were released to the public and magic became common place. Sadly German spies also had access and soon the Third Reich had figured out how to summon monstrosities. When Hitler was magically replaced by a Nyarlathotep cultist it became even worse.

Leslie was supposed to have been sent to California but Middleton was worried about the Japanese monster attacks there.

Henry died in the initial invasion.


In the 20s the occult libraries were plundered by the nations of the world and their scientists and magic became common place. You and some companions in the 30s tried to track down the Sedfkar Simulacrum and destroy it but you were used and the statue was given to a dangerous sect of Nyarlathotep cultists. You were there when their leader using the power of the statue assassinated and replaced Hitler. It was easy for him to use the already hate filled Nazi party to start the worst war ever witnessed on Earth and soon you had fled to America. Trapped in Arkham as the German shoggoth mechs march their way across the East Coast you have gathered a few like minded magicians to lead a resistance to try to fight back.

You, Dr. Middleton and other resistance magicians are planning your counter attack. One of your traps near the house has turned up a shock laden civilian and you must decide what to do with him as well.

Sadly your plan is doomed to failure and the shoggoth mechs are about to attack your HQ, the old Sans Souci. You, Dr. Middleton and the other magicians do their best to defend the house.


You were once the young assistant to Dr. Armitage, the head of the Orne Library and you were there when he was killed by Wilbur Whately. You were there when Dr. Morgan took over and you were there when he was mauled to death by his own guard dogs. You were also there when Prof. Rice became the new head and you were there when the governments science officer shot him and took the entire occult selection. Before that you had been there when Prof. Rice tattooed the important parts of the Necronomicon on your back before he burnt it.

You haven’t really paid attention to what you’ve been doing since then. You have a vague idea that you need to get out of the city and that if the right person, someone in the west, can read the words on your back they could stop all this death. But then you fell into that hole and those men with guns came to look at you and hauled you to their house. You’re not sure that they will kill you or not.

Then you were there when that kid showed up in the house. You think they might be able to get you out of here. You should stick with them.

The Attack

After entering the house and speaking with their father and Rosenberg and meeting Tim a platoon of shoggoth mechs attack.

Shoggoth Mech

A nightmare of mythos monster and German engineering. The German magicians have added cabins on the top of the protoplasmic shoggoths. These are fitted with various limbs, weapons, and other devices for different purposes. The three attacking Sans Souci are fitted with two air cannons, and one set of grabbing arms. The air cannons shoot a blast of air shaped like a rune acting like a high powered magical cannon. The arms are used to rip the walls apart.

Rune Shoggoth Mech

A metal superstructure perched on a mass of black glossy matter that undulates and forms many legs, mouths and eyes. Painted with Nazi swastikas the metal structure is capped with a revolving turret with a wide but stubby barrel. Three pilots sit inside working the gun and controlling the shoggoth.

Arms Shoggoth Mech

A metal superstructure perched on a mass of black glossy matter that undulates and forms many legs, mouths and eyes. Painted with Nazi swastikas the metal structure holds up two long piston articulated arms. Three pilots sit inside working the arms and controlling the shoggoth.


The Streets

While Leslie is exiting the caverns and out onto the streets from a hole created by a large bomb blast she and Tim start to follow Tim’s hook and cord.

Encounter 1: At some point they discover a contingent of six Nazi soldiers going house to house pulling people and valuables out. Any one that resists is summarily shot. In charge the sixth soldier has a red lining to his uniform and a rune shaped pin in his hat. He has no gun but only a short dagger in his belt.


The wizard attacks by using his dagger to cut his hand and draw runes in the air with his (floating) blood. He is the officer and will order the soldiers to also attack while he is magically attacking. He will waste no magic defending the others.

Encounter 2: In a small clearing Emmerson and Justine have been strung up as warnings of German citizens who betrayed the Reich. Prof. Rice is there cutting their eyes out unsure which is the eldest.

Prof. Rice

After the asylum you find yourself in a bombed out city remarkably like Arkham. Even more remarkably you stumble upon the next ingredients you need, the first born’s eyes. It seems Dr. Vogel’s eldest children were examples to the people of Arkham. You can easily remove both pairs of eyes from the strung up corpses, you never could remember which of the two was the eldest.

Magic works perfectly well in this dimension and you will defend yourself from any misguided attempt to kill you.

If you are damaged in two rounds in a row the voices recede and you are left as the panic filled Prof. Rice who doesn’t know what is happening. The voices can try to regain control every round and have a 50% chance of success.

You concede a magical combat once you are out of magic points or are brought out of the control of the voices. Once the voices have regained control you may attack again assuming they haven’t incapacitated you otherwise.

Inclusion of Characters

Once Malcolm and Sam have gotten out of the asylum they appear in some ruins near Leslie close to where a shoggoth mech is wandering.


By taking Trevor out of the city to where the smoke doesn’t cover the sky they can leave and go to the next section.

Witches Dimension

A patchwork of dimensions dragged together by the power of the witches. This is not an alternate dimension but instead a midway point.

Object 1: A great telescope made of huge copper tubes that look into the eye hole of a giant skull. A wheel attached to a series of cogs focuses the image. When looking into the small view port the observer sees a small flock of many legged sheep.

Amidst plowed furrows of earth.

Object 2: A series of metal bands formed into semi circles all attached at opposite ends to make a rough spherical space in the center. Long strands of spell weave have been raggedly draped across the bands. If the bands are spun the strands began tying into a knot. The knot swirls and unties itself summoning infinite small bugs. The bugs do 1 damage every round and multiply by 1D6 every round. They each have 1 HP. The portal can be shut with a magical working.

Amidst marble floors broken up by wooden pillars charred to points.

Object 3: A large floating ball with three mouths painted on it. Each mouth has a tongue hanging out of it just out of reach by the tallest investigator. The mouths will answer any question posed to it but always answer with a lisp.

Floating over purple grasses.

Object 4: A huge mix of cogs that whir constantly. Occasionally a piston shoots out the top and a pipe disgorges a small prickly looking fruit. If it is not taken it is grabbed by a claw and returned into the machine. The fruit tastes very good.

At the top of a small hill.

Object 5: A long sleeping snuffling thing shaped a little like a buffalo and a little like a crocodile. It wakes only to a nice petting on the nose. It really likes spiky fruit which it uses its fractal tongues to eat. The tongues cost 1D6 sanity to see.

Sleeping on a pile of wedding rings.

Object 6: A bell shaped cage filled with purple monkey shaped creatures that lie dead all along the bottom of the cage. They smell like pumpkins.

In a long trench ten feet deep.

Object 7: A small raised platform with five twenty sided shapes each within the other but never crossing each other. If someone stands on the dais and speaks the name of any creature the creature is summoned inside the shapes and is bound there. Larger creatures may only appear in sections. San loss applies.

Object 8: A large brass bathtub with lion feet. The water inside instantly starts boiling if anyone gets inside doing 1D4 every round until they get out. The sides are very slippery and need a Dex roll to grab on.

Object 9: A tall ornate coat rack with many pegs at different angles all the way up its hundred meters or so. The bottom is three chicken feet splayed out evenly. Several coats are hung on it including one tattered cloak that is seventy meters long.

In the center of it all is Diana, having done away with Channel she is doing a ceremony where she is about to sacrifice a baby (Trevor). She knows a lot about what is going on and can help the PCs get out of the collapsing alternate dimensions that Silas’s magic is whirling up.

Channel’s Ant Altar

In the middle of a chunk of heath there is a small raised platform of dirt is topped with a see through green stone that throbs. The scrappy grey shrubs that live on the heath seem to keep their distance from this altar. On the altar is no statue, but a huge withered brown ant. The ant, while clearly dead, still bites whoever touches it, permanently grabbing on.

Once Channel enacted her sacrifices to the Black Man here. She approaches with a baby, singing hymns. She forced the baby to nod before the altar in a show of acceptance and then cut its throat letting the blood soak the green stone. The blood seemed to be absorbed and curious investigators will notice that red filled veins seem to fill the green stone. Once the baby has bled out she slashed its stomach and examined the organs for signs of the future. Most of this was then burnt on the altar. The burnt remains and the altar both give off a heady black smoke. Finally the thigh bones were wrapped in fat and left on the altar, Channel either ate or stuffed the rest.


You have completed the combination with Channel and feel vastly more powerful but you also feel the hatred that Shub-Niggurath spews into your head like so much vomit. You have retreated to the patchwork dimension that you and the other witches have constructed alongside Arkham. Strange devices, creatures, and spells take up squares of oddly matched terrain fitted together like a huge non Euclidean jigsaw puzzle.

Amidst it all you were about to sacrifice a small baby on Channel’s old Ant altar when Benoit appeared. Rather surprised you stopped and froze him on the spot. You can free him later. Then as you are about to restart the sacrifice more of Benoit’s companions appear. You sigh inwardly as you prepare to speak to them.

What you know:

They are caught in rather powerful magic being done by Silas and someone gifted in city magic. The spell is calling all of the alternate dimensions Arkham inhabits to collapse in on themselves. Meanwhile they pull the avatar of the City closer and closer to the center where Silas must plan to use it to destroy the city once and for all.

You can help send the investigators back to the right Arkham to deal with Silas. However the next dimension has already killed their Avatar. Instead you can magically get them back to the real world but they will have to find a way to make themselves stand out. Something of enough magical potential to change the world that they are obvious through the fabric of space.

They are shunted between dimensions whenever they help the avatar move to a predetermined spot. It is likely the hooks and lines they see are representative of this. (The baby has one such hook which leads to a door which stands alone in the border between two of the patchwork areas.)

Once they’ve been brought back to their Arkham they will have to fight Silas and whoever is with him.

You have “dealt” with Channel.

Things you know but wouldn’t reveal:

If Silas is doing such powerful magic Agatha will surely have been stirred up. If you can get the avatar while the investigators are distracting Silas you should be able to go and start fighting her.


After conversing with Diana they know that the baby is one of the Trevor’s and the line leads to a door. Once they take him through it they come out into the next area.

Nyarlathotep has Already Won

The next dimension is then where Nyarlathotep has simply taken over. Of course this was always possible but he has found it is more fun to keep false hope in humanity.

Encounter 2: Several buildings have been gutted and in the space inside a huge grey stone statue of a elephant headed humanoid figure sits cross legged with hands out like a huge alien Buddha. When approaching the idol every character gains a random effect:

Encounter 3: A long street of rickety shops and stalls. Satyrs and large pulpy frog like creatures swap human teeth to buy various goods; human torsos, strange triangular books, and devices made of plants and gold swap tentacle to hand. In several more normal looking streets semi-humans scuttle between doorways. There is a trumpeting further down the street and people start scampering inside. A few remain outside looking terrified. A parade of the Brood of Eihort and Eihort itself. The huge many legged mass shambles along. It is adorned with rich fabric and gold bells. The other people on the street seem to panic and try to get into any of the houses on the street right up until they are swept up by the parade.

People of various sorts accompany the large creature all seem to dance a little to the rhythm of the bells. If any investigator gets close to these people the dancers try to grab them and spew tiny brood of Eihort at them. If any get in their mouth the brood start breeding in them and they are taken over after 1 round. A failed Con roll is needed to force them to throw up.

Encounter 4: A massive temple has been constructed over top of the railroad with a huge central dome and three large towers around it. Inside the writing and symbols of several religions are inscribed side by side and over each other while the railroad clock still perches out of place in the center of it all. A small shrine inside features the words in many different languages “The head of Saint Armitage lies within.” Many people peer through he stained glass but the door remains completely locked.

Encounter 5: Along the steps of the ziggurat pours floods of gore. The higher up steps suddenly open up revealing massive machines where tentacle headed monstrosities toss human sacrifices. With each corpse the cogs speed up. Gore is flung out of pipes and cascades down the stone slabs. Cowering near one are Philo and Tony unhinged once their boss went nuts. They had thought that Mallady was like them, but once all this happened he switched to being a nut worshipper of Nyarlathotep.

  • The ziggurat is actually made up of a huge humanoid corpse filled in with rubble and carved into arcane friezes. The body was once the avatar. At the top Nyarly sits on a black throne and laughs.


You are Nyarlathotep’s human liaison and a loyal worshipper. You had helmed Nyarlathotep’s human meat industry back in the 1920s and you were there when Radcliffe betrayed your master in the name of “humanity!” That idiot never realized the wonders of the Black Man, the Crawling Chaos, the GOD! The Crawling Chaos is the force behind all misfortune, behind each decision and accident that pushes each person to do the worst, to hurt others and to be hurt by others. He is like a child throwing the chess pieces into the fire one by one, each tragic story culminating in ruin. The Crawling Chaos isn’t just the god of misfortune he IS misfortune itself! He is the causality behind the universe, no human would exist without him, and the world would be blank and featureless without him. And he does it all because it entertains him, he creates each character and sets them up to fall. AND IT IS WONDERFUL! He is true power, true godhood! There is nothing but him and there is nothing to worship but him!

Nyarlathotep took over the world as he rightly should around 1925 when his  cults came together to open a rift in the skies above the Earth. With the universe itself ruptured Nyarlathotep covered the planet with everlasting night and his children the Elder Gods came down and joined him, they taught humanity the joys of killing and dancing and dying, no right and wrong, simply existence and death. You grovel at his feet as the creatures throw the bodies into the engines fueling the Magics.

But that Radcliffe keeps on annoying you. He keeps on showing up with that gun of his! The gal of that one, using a gift given to him by Nyarlathotep himself. It is time you ended him.


Once they have made their mark they feel hands grab them from behind and yank them backwards into space. They fall to the ground and land on rough concrete. Around them they see buildings swirl in a circle. They seem to be standing in the middle of Arkham. They are lying on a ring of a reservoir filled with swirling water of an unusual color. Silas, transformed into a horned monstrosity and Lavinia, in her lacy dress stand together by the edge and next to them Trevor stands wrapped over and over with chains that exude the stench of bad magic. He writhes in pain and is clearly unable to do anything, speak, move, or free himself.

Silas is standing with a staff carved with sick crawling symbols. His arms are outthrust facing the water screaming rough magic words. The water swirls more and more in front of him and the city in turn spins faster and faster about the reservoir. He turns dramatically and sees the party. He glares and sneers! He waves the stick in a circle and suddenly the party feels the reservoir move. The concrete underneath them never moving slides them further and further away from the magicians.

The spell is a simple misdirect and each round the players can make a Pow roll aided by everyone in the party (double for Sam) and overcome part of it. They need at least 4 successes to get close enough to do anything to Silas and Lavinia. Teleportation counts as double the success but Silas gets a free attack.

Lavinia crouches near the ground sawing at the concrete with a knife. From the spot blood leaks. Each time she stabs Trevor convulses and screams. Each time she does this a building explodes into dust in the swirling maelstrom outside the area. She does this once per round.

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 15

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Ben has bought a flute from the ACC and agreed to deliver an amulet to an unrecognized address.

Leslie gives Sans Souci address to a suspicious doctor who treated their shoulder wound.

Silas’s house is going to explode in a day.

Channel plans on mind controlling Addison to kill Sloane. Teach Diana that order never prevails. She could have Addison kill herself too, or frame Sam.

Things going on:

Diana’s Plan

Channel’s Portrait is a source of her spying power.

  • Stealing it will help them stop her watching them.
  • Channel has it well protected and will be summoned as soon as they touch the portrait.
  • The portrait itself is a puzzle in it’s own right that will need to be solved.
  • Channel, knowing that the portrait is a weak point that would cut her off from her spies decides to protect it for now waiting to retrieve it. She sets a magical trap around the museum and mind controls all of the guards.
    • She has create a series of magical trip wires around the museum that will trigger if any magic user breaks it. A power magician looking for it can see it as a faint glow and a spot hidden will identify it as a trip wire. They can disarm it with a working.
    • The trip wire triggers the guards who will try to shoot any intruder and to stop anyone with as much physical force as possible. It also informs her that someone is trying to steal it.
    • The painting itself has been set with ribbons tied behind it that will trigger if anyone tries to touch it. The painting will expel a huge amount of energy doing 5D6 power damage to the thief as well as 2D6 San damage. The San damage can be avoided with a Hard Pow Roll. The explosion closes any gates in the area.
    • Besides the magical defenses the museum has the normal physical defenses, the doors are kept locked (Channel has compelled them to keep it shut up 24 hours and the guards refuse to unlock it) and barred. Two guards remain outside while the third patrols around the outside with a dog.
    • The trip wire also triggers the summoning of a Leech Corpse, a blackened dead body that drapes itself over the target. It does not act alive but will tighten and start to crush the victim if it is harmed or yanked at. It must be taken to the place it was buried on Hang Man’s Hill.

It would be prudent to separate Silas, Aldrich and Channel somehow, either by distracting the other two or killing them.

  • Channel will go to Silas or Aldrich’s aid if either are in danger.
  • Silas will go to Channel if she wants for help.

Channel has mind control powers that are very dangerous a counter spell needs to be designed.

  • They need to find someone who has been mind controlled and figure out how.
  • Once they know how the spell is done they can figure out the easiest way to counter it.

(Only if someone mentions shooting her)

Channel may be well prepared for a magical attack but wont necessarily think of a long range physical attack.

  • She would be able to prevent anyone obviously aiming at her from hitting her, but a hidden sniper might do the trick.

Channel’s Plan

Channel puts everyone under surveillance putting power spies to work.

  • These appear as fluttering crackling but completely silent black masses about a foot in diameter all round. They hide in the shadows and are only visible to someone who has Power Magic. (Spot Hidden from Leslie) They can fly from shadow to shadow and extend backwards into hyperspace. Channel has attached these to her using brain magic so each has a brain signature as well and appear in the brain space. A brain wizard can spot these as lines.
  • They may be destroyed manually but Channel can make these so long as her scrying powers are maintained.
  • The surveillance causes glass to break near the person being watched.

Knowing that Diana is threatening her she also begins collecting Pow from people.

  • She has all the people in her neighborhood start rounding up their own children and babies and bringing them to her house.
  • She is happy to mind control the cops in her neighborhood using them as perfect armed guards.

Channel wants to kill Diana before her followers grow too powerful.

  • She goes to the university dorms and mind controls as many people as she can. She has them attack Diana when she lectures. They all chant “We Love Channel” as they attempt to rend her limb from limb.
  • Channel plans on mind controlling Addison to kill Sloane. Teach Diana that order never prevails. She could have Addison kill herself too, or frame Sam.

She goes to GPS and mind controls Huey to do her bidding.

Silas and Aldrich’s Plan

  1. Silas goes ahead with one of Deborah’s plans and sends Jerod Brekenridge to ask Sam to tail Cedric Christie on the behalf of Christie’s wife. His wife wants pictures of her husband cheating so she can get divorce papers signed as quickly as possible.
  • They hope this will distract him.
  • Cedric is cheating on his wife with Sloane Foster a teacher at Summanus. However Sloane is also a newly inducted witch in Diana’s new coven. Accordingly she has a basic matter swipe attack (50% 1D8 + on 1 or 2 damage a poison is injected causing a lasting illness)
  1. Silas meets Aldrich in Independence Square each day carefully using invisibility to appear nearby.
  1. Washington and Lincoln have been given sawn offs to defend Aldrich while he turns off the North Side Pump.

To keep Aldrich safe they are travelling around the city in the van which is constantly in motion. The only time it stops is when Aldrich needs to meet with Silas, go to a pump house, or buy supplies.

  1. Aldrich’s next move is to go to the Reservoir and blow up the pump there. Silas and the President’s will accompany him.
  • Silas will use a spell in the Necronomicon to summon a cthonian like monster to suck the water out of the reservoir.
  1. Silas may also want more power and go to the coma ward.
  • The colour out of space there has almost completely sapped power from the patients, if it senses someone of such great pow as any of the magicians in this game it will attack violently.
  1. Silas has the body of the body guard who was hired by Donovan. And he thinks it’s a perfect way to take care of his problems. He attaches a few organs so he can control the body, and gives it a box with a large bomb and walks it into the Grotto.


Silas also wants to give Benoit the chance. (Plus a nice dramatic twist on Diana’s offer to help) He goes in offers to let Benoit have ultimate power and aid the Alchemists in destroying the city. “Luke I am your father, together we can rule the empire, etc.”

  1. Silas heads back to the Downtown pump house and lays an ambush

Justine’s Plan

Justine has decided the city needs to be locked down and she does so with great prejudice, posting a pair of police men on every street corner. Now whenever a crime is committed a police man will call for back up at hasty phone booths erected on each street and then goes to investigate.

  • This has the effect to quell some of the people, but in other neighborhoods it soon becomes  blood bath with barricades put up.


  • The next downtown location they visit a riot is taking place outside.
  • The next North Side location they visit fake Bitter Servant thugs attack people.
    • Brawn: 60, Brains: 10, Pow: 10 Hp: 10
  • Channel has kidnapped (and controlled) Huey. She is holdig him in her house and the scroll is gone. (He may have hidden it, has it on him, or she has stolen it.
  • Ink wants to talk to Leslie about Lavinia and what they are going to do next.
    • He explains that he thinks Lavinia is a homunculus and not any avatar of Nyarly like Aldrich thinks.
    • He expects that some major power must have made it happen because it doesn’t seem like Aldrich is powerful enough.
    • He also asks what Leslie is going to do about the scrolls and if they should start working out what the scrolls need.
      • He discusses the ear, mentions subtly that Prof. Rice hasn’t been around for awhile.
      • He wonders what the heart could be, what is the heart of a city?
      • He wonders who the traitors might be and who they will betray.
      • How do you capture the eyes of a firstborn forever?
      • What is a part of Nyarly anyways?
  • When Leslie returns to Sans Souci Ink notices the power flowing from the hill. He offers to “widen Leslie’s eyes” so they can see too. He warns that other sorcerers wanting a top off and monsters wanting to feed might show up.
    • Henry has aged immensely from being on top of the power explosion.
    • Some monsters now are around French and Hangman’s Hill.
      • Stilt creature
      • Banjo monster wearing cloak and head upside down
  • Lavinia tells Leslie that she can’t go with them because Aldrich wants to take her away for awhile.
  • The Doctor who treated Leslie’s shoulder appears at Sans Souci and is eaten by a banjo playing monster wearing a cloak and with an upside down head. Arms shoot out of the cloak and grab the doctor and pull him inside.
  • Mitsuko comes home at night and Patricia accidentally murders her.
  • A letter from Mitsuko comes from New York asking Ben for patience and for the name of any friends
  • Sam gets a visit from a Jerold Breckenridge claiming to have been sent by Sheri Christie, the mayor’s wife to get him to get proof that her husband is cheating on her. (Double agent)
  • One of the aunts is thinking about moving shop. If she does the other has a heart attack.
  • Channel has made sure to have mind control over the newspaper office now. They will pull out guns and shoot themselves next time Sam visits.
  • Benoit is insane and is paranoid. The Forest starts to bleed into the real world. Any time he’s not with other party members things start to happen:
    • A doorway becomes the centaur lair.
    • The grey knight is walking down the street ignored by all.
    • A procession of satyrs playing flutes and dragging on more and more people, accompanied by worse monsters, shaggy clooties, legless haggard men, and a barely seen flapping thing all playing pipes and drums dancing on and on.
  • Donovan’s bodyguard walks in to the Grotto, neck at an angle with a bulbous growth sticking out of it. He’s holding a wooden box. It explodes. 5D6 damage to anyone in the room. 3D6 to anyone failing a Dex roll just out the door. 2D6 to anyone behind cover or passing their Dex rolls.
    • This is when Silas calls the grotto and offers to take Benoit on his side.
  • Get Liam to go drinking and then is arrested by the police and questioned by Justine. Philo and Tony probably engineer this.
  • Police are on every street corner and have been given Malcolm and Liam’s descriptions.
  • Radcliffe is informed by Philo & Tony that there is a police spy within the mob. The police know that the mob is trying to go underground and is waiting to arrest Malcolm and Liam.
    • If Philo or Tony are accused they insist on their innocence based on them telling Radcliffe in the first place.
    • If Malcolm gets close to fingering Emmerson Officer Drake will give herself up.
  • One of Channel’s semi invisible spies is following a parties member while they’re clue finding.
  • Benoit is insane and is paranoid. The Forest starts to bleed into the real world. Any time he’s not with other party members things start to happen:
    • A doorway becomes the centaur lair.
    • The grey knight is walking down the street ignored by all.
    • A procession of satyrs playing flutes and dragging on more and more people, accompanied by worse monsters, shaggy clooties, legless haggard men, and a barely seen flapping thing all playing pipes and drums dancing on and on.

Only when Ben has given Cohen the amulet

  • Fiona calls Sam to say that a human hand being eaten by worms appeared in the garden of the archive.
    • The hand is a flesh golem sent to spy on GPS and attack anyone who sees it. It will try to lure the person away and then try to strangle them.

Ben’s Favor

The amulet is actually a book inscribed on a sapphire like the one supposedly given to Noah containing heavenly knowledge of astrology. The address he has been given is that of Cohen and it contains the spell that will release him from Radcliffe’s control.

Once Ban has handed over the amulet Cohen is pleased and thanks him, promising to kill him last. He immediately sends his flesh golems to stalk Daville.

Cohen plans on murdering his way up GPS starting at their contacts.

Ben’s Flute

A sliver flute with gold detail. The flute has two purposes, it can cure sanity or it can drive a person to suicide (including the player).

The flute is unusual in two ways, first of all it has 29 keys, far more than the usual 16. Second the gold detail turns slowly to black while playing and fades back to gold once the player stops. There are two “heads” one that is played like a classical western flute, blowing over the head piece, or more like a recorder with a narrow head that is blown down.

The flute can be played as a normal if still powerfully beautiful instrument with either head by using the normal 16 keys. If the recorder head is used a Sanity roll must be made to resist playing the extra keys.

If the western head is used and all 29 keys are played the flute plays magical and almost non earthly music. Those hearing can’t help but be moved to tears by the notes. Each minute or round played it heals 1D3 sanity back. Anyone with outstanding mental trauma are compelled to dance, swaying around they relive the trauma and begin to heal from it. They dance for the length of the song. However if the music stops while they are dancing they immediately collapse from the great mental strain and incur 1D20 san loss.

If the recorder head is used and all 29 keys are played the musician can tell the song they play slowly builds and builds to the 11th stanza. Everyone around begins to dance uncontrollably, a traumatic experience. They lose 1D6 sanity. If the musician plays to the 11th stanza and fails a Pow roll the flute begins the final stanza and the flutist can’t put it down. They begin to see visions of a great burning light in their mind. Everyone dancing lose 1D20 health and the flutist if failing a sanity roll loses 2D10 sanity. The musician must also make a Con roll or lose 10% in any skill related to sight. The bright light in their eyes burned their retinas and they have begun going blind.

If played in magical combat it can confuse a villain and give them a flat -10% to their pow rolls, or give a flat +20% to any ally’s pow roll.

Ben upon picking up the flute finds that he knows how to put it together and play it at a professional level. (70% in flute) The flute never needs cleaning, needs new parts. Even the spit valve never needs emptying.

Channel Delapore

Channel knows that the investigators are coming for them. She hopes to get to them first, getting to their family members to tie ribbons to their brains and controlling them. If she’s spotted hypnotizing them she’ll make the investigator see ultraviolet revealing destructive monsters that will hunt the investigators until she escapes.

Ultraviolet Monsters

Fighting: 75% 1D10+2 The attacks remove flesh from existence letting the organs or muscles underneath explode outwards. A CON roll is needed to not go into shock from the sudden damage. Dodging will be the only way to escape a successful attack, any strikes fighting back will simply pass through the creature. If the target closes their eyes the creature can’t attack them.

Channel (Mind & Power)

Channel’s main source of magic is her hypnosis where she ties ribbons to their brains.

Her other power is to be able to pull herself into hyperspace so only a cracked fluttering thing is visible, having always been bad at hyperspace she can’t go into it more than that.  However learning to be stealthy from her memories as Kree-kolen-ben she uses this to her advantage to hide in dark corners or observe people.

Attacks: Tying knots in her ribbon she either blasts people with power with high velocity winds, or rakes at people’s minds telepathically causing excruciating pain. She only spends  2 or 3 magic points per attack as she prefers magical effects than killing.

Defenses: Ribbons as shields, balls of protection. Her actions are lightening fast deflecting attacks with a flick of wide ribbons of orange and red.

Effects: Once she has dominated a victim she chains them to her will tying ribbons around their brain effectively mind controlling them.

If she doesn’t have time she will quickly force them to see the ultraviolet spectrum and the monsters there.

Silas’s Ambush

Silas has gone to the Downtown pump. First of all he sealed the street entrance with matter magic. He trapped all the orifices with teeth so they will obviously bite anyone going that way and the gate hinges have been fused together. An explosion might still break it down.

The orifice has eyes and a voice box attached next to it. It tells people that they can’t get to the pump this way or it will have to kill them. That they can still get inside the pump by asking at the front desk.

Built amongst the now highest buildings of the Arkham downtown the  pump house has been integrated into the base of a large office building The Anzac. The Anzac, a masterpiece in Art Deco in white stone towers in between two shorter edifices. The pump can be accessed from the street or the building. A steel gate and a steel door block entrance from the street. Both have well rusted padlocks as if no one has entered the pump room from this way in a long time. Back corridors lead in a labyrinth from behind the store rooms of the building to a wooden door with a bolt locked from the outside, as if something will try to escape from the pump room.

Silas also went into the Anzac lobby and back rooms and flexed his new magical muscles. He slaughtered everyone inside and used them, animal parts, and planks of wood to make a parody of the staff and visitors that will attack anyone going to fix the pump.

The Lobby

The lobby seems normal enough, inside are:

  • A woman wearing a yellow dress and old fashioned bonnet.
  • A pram with a crying baby being tended by a man in bell boy outfit.
  • A pair of twins working the desk.
  • A family of five, husband, wife, and three kids sitting at one of the tables.
  • Three office workers.

Silas hid the rest of the bodies above the lobby hanging by ropes. The blood has been cleaned up wherever he expects it to be seen from the street, so the Lobby floor in front of the desks is clean.

They first notice a normal lobby, people talking, the baby crying some office workers waiting for the elevator.

Then they notice that the woman in the dress has bunny ears.

Then they notice the baby is actually conjoined squirrels.

Then they notice that there is blood splattered behind the front desk and on the backs of the chairs not facing the windows and that there is blood dripping from the ceiling.

They see the bodies hanging there.

By now they should be in the middle of the room. The creatures wont attack unless they try to get to the pump room.

The lobby is laid out long ways. The desk and booths with tables run parallel away from the entrance. At the far end is a line of three elevators and on one side are the stairs and the other an alcove with a door with “Employees Only” hung on it.

The Constructs

Rabbit Woman – A woman wearing a frilly white dress. Her body is made of planks of wood nailed loosely together with a rabbit’s head and organs melded on to it.

  • The Rabbit ears poke out of her old fashioned bonnet.
  • She doesn’t have hands, one she keeps in her purse, the  other is simply the end of a plank of wood.
  • She attacks with a machine like gun that fires spinning projectiles that attach to the target.
  • Her bunny muscles have been grafted to the wood making her legs spring like limbs letting her jump high in the air.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 30 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Automatic Seed Gun – 3 bullets/volley. Always fires 3 volleys, 30%/30%+pen die/30%+2pen die    2D6 damage – the bullets burrow into the flesh, doing a further 1 pt. damage when removed.

Arm clubs – 1D4+2 (only if seed gun damaged) (+1D6 when on fire)

Conjoined Squirrel – In a pram is a conjoined squirrel, two squirrels joined at the torso. Its two heads and six limbs all swaddled in a little baby jumper. There is no mother pushing it.

  • The wailing sounds just like a human baby.
  • The thing has two horrified looking squirrel heads sticking out of the jumper as well as six limbs, four on one side, two on the other, and a tail.
  • The squirrel will scamper away when the fighting starts and will climb up the wall (Hard Spot Hidden to see it)
  • It then will drop on combatants and will latch on with all six limbs and try to maul them to death.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 75 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Bites – two attacks per round – 1D3 damage  (+1D6 when on fire)

The Twins – These two look identical. They have unmoving human faces and they seem weirdly proportioned, their arms too low and too short. They are plank people with fox heads, the human decoy heads above them. They are a head shorter than they look in disguise and are in fact about children height.

  • Their lips nor eyes move at all.
  • Their arms seem to be attached at where their ribs should be.
  • They are quick and nimble with fox muscles. They’ll scamper around on all fours.
  • They attack with their fox teeth, though their jaws don’t work so they’ll saw at their victim.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 45 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Sawing Teeth – 1D4+2 (+1D6 when on fire)

Arm clubs – 1D4+2 (+1D6 when on fire)

Family of Five – Plank people with bird parts dressed like a nuclear family. Mom and Dad, A seven year old boy, five year old girl, and a two year old girl.

  • They sit with their hands to their sides awkwardly in their seats.
  • They seem to be wearing wigs. When you peer under one you notice a beak.
  • They are feathered and flap their wings so they can hover a meter or so off the ground.
  • They can use their wings to do a short burst of flight into a target head butting them.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 90 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Head-butt – 1D3+1D4 A Dex roll must be made to stay standing after being hit. (+1D6 when on fire)

Arm clubs – 1D4+2 (+1D6 when on fire)

Three Office Workers – Dressed in suits and holding guns these wood men are mostly all wood. They have raccoon heads.

  • They try to keep their backs to the people coming inside as much as possible.
  • Their hair looks odd, like it’s fur.
  • They carry small pistol like things attached to their plank hands. They fire bullets like the bunny woman but slower.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 40 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Seed Pistols – 1D8 – the seed burrows into the skin and inflicts 1 pt. damage when removed.

Arm clubs – 1D4+2 (only if seed gun damaged) (+1D6 when on fire)

The Bell Boy – His face looks normal but the uniform hangs loosely on him. His body is planks of wood like the woman and the head is the head of the old bell boy skewered on a broom stick.

  • The uniform hangs loosely on him.
  • He doesn’t have hands, instead he looks like he’s hiding axes up his sleeves.
  • He attacks with two axes in each hand.
  • He has no sense so will pretty much just flail at whatever enemy makes the most sound.
  • He acts last in combat.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 30 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Axe Flail – 2 attacks per round at loudest target – 1D6+1+1D4 (+1D6 when on fire)

Arm clubs – 2D4+2 (only if axes are removed) (+1D6 when on fire)


The Postmen – Two men in Anzac uniforms with cat heads. They demurely sort mail until someone comes in.

  • They immediately look up at the oncoming investigators. Their cat eyes shine in the dark.
  • They attack with the sharpened ends of their arms.
Brains: 10 Brawn: 70 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 5 Db: 0

Arm clubs – 1D4+2 (+1D6 when on fire)

The creatures will respond like regular people at first but will then attack once the investigators start to head to the pump room.

The creatures are things of matter created by Silas by bonding planks of wood with human and animal organs. They have a POW pipe like all living creatures but it is very small. Removing it will de-animate them.

They have minds which can be destroyed but doing so will simply result in them going berserk.

Being made mostly out of wood they are hard to kill as the animal and human organs and muscles must be broken to stop them. However the wood parts can be broken making their moving parts useless.

The wood will break with any damage roll over 5. The organs are only struck on an impale but only have 5 health.

Back Halls

The door leads to a short hall that opens without a door into a mail room. The hall opens at to the side of the room on the end. Another door opens on the far end. The room is so filthy with blood that it requires DEX rolls when moving or fighting to stay upright.

Silas didn’t bother to hang the bodies in here, just stacked them in a pile, more constructions have been left here, the pretense of humanity gone, though they still pretend to be sorting mail. These attack on sight but are easy to destroy.

The door on the end leads into the heating room. The door opens onto a catwalk which runs around two sides of the room, a stair case is on the opposite corner. The door to the hall to the pump room is on the ground floor below and across from the stairs.

Jumping from the catwalk to the ground takes a JUMP roll to not take damage or a DEX roll to halve damage. (1D6+2 for the full damage, 1D3+1 for half)

Four large furnaces with ducts leading around and up fill the room. They are extremely hot and anything nearby has to roll DEX not to light on fire. Silas’s wood and meat constructions have a 50% chance to catch on fire. People on fire take 1D6 per round. The constructs take the 1D6 to their organ health AND limb health.

Pump Room

The final hall is a short length filled with the building’s cleaning trolleys, three lined against the wall. These can make cover or obstacles for the players. The door at the end is padlocked.

The door opens into the pump room. Inside is a musty little room, damp from the water running through the pipes underneath. The pump itself is well buried but pipes have been drawn out of the ground with pressure gauges and lock wheels.

There are three wheels. One turns the engine on to start pumping and the other two are valves. The valves must be turned after the start up wheel and at the same time.

The start up wheel has a bent pipe through it that takes a STR roll to free and a round to turn.

The other two wheels must be turned at the same time (if only one PC is free they can be done individually) each taking a round to turn.

Jerold Brenridge/Sheri Christie & Sloane Foster

Jerold is an old friend of Donovan & co. and is under Silas’ sway. He asks Sam to investigate Cedric Christie’s affair for Sheri Christie, the mayor’s wife.

Once a week while Sheri Chrisite is elsewhere Cedric goes to the Arkham Lodge to meet Sloane. They sleep together and he leaves at midnight, Sloane leaves the next morning and pays for the room.

Now that Sloane is a witch she has more power and is using it to help Diana by taking over the mind of the Mayor. She has made herself sexier, stronger, and more dexterous. If she thinks their tryst is being invaded she will magically attack, flipping around acrobatically to dodge and throwing matter bullets to attack physical stats.

Brains: 30, Brawn: 30, Pow: 70 Hp: 15

During the rest of the week she works at Summanus as a Freshman teacher. On weekends she goes to Diana’s house and helps Diana and  Cammelia Addison doing Sabbats. In black slips they dance about a bonfire while their worshippers grovel around them. Large bat like creatures fly over head as this happens. They all swear themselves to “The Black Goat with a Thousand Young, the Mother Goddess!”

Friday Game Notes 15: Nyarlathotep

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

Nyarlathotep is the force in the universe of social interaction. When Azathoth had accidentally thrown off Yog-Sothoth and Shub-Niggurath Nyarlathotep formed as they interacted with each other. Nyarlathotep thence forth created interaction between all things.

He is the force that creates interaction between organisms. This has created the sentient species of the world and Nyarlathotep revels in forming complex societies to then destroy through trickery.

Furthermore the ceremony that Huey has created doesn’t work, but Nyarlathotep wants to make it seem like it does. He will let his power slip and let social interaction cease in Arkham. This creates chaos in town. Without being able to speak, read, or even convey messages through pantomime people panic. And the prophesized fire breaks out.

To save the town they will have to find a way of getting Nyarlathotep back. And Sam will have to take on the mantel of being a city.

Leslie as the crucible of Nyarlathotep’s information, making the child the center of that attention. Leslie is special but many adults will ignore the child or their opinions.

What info does Nyarlathotep give up willingly? How much does he keep quiet?

Black Man

The Black Man, worshipped by many witches, is one of the many avatars of Nyarlathotep. In midnight sabbats witches swear their loyalty to him sacrificing children and finding new victims to sway to his worship. When a witch has convinced someone else to sign the Black Man’s book they enact a ritual to transform that person into one of Nyarlathotep’s Pipers to constantly placate the Daemon Sultan Azathoth.

The Black Man will appear as he pleases, to join in ceremonies, or to generally command his worshippers.