Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf Season 1

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 



Riley (Emmerson) tossed a tommy gun out the window and Malcolm thinks this could be a bad way to connect them to the crimes. Of course the police wouldn’t follow the clue since they already know Emmerson is there.


Ben has realized that all mental thought is Nyarlathotep. Of course if a god is your thoughts you can’t think about it or he’d know. And if he told anyone he would know. So he can’t let anyone figure it out.


Justine failed to get her man, besides the wounded men. Of course one of those men was Ben, and the other two were killed, but at least she got a couple of gangsters to hang up. The only victory is getting one gangster and Detective Herrick accidentally was killed in the shooting.  This leaves the DA without a man on the inside and will have to pressure Justine from without.


Justine will put Ben under watch. She is worried that he’s doing illegal stuff.



Quail Zither was shot dead. Clues point heavily to him eating humans and being the “Arkham Cannibal.”



Leslie goes back in time a year to save Ernest and maybe Henry. They live in Henry’s basement, considering whether to find someone to murder to replace Henry’s corpse. Leslie has been learning how to cook and how to use magic to summon mechanical things. They use magic to improve all of the electronics and to help bring in money and food without Henry knowing. And they’ve cut their hair to be really short (a number 3).


Leslie has lured a homeless person to the house and summoned a monster to butcher him in a blood circle. The body is similar to Henry, the corpse bathed and shaved before being killed, but Leslie had to use a blood circle to summon the creature safely. This is mostly hidden from people but the blood stain has left a slightly circular mark.



Throws the Plato gang’s bodies into the river.


The police have a couple of gangsters and have dredged up the Plato gang’s corpses and is on the hunt for Malcolm.



Silas has done the power ritual and will be holding the flanks as Aldrich attacks the pumps.


Threads & Goals



  • Scare players with a powerful villain and further warn them against Aldrich.
    • Hunt for Donovan
    • Mother Slug
  • Teach Benoit what powers he might be able to use.



  • Cut off water to city and give the players chances to slow down his plan.
  • Setting the fires giving the players a chance to fight Aldrich and discover that he has no magic
    •  So how did he revive Lavinia?
      • Leads to the reveal that Sam’s magic did it.
    • Where does the power of his immortality come from?
      • Atlach-Nacha reveal


Leslie and the Hound:

  • Get revenge on Leslie for refusing to help Aldrich and entrap them into aiding the LPC’s plot
    • Kill someone to get Leslie locked up in the asylum
    • Release Leslie with a catch – help them or ruin Dr. Middleton’s reputation
  • Put a limit on time travel
    • The hound wont kill Leslie straight away, instead it will be part of the risk that comes with trying to solve problems with time travel.


Benoit and the Dark Power

  • Lead Diana to have a witch cult
  • Hint at various mythic echoes in the forest
    • Elves
    • Silas’s attempt at power


Witch cult vs. witch cult vs. witch cult

  • All three witches have created posses of superstitious people
    • Catholic Anti Witches
      • Hunting witches and magic users
    • Diana’s Worshipers
      • Listening directly to Shub-Niggurath through Benoit
    • North Side Socialites
      • Fighting the North Side House Worshipers
  • Display the power of Nyarlathotep
    • All three are using Nyarly’s power to manipulate people


Bitter Servants Civil War

  • Let Malcolm defeat the Danger Dogs
  • Reveal that Philo and Tony are betraying him
    • Kill dog
    • Kill Emmerson
  • Have civil war happen
  • Have an excuse for Radcliffe to move bombs under city into ghoul tunnels
  • Let Malcolm defeat Philo and Tony
  • Have a second betrayal when Mallady decides to try to take out Radclffe
    • Malcolm can pick a side then. Psychopath or cultist?



  • Radcliffe wants a distraction as he sets up fires around town – he hopes to burn the ACC out of hiding.
    • He’ll also use the civil war to move bombs under the town as well.
  • Make Radcliffe a psychopath even as he technically is doing the right thing (fighting Nyarly)

Friday Game Notes: Timeline

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

Arkham Long Pork Club Witch Cult Bitter Servants
1000s – Vikings settle the future Miskatonic Valley. Three women, Lisbet, Greloo & Asta, murder most of the men and take over.


1200s – A Misqat Indian woman named Kree-kolen-ben kills Greloo.


1400 Harag-Dan and Sath Sincaul daughters of Lisbet and Asta kill their mothers and take up the witch cult.


1500s – A Somme in Denmark arrested for witchcraft


1632 – Arkham Founded

164x – Keziah Mason and Mary Ayer, members of the settlement of Arkham discover three ancient women living on the East Hill upon which no one will settle. They learn of their power and decide to murder Harag-Dan and Kree-kolen-ben for it.

1692 – Keziah Mason put on trial. She vanishes and goes into hiding out side of our dimension. She occasionally leaves to steal babies.

169x – Agatha the daughter of Sath Sincaul and an Arkham business man accidentally kills her mother and becomes a witch.


1700s – A Somme arrested in Copenhagen for abhorrent behavior and sorcery

  • A Somme and 17 other people found Kingsport
  • Arkham’s sea trade flourishes and trades lumber with Kingsport and Innsmouth, fueling their ship building.
  • Two waves of Italian and Jewish immigrants fill out the lower class of Arkham

175x – Pearl Face, the servant of the tyrannical Mary Ayer finally snaps when Mary begins torturing her husband. Pearl kills Mary and becomes a witch in her place.

1770 – Revolutionary War begins

1780 – May 14, Most of New England is beset by a great darkness. Candles are needed to see from noon until sunrise the next day. In reality Agatha attacks Pearl Face the murderer of Mary Ayer. They fight to a stand still.


1850s Arkham grows as large mills flood New England.

  • A large quantity of French-Canadians join the laborers in the mills. Many Arkham men grow rich on this influx. Their mansions give the East Hill it’s name: French Hill.

1840 – Silas Virginia born

1855 – Henry Armitage born

1894 – Interesse and Hamilton Kirk interrupt the witch cult and Interesse die


1902 – Huey McCabe born in Scotland

1901 – Fiona born in Scotland

1914 – Huey meets Fiona

1917 – Huey writes letter to Fiona

1920 – Huey writes letter to Fiona

  • Huey moves to Providence, America to study at Brown U.
  • Detective Stanley, 18, joins the Arkham police and approaches SOPI

1922 – Mr. White appears and founds the ACC

  • Officer Stanley & Mrs. Chadburry meet for the first time

1925 – ACC starts LPC

1926 – Lucy & Evana born within a month of each other

  • Fiona contacted MacRae-Gilstrap and moved into Eilean Donan

1928 – Dr. Waite investigates the ACC and ACC

  • Channel kills Pearl Face
  • SOPI kills Robert Cohen

1929 – Mr. White vanished and the ACC collapsed financially

  • Volker attacks Radcliffe
  • Radcliffe buys the Bolton mills and cuts ties with the ACC
  • Quail Zither discovers he has a debilitating disease that requires human flesh to heal

1930 – Huey becomes a correspondent with Father Daville and finds out about GPS

  • Samantha graduates from M.U. and joins GPS
  • Radcliffe recovers the flesh of Robert Cohen and aids him in returning to mostly human shape, imprisons in a house in Arkham
  • Oliver Stanley becomes Police Commissioner for Arkham

1931 – Samantha and Prof. Rice investigate collapsed Witch House Roof – Samantha bumps into Benoit – follows clues to Witch Cult

  • Mallady captures Crawley

1932 – Huey moves to Arkham and joins GPS officially

  • Huey writes a letter to Fiona and admits his childhood love – they become correspondents
  • Eilean Donan restoration completed
  • Samuel breaks into to see Aldrich resurrecting the two girls
  • Channel kills Pearl Face

1933 – Aldrich meets Channel Delapore in Arkham – they revive the LPC – use found bodies

  • Silas joins LPC
  • Osric Somme moves to Kingsport and buys property of Cohen house – thinking it is the old Somme property – begins restoration and uncovers lead box

1935 – Emily & Al Wilson move to Portland Maine

  • Aldrich and his thugs start kidnapping Puerto Ricans
  • Channel spreads fake pamphlet to Cthulhu cult
  • Osric Somme sends letter to Huey about Cthulhu cultists

1937 – Father Davilla retires from being head of GPS, Huey takes over

1938 – MU Historical Gallery houses the “mermaid” mummy.

June 17 – the “mermaid” is stolen from the library

1939 – WWII begins

  • Huey asks Wilma to write the prophesy – she hates it

1940 – January – Japan enacts Pearl Harbor a year early starting the U.S.’s involvement a year early.

November- Investigators go to Scotland

  • Huey reveals the prophesy to GPS
  • Samantha quits GPS – begins spreading rumor of Prophesy
  • Donavan and Deborah Wilson adopt “Lavinia” once Channel convinces LPC to burn Arkham
  • LPC sets up their fire locations

December – Investigators reach Eilean Donan

1941 – January- Investigators return to Arkham

  • WWII US Draft begins
LPC Plan Timeline:

November – Samantha has quit GPS and related the prophesy to the Witches

  • Channel starts “prophesizing” that Aldrich has a greater purpose for her goddess and god – together they formulate the idea to burn Arkham down
  • Channel and Aldrich bring the Cleansing Fire plan to the other LPC members.

December – LPC finally come to an agreement on the Cleansing Fire plan. They decide to find suitable sites to set the fires.

  • Aldrich quickly realizes they can create a pentagram if they can find a good place in the rail yards
  • Silas, who has a large store of wood stored in his Dockside warehouse , lets the others take wood to the Wilson’s rented office, Aldrich’s house, and Samantha’s apartment.




January – Aldrich finally finds a good abandoned shack by the tracks of the rail road – while he creates bombs to destroy the tracks he rigs his own house up.

  •  Lavinia is moved from Aldrich’s house to the Wilson’s house
  • Now that all five points are rigged up to burn Aldrich and the others meet again to consider how they will set them off and aid the fire in spreading. Deborah comes up with the idea to cut off the water line after her husband comes home from a City Utilities meeting.

Jan/Feb – Aldrich and his thugs attack the City Water office to steal the keys to the city pumps

February – Aldrich and his thugs disable  clockwise from the Downtown pump the water pumps of Arkham

  • Aldrich sets a bomb in the University Hill pump
  • The Wilson’s and Silas move many of their more valuable possessions to a barn to the East of Arkham – Channel knows her magic will stop the fire harming her town house and Aldrich doesn’t care
  • Within the week while workmen are still trying to fix the water pumps Aldrich sets a bomb at the reservoir
  • Once the water is cut off the LPC spread out and each light their corners of the star – as the blaze starts they set out to the center of the star and stand on the bank of the Miskatonic River and perform a short ceremony as the town is razed around them.
C.1000AD- Vikings settle the Miskatonic Valley. During one winter most of the men leave to hunt leaving the women in charge. When the slightly reduced band of hunters returned they are ambushed by their own wives and murdered. Lisbet, Greloo, and Asta rule the village from then on.


C.1200 Kree-kolen-ben a Misqat Indian discovers that her hunter husband has been visiting the settlement of white people in the woods in the valley. She kills Greloo in rage after her own village exiles her for crazy stories. She becomes a new witch.


C.1400 Harag-Dan kills her mother Lisbet.

Sath Sincaul kills her mother Asta.


1652 Keziah Mason and Mary Ayer accidentally discover the small settlement of degenerate Vikings. They become fascinated with the power these people apparently wield and decide to murder Harag-Dan and Kree-kolen-ben.


1692 Keziah Mason is accused of witch craft during the Salem Witch Trials. She flees to a higher dimension.


1699 Agatha the daughter of Sath Sincaul and an Arkham settler kills her mother.


C.1750 Pearl Face a vengeful servant of Mary Ayer murders her after Mary tortured Pearl’s husband.


1926 Keziah mason is overpowered and killed.


1932 Channel Delapore murders Pearl Face.


193x  Samantha follows clues in the Thaumaturgical… Canaan to find the Witch’s Sabbat and takes on Keziah Mason’s role.


Witch Cult Plan

November – Samantha hears Huey’s prophesy and decides to quit GPS to prepare

  • She meets with the other witches and they plan to help facilitate the false prophesy to spread chaos.
  • Channel heads to the LPC and begins getting them to start their own fires.
  • Samantha decides to spread the word amongst crime and occult circles around Arkham
  • Agatha communicates outside of Arkham and informs others what will happen soon.

January – Samantha knowing GPS could seek to stop their work decides to see what they are up to. – She recognizes Benoit’s interest in Witches and decides to seduce him.

  • Agatha who has been haunting Florian Vaulker helps him get free – he begins starting fires while looking for Samuel.
1928 – Mr. White vanishes leaving a bitter Radcliffe to survive the fallout of the Great Depression.


1930s – Mr. Radcliffe buys the Bolton Steel Mills from its bankrupt owners. Forms the Bitter Servants



Radcliffe wants to find the ACC.

  • He sets his gangsters to keep an eye on all similar shops.
  • He sets his gangsters up into dangerous situations hoping one might end up finding the ACC that way.
  • He’ll eventually set Cohen on the town to push even more people into danger.


Radcliffe wants to destroy the Danger Dogs

  • Once he knows more about them he will ask Henry Carter (the Alpha of the Dreamlands packs) to help eliminate the rogue ghouls. He will attack their warrens.


The BS will sell guns and steel to the military that they make or steal.



Malady’s plan:

Mallady has recruited Philo and Tony and a plenty more BS gangsters to work for him and support his coup against Radlcliffe.

  • Philo & Tony and others will stake a coup d’état against Radcliffe and the Warrells.
  • If they fail Mallady will surrender and get himself in front of a gang court. Where he and a few choice agents will pull out the tommy guns.

Dungeon Design: EAT3 Locked Dungeon

EAT Locked Dungeon.png

  1. Behind the locked iron door is a crossroads. To the left is a passage that ends in a corner up ahead, a corridor straight ahead is at an angle from the corridor, and to the right is another passage that ends in another cross passage.

This area was not originally locked off. However when thinking about what paths the players took through the dungeon the more I wanted a more challenging path to follow. The players could go straight ahead from the passages in the prior section but they will have to come up with a clever solution to the bent doors. Then they may get the drop on the looters inside the lower sections. If they take the open route they will face the looters head on.

2. This corridor is lined with small alcoves with jars filled with different types of leaves left by the Elves. About half way down there are two torch sconces facing each other. If they are not lit and someone walks between them dart shooters fire into the corridor from the far end. The passage ends in a corner and intersects with passage.

Somewhere along the way I decided that this dungeon was a tomb for elves. Part of the Epic Adventure Tour theme is that the fantasy land does not conform to the cliches, it has been forced to to satisfy the whims of the tourists traveling through it. 

At this point the traps have become real but avoidable threats. They are obvious in location, anywhere torch sconces are, and if the torches are lit the trap won’t go off. I describe them all as dart traps to keep it simple, but a meaner GM might improvise different effects. 

3. A broader passage at an angle with two parallel lines of candle holders. If they are not lit and the floor between them is walked on dart traps fire across the corridor.

4. A large chamber with an open entrance on the north side and closed with an iron door on the south side. Two pillars hold the ceiling up and a small stone chest is behind one of the pillar. Inside are three magical items.

13th Age is the system I was going to use with this dungeon. Part of the game is that all magical items have a personality of sorts, a cloak of stealth might sneeze every now and then, a magical great sword might have a superiority complex.

5. The passage continues down an angled path. It is intersected by the entrance to a larger vaulted chamber. At the end of the passage is another locked iron door.

The locked iron door is another part of challenging the players while giving them a good way to sneak up on the looters. It also is why the looters haven’t been able to get into the locked off area yet.

6. A large vaulted chamber with pillars down the middle. On the south side of the room a flight of stairs climbs up to a raised platform with a locked door. On the far end is a wide passage to a locked door with twin torch sconces on either side. If they are not lit and someone walks between them dart traps fire from behind towards the door.

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 9

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Trevor has moved in with the Salazars.

  • Sam has done a flawed protection circle around Leo’s window. Since Sam uses City magic it doesn’t really work as a protection symbol, instead it makes traffic and coincidence prevent anyone getting close to Leo. Traffic collisions happen just outside, nearly killing wannabe kidnappers,

Ben is sending letters to Mitsuko’s music school


Sam and Benoit have visited Samantha’s house. Sam turned the pot of soup off just as the cops were about to arrive.


Leslie learnt a spell from Livre d’Ivon to test Sam with.


Things that are happening:

Bitter Servants

  1. Philo and Tony may want to set Ben up. They intercept his attempt to meet the Mob – get him to meet a DD guy and tip Malcolm off that the DDs are about to make a deal with someone. (Bait & Switch)
  2. Liam’s wife is forbidding him to leave for the war. When conscription agents come by she tells them he’s run off. They’ll eventually go to Malcolm (his wife mentioned him as a friend of Liam’s) and very pushily enquire about it.
  3. Deborah Wilson will hire body guards.


  1. The Hate Bush has decided it wants to eat Leslie’s soul. It takes over their mind as they sleep and Leslie “wakes up” in a nightmare version of the house.

Leslie 1

  • Leslie wakes in their room, magic has stopped working and the whispering from the bush can still be heard. Waves of hatred seem to be shaking the very house. A thorny faced woman seems to be staring in through the window, it quickly disappears below and breaks into a second story window.
    1. Both up and down stairs are down a strangely longer hall way that is missing all the doors. Henry is below on the first floor and calls up to Leslie to stay there, there’s an intruder in the house. Then a long armed creature made of wood breaks through a door and bashes Henry into the wall, it starts eating him.
    2. Down the hall is a large room with a locked door. On the wall is a portrait of Mary Ayer (and Pearl). The eyes seem to burn with judgmental fury. Leslie finds themselves as a young black slave girl brushing Mary’s hair. Suddenly she hits a snag in the woman’s hair. Furious the woman snatches up a whip and chases the slave girl. The girl runs up onto the roof as Mary pursues. When she gets up there she backs up against the roof as the woman climbs up. The woman stops at the door and suddenly a cruel expression crosses her face. Suddenly the little girl notices a paper wasp nest attached to the roof. The woman carefully approaches it and gives it a whack before running inside. The girl screams as the wasps swarm towards her and she jumps off the roof. She lands with a horrible crunch and Leslie sees a little white boy approach singing “Clootie kills peaking kids…” The vision fades and Leslie finds themselves out in the hall.
  • Down the hall is a door to the left and a door to another hall. There is a huge bang and scraping noise coming from there as well as a monster like scream.
  • In a room filled with sunlight from outside Bridget is encased in wood and paper wasp nests. She screams in pain as wasps fly out of the papery holes in her face and body. She Reaches out for help but the clouds of wasps makes this room particularly dangerous. (Bees cause a CON roll. On failure Leslie loses 1D5 Con and must recalculate HP every 5 lost. This happens every “step” or round Leslie is in the room. It takes 3 steps to get to Bridget.)SAN Loss: (1/1D10 up to 10 cumulative with all monsters in the house)

DD Meeting

  • Let Malcolm arrange the drive by.
  • Whoever is on look out describes a nervous figure hanging around. Later joined by three more figures all large, one with something bulky in their pocket.
  • Let him describe driving up and shooting the first round of combat.
  • Switch to Ben’s perspective, he’s waiting in the park for the meeting. A large man in a stained wool sweater  and two men in trench coats approach and demand the suitcase. The man in the sweater makes disgusting snorting sounds. Continue with the description that Aengus gave but from Ben’s point of view.
    • There’s a statue of a dog in the middle of the park and some teeter-totters. He can dive for cover: (A dodge roll – then the shooter gets a penalty dice to hit)
    • Belcher and the two ghouls pretending to be humans are gunned down. (Assuming nothing really bad happens prior)
  • If Riley is somewhere (like on lookout) to notice that Ben was the guy meeting them he will either try to run to help Ben and/or call the police. He will shoot anyone who tries to stop him and if desperate will give up that he’s a cop in order to save his father.
  • Justine, tipped off by Riley that the shootout is coming has stationed cop cars nearby to intercept the gangsters after the drive by. Two cars make a simple road block that the car can easily fit through. Some more police cars peal out and give chase.


Leslie 2

  • Donald has aged into a monstrosity without legs, hauling himself along with his hands. Branches grow out of him at odd angles. He goes in a circle from the hall to his bedroom, filled with dissected animals. He mutters about which the best one is to eat.
    1. Instead Donald is at his desk obliviously dissecting animals. He cuts apart pigeons and frogs which he seems to have a limitless supply in a sack nearby. He cuts them up muttering to himself and then tosses them into the trash bin beside his desk. Blood has soaked down onto the floor making little waterfalls. He whispers about the dissection but also about Clootie, who he calls for now and then. He sings in a sing song voice “Clootie kills peaking boys…”
    2. Hunting around this area is Donald’s imaginary friend “Clootie” a whispy beast made out of seaweed like hairs with a gaping mouth dead eyes and hooks for hands. If the person refuses to look at it, it wont attack. But if it is seen it will force it’s horrible dead haze upon the person resulting in an extra SAN roll. It will then charge with its hook hands. (50% 1D6+1)  SAN Loss: (1/1D10 up to 10 cumulative with all monsters in the house)
  • The next door is locked and as the murderous Clootie approaches they must work out they can jump down into the Ghost man’s hideout. The hideout has been smashed to bits, the machinery is fried, the only thing working the TV which shows a Native American woman smashing holes in a naked man’s eyes with a rock. She carves a slit mouth with the jagged rock. The wall has been smashed and the next room’s door is blocked by metal bars across it. Leslie must construct a magnet from the electronics to pull the bar out of the latch.

Haruto’s Birthday:

  • Justine will call a birthday scene where Haruto will reveal his repugnance against anything magic.
  • If Ben has survived the events of the meeting he may be at the party. If he tries to “fix” Patricia several things happen:
    • First once he tries to reenact the method he’s used several times he finds that he still has no idea how to remove the grease.
    • Since Agatha has scared away the lloigor that were preying on her mind it seems free of all but the greasiness. But when he tries to get closer to it some of the creases split open revealing huge bloodshot eyes. From around the brain a beak spins around and the brain starts sprouting feathers. Something is very, very, wrong. (San loss 1D3/2+1D6)
    • Parasites have been drawn to Ben’s brain magic. One will seek his body. This will create a homunculus that begins absorbing his skin flakes, tears, etc. It starts to grow to look precisely like Ben.
  • If he’s in hospital we split between the surgery and the party.
    •  Agatha has called “The Practice” to operate on a man in a bed above Ben’s. As bullets are pulled out of Ben he floats out of his body just like he does with magic and finds himself in a dark room where weird doctors are operating on a man. They work slowly and carefully pulling out wet squishy things that they put aside. Finally they move apart and he sees the face. It’s someone he knows, the lips, cheeks and tongue have been cut away leaving a horribly gasping silent screaming face. The eyes roll up seeing Ben floating above him. The surgeons slowly look up too. They begin crowding around, they have dead faces, empty sockets for eyes and their surgeon’s masks seem to bulge in an unspeakable way. The body fully revealed seems to be empty of everything but the lungs and the heart beating slowly. The head turns this way and that trying to scream. Ben wakes up later stitched up but in pain. He hears someone speaking outside, a patient died in the room above last night, a heart attack they say… (San loss 1D3/2+1D6)
    • Several nights later he experiences one of his weird dreams the black shape and spheroid take him to a dark street, it seems nearly medieval in construction, rough stones forming a narrow space. A horribly brown sky bleeds rain overhead that barely reaches the alley. The old woman is holding a bundle. She turns to Ben and tells him to wait and goes ahead and whispers to someone around a corner and hands them the bundle, a single babies cry issues from it. If Ben rushes forwards he sees the backs of surgical gowns departing into the dark alley holding a baby body by the leg. The woman grabs his arm and whispers one thing “should be glad I found you a substitute.” (San loss 1/1D6) She returns him to his bed.

Leslie 3

  • The next room is a study on the second floor and the halls around it, one with two pillars in it and  pictures on the walls. Each picture shows the same slit mouth and black stone eyes. Aileen, turned into a slit mouthed Kook skitters around. She skips and plays and turns her horrid eyes on anyone who comes near. Once she’s spotted someone she twitters manically pulls a knife out of her pocket and runs, stabbing. (3 attacks per round. 25% 1D4-1)  SAN Loss: (1/1D10 up to 10 cumulative with all monsters in the house)
  • As Leslie descends to the first floor a wave of hate passes over him and the voice whispers horribly to them. This time Leslie is an older black woman chained to an old fashioned oven. As she watches in horror Mary starts using a cleaver to strip the flesh of a black man bit by bit. The woman sobs. The man still alive reaches his hand out pleading: “Pearl, pearl pearl, pearl, pearl…”

Sam & Quail

  • As Sam is walking around Downtown posters and statues start calling out: “Leo’s been kidnapped! Leo’s been kidnapped!” Asking by who or where is being taken they all chorus “He’s taking him to the mill, he’s taking him to the mill!”
  • Knowing Sam had been hanging out with Leo Quail went and snatched him, promising Trevor that if he follow he’d shoot Leo in the head. The protection spell triggered the statues and Trevor taking on his invisible guise as the city walker (Sam can see him as a massive striding figure walking beside his car.) found Sam and inserted himself into the car. Sam suddenly knows that he can use his power to get across town really quickly, he just needs to find a good way, a city way, to trick the city into letting him, he knows he can do it without any silly angles. Let Sam figure out an interesting way. It should be practical and city related. Once done they arrive at the mill just in time to see a man dragging Leo by the arm with a gun running inside.
  • Trevor stops outside the Mill, there is a powerful witchy magic preventing him from entering himself.
  • The room inside is bare a dining room table sits in the middle of the open space while bookshelves at the back stand empty, a huge Egyptian sarcophagus stands bolted to the floor at one end of the table. On the table is Carina’s head placed on one of Quail’s coats. A set of plates and silver ware is set out with “ham” laid out on it. If they are dusted for prints they contain only Quail’s. A ladder is open leading upwards.
  • Above is a shady attic space murky with shadow and filled with tables covered in glass alchemical equipment. Most of it is dusty and covered in cobwebs. Let Sam worry that Quail is going to ambush him, Quail sneaks to the window and climbs out with Leo. While Sam is being careful lets the window close with a thump.
  • Quail is desperate, he will kill Leo in an instant if he feels he has to. If he is really desperate he will jump off the building. He is delirious, half pleading with Sam but unable to admit that he wasn’t the kidnapper and cannibal. He goes on and on saying he was the killer, pointing out the head of Carina downstairs and his own clothes there covered in her blood, the dishes he used covered with his finger prints, and everything else gone. It must have been him! He screams this out while his eyes plead for help. He yells about his illness, that he needed the meat to stay alive, and that if he can’t kidnap more people, he’ll be so so hungry. He starts slobbering. He goes on about being so hungry and then tries to bite Leo in the neck.
  • Quail can be talked down but Sam must be very careful.
    • If he can be convinced that Sam will prove there were other’s involved AND that more human meat will be given to him. Both claims will let Sam get closer to the two who are perched right at the edge of the roof.
    • Quail’s gun does 1D8  and the fall from the roof does 2D6 (20ft). It’ll take three leaps to get to the other side of the roof.

Leslie 4

  • Down a short passage way is the kitchen where Marilyn and Lochlan chop Mona up.
    1. Marilyn and Lochlan have fused so that Lochlan’s crying form has replaced Marilyn’s face. Marilyn seems bigger and one arm seems to be replaced by a massive mechanical arm terminating in a cleaver. She cuts up Mona from the legs up as Mona, never dying calls out to Leslie. Marilyn seems to ignore any sound but will chase anyone who she sees. She moves around the counter every now and then to sharpen her knife. This is the only time someone could sneak into the room without being seen. (Cleaver, 35% 1D8+1D4)  SAN Loss: (1/1D10 up to 10 cumulative with all monsters in the house)
  • Once Leslie has gotten to the other side of the kitchen the door is locked and Marilyn has noticed them. Marilyn approaches but Kree-kolen-ben bursts in from behind and bashes her into the door. Leslie can descend into the basement.

Liam’s Wife

  • Malcolm is walking up the street towards Liam’s house. Opening the door is a middle aged woman, a good ten years older than Liam with greying hair.
  • Bang! Meeting the wife for the first time. She’s rude, insulting, and abusive. She tries to run anyone asking about Liam away. She calls Malcolm “that faggot that Liam talked about.” And she refers to Liam as “that cunt.” She says he’s run off from the draft, the coward. Sure she broke his finger once, but that was because he’d been out with whores and she blackened his eye that time he came home late because of work. And he came back late just the other night again probably straight from the brothel.
  • She tries to hurry Malcolm out of the house, says she’s got something on the stove. She tries to keep him from entering the house, but if pressed will take him into the kitchen only. She’s making a foul smelling gravy and is heating something in a little stove furnace.
  • If Malcolm insists on exploring the house the woman gives in with a resounding fine but will try to keep him from going into the basement. If he tries to get past the cellar door she’ll attack him with the red hot cleaver she’s heating in the oven.
  • If he leaves he starts hearing muffled screaming. The woman has started cutting off Liam’s arm in the basement.
  • Mrs. Arriguccius CON: 50% Hp: 15 Fighting 60% Cleaver 1D8+1D4
  • 15-6=9  9-3=6 6-7=-1

Leslie 5

  • The basement seems perfectly normal. The magnet applied to the stone causes the other to rise up revealing the runes on the inside. “The witches Keziah, Agatha and Pearl consign the sacred Oak to the dark and remove the Stone to the North.” Below is a winding staircase that leads down to a ramp leading to a cold lake. Machinery pokes out of the lake at places. The water is only inches deep though it’s inkiness hides the depth. The true hill rises out of the water, the machinery building into the base of the scraggly bush. Hate pours off the bush. Kree-kolen-ben drops down onto the bush as Leslie approaches and the two seem to meld into one thing. The hatred wells over preventing Leslie from getting closer unless Leslie gets mad and yells back. Once down the bush may be treated as normal.
  • Ink has gone to confront the Hate Bush – but has become trapped. He appears as a little grey furry thing snagged in the branches, crying for help. Ink is incredibly grateful to return to Leslie’s head – citing that the Bush was much more powerful than he imagined. He is of course lying.

Cop cars are 16 MOV and have 4 Build and 2 armour.

Police drivers have 45% drive.

The Gangster cars have 15 MOV and 6 Build and 2 armour.


Hazards are:

  • Cop 1, 2
  • Gangsters
  • g
  • A truck is coming up or down the hill they are driving down. It halts when seeing the cop lights. Normal Drive roll needed. 1D3-1 damage to scrape into it.


  • The gangsters can decide to turn up hill towards French Hill or north towards the bridge. A navigate roll reminds them that construction was going on to the North.



  • The tram tracks that used to run up to French Hill are being ripped out for the war effort. Great holes have been ripped in the street and the metal from the rails have been left stacked in large piles. Hard Drive roll needed. 1D6 damage to slam into the piles of metal.
  • As they turn on to the bridge a full road block can be seen. Tire strips and cars block the entire bridge except for the far sidewalk on the left side. A drive roll will let the car through by scraping over or doing a U-turn. If the cops are right behind the gangsters it might necessitate the cop cars ramming them too.


French Hill

  • Extra move actions must be spent to accelerate up the hill.
  • The car turns into an alley that ends in a wire fence. (HP 10) A drive roll is needed either to break through and do enough damage, or to turn the car all the way around. This may necessitate the cop cars ramming them too.


Ben has attracted some predators with all his brain magic.

  1. Instead of attacking him they begin burrowing into the brains he manipulates. He must figure out away to protect the minds before they follow his threads back to his son. Henry, the girl and others are in danger too.
  2. The predator follows him into his body. When he starts to have blackouts he must begin to worry about what his unattended body might do without him.
  3. Other brains might attack back, rise up to meet him, or otherwise stop Ben’s overzealous approach.
  4. He of course still doesn’t know how to deal with the grease. He can fix holes or damaged parts but not the grease. He can bodily scoop it out and then fix the remains but this risks permanent damage to the brain.

Friday Game Notes 9: The Bitter Servants

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

The Bitter Servants rule the roost when it comes to Arkham, but their stronghold is over the North side of town with a lesser grasp on the graveyard picked South, University and French Hills. The Bitter Servants also holds a huge sway over Bolton and the Steel Mills there, which Mr. Radcliffe owns. The Mills have become the recruiting grounds and fortress for the mob.

The mob has several money making schemes going. With alcohol back on the market legally, run running has disappeared. Instead gambling rigging, gun running, and insurance schemes are all big. The Bitter Servants, a small mob in the scheme of things, makes most of its money from their smuggling. The Steel Mill creates a perfect way to ship items all over the country and with war looming Radcliffe’s nearly prescient preparedness has made the mills an invulnerable institution. Radcliffe has slacked on political levering and has felt the burn of Commisioner Stanley for some time.

The mob also focuses a lot of its time on insurance schemes. A pair of mobsters come into a shop and offers “protection” to the owners. Once they have bullied the citizens into paying up they take a monthly toll out of their profits. Radcliffe has an odd obsession with doing these on small shops, some of the least profitable places in Arkham. Radcliffe pays a Printing Shop to print a catalogue of all the shops they take money from and he distributes it to his mobsters requiring them to tell him if any shop changes or if they notice a shop not on the list.


Any organized crime in the area is the purview of the Bitter Servants, but more likely the mobsters will look concerned, constantly watching brick buildings.


The Bitter Servants are mostly physical in their intimidation, trashing shops and smashing windows. They will try not to do any threatening directly but if needed will send some faces to warn people not paying their protection money or shirking on some other duty.

When something is more important the Bitter Servants step aside for Radcliffe’s pet Robert Cohen, a maddened undead sorcerer. Cohen acts but looks nothing like a dog, baying and waddling on all fours at times. He is morbidly obese, and his long period of death has left most of the fat rancid and rotting. He collects organs from his victims to experiment with preservation.

Locations In Arkham:


Assorted Brick Shops

  • Extortion/protection rackets

Assorted Apartments

  • Downtown, Upper North Side, Midtown
  • Safe houses/storehouses/stakeouts

Street Watch

  • Guys on the street keeping an eye on shops and other things

Sewer Brigade

  • Searching sewers to find Danger Dogs

Upper Northside

Tikal Coffee House

  • Mr.Hakim
  • Michaela
  • Alice Huff (new)
  • Private rooms
  • Neighboring buildings

Devon Halfway House (PnT)

  • Recruitment of out of luck types


Pier 16

  • Storehouse

Fish Bar

  • Meeting place for smugglers
  • Maxwell Hank


Smith & Jones (PnT)

  • Closed down restaurant
  • Back up meeting place
  • Weapon storehouse

Frank Printer & Copiers

  • Printing pamphlets
  • “street watch catalog”


Lower South Side

Allison’s Guest House

  • Mrs. Allison
  • Moreen – Liam’s favorite

Roger & Sons Locksmiths (PnT)

  • Roger Loche
  • Lock picks, skeleton keys, etc.
  • Door installation

University Hill

Curwen Lodge

  • Student housing
  • Recruitment of young ambitious types
  • Safe house
  • Drug and alcohol sales

St. Mary’s Teaching Hospital

  • Laila Hardwick
  • Drug supply

Market District

ACC Ruins (PnT)

  • Easy to access private location to threaten or dispose of bodies

Nighjacks Gentlemen’s Club (PnT)

  • High class club
  • Drug and alcohol sales


Mr. White (vanished)

Having appeared suddenly in 1922 Mr. White formed the Arkham Cattle Company, a massive monopoly on meat in Massachusetts and surrounding states. The company also had a strange focus on stocks and trading, which was only seen as suspicious when Mr. White vanished in 1929 in an almost engineered collapse of the company just weeks before the New York Stock Exchange collapsed beginning the Great Depression.

Mr. White himself was most likely an avatar of Nyarlathotep, explaining the extreme privacy he upheld and his strange practices within the company. His only employee who knew explicitly his identity was his middle man to the rest of the world Mr. Radcliffe. But Mr. White set Radcliffe up for a fall, and now Radcliffe’s goal in life is to hunt down Mr. White’s “brother” Butwan Noire.

Mr. White also used the ACC to run the Long Pork Club, a club of rich eccentrics who wished to eat human flesh. Catering to this interest he used one of his warehouses to ship the meat around the state. When the ACC collapsed the LPC was scrapped leaving many hungry.  Aldrich Cornstuck recently involved decided to restart the club himself in 1933.

The ACC Lot


When the Arkham Cattle Company collapsed the building that housed its many offices was sold off to other buyers. To everyone’s frustration every business that inhabited the building failed one way or another, and eventually it fell into partial abandonment. In an attempt to make new jobs the city purchased the hulk and began to destroy it for new development. However this too failed and halted with three and a half floors left. The ruin remains inhabited by homeless and a lot of trash, a major eye sore in Arkham. To Radcliffe’s conniption the Danger Dogs graffiti the building whenever possible.


Butwan Noire

Apparently Mr. White’s “brother” Nyarlathotep enjoyed playing two avatars at once in the form of the ACC tycoon and Mr. Noire a bookish historian and antique salesman. He runs a small brick and mortar shop filled with stolen artifacts, mystical items, and information. The Arkham Conservation Cooperative was so named according to Butwan to annoying his brother Mr. White. However once Mr. White disappeared so did Butwan’s shop. Instead it appears whenever Nyarlathotep wants to sow seeds of chaos. Often the shop will be at the back of an alley or in between two shops that were once neighbors when someone needs help or crucial information.

Mr. Noire repeats everything said to him before answering himself, this is a symptom of his true form. (See The ACC below)

Radcliffe furious at his Dark Lord’s abandoning him is trying to track down the shop. Knowing that it will appear when someone is in need he has decided to force Butwan Noire’s hand, by setting Robert Cohen lose on GPS, and if he gets really desperate burning the city to the ground. The ACC shop will have to appear if the city has been demolished.

Sunken cheeks, with almost no eyebrows whatsoever. Almost alarmingly wide eyes as if he is always surprised. Thin lower lip but thick upper lip but his mouth is medium width. Fairly sharply tapering chin. He has a slightly lightening of his skin around his scalp as if he has wispy hair, but he doesn’t. A thick nose slanted down with fairly deep lines on his upper face. Small ears but flared out to the side, unnervingly unlike any normal person. He has a somewhat angular forehead.

Butwan Noire is hardly human, the person who stands behind the desk is really the lantern of an angler fish, a black tendril extends from under his pants back into the closed back room, a room that is completely filled with his noxious form. Should anyone try to get behind the counter he will desperately try to stop them and then will simply grab them and eat them.

  • Never moving about much.
  • Becoming agitated by anyone

Allies & Enemies:

Arkham GPS – Ally, Mr. Radcliffe – Enemy, Mr. White – Same person

Brains: 10(101) Brawn: 101 Power: 101
San: 0 HP: 70 Db: +10D6




The Arkham Conservation Cooperative is a tiny brick shop with dark green windows covered in dust. The shop never appears in the same place, instead popping up in an alley or between two other brick shops every so often whenever Mr. Noire thinks his services will aid to sow chaos around Arkham.

Patrons of Mr. Noire’s shop should expect aid in magical activities, maps of secret places in Arkham and cursed items. But Mr. Noire always is helpful even when he harms. He will introduce people to helpful contacts who might wish the customer harm in the long run, or will provide an item that will help them defeat one opponent while attracting something worse.


The ACC should pop up when the investigators feel at wits end. Maybe when they are being chased they enter an alley and discover the shop at the end of it, or perhaps out of clues they wander aimlessly around Arkham and find themselves staring into the dusty windows. If any investigators are part of the Bitter Servants or know of Radcliffe’s quest to find the shop they may find it useful to try to direct the mob here, however the shop will have disappeared already. The only way to stop this is to remove Mr. Noire from the shop, something a lot harder than it first seems.

Mr. Noire is a tiny man always bobbing behind his counter. Secretly Mr. Noire is just the tip of an angler’s lure. A grey tentacle snakes from under his apron into a back room, the back room, and in fact all of the rooms behind the shop are full of a grey mass with flattened tentacles. A mouth spits out the items and speaks the information that Mr. Noire then replicates for his customers. Whether this is actually Nyarlathotep or something else is up to Keepers. It is also up to investigators what they do with the creature, it can’t fight back, perhaps they will find it useful to try to remove it as a personal producer of magical artifacts. Doing this will quickly teach investigators how dangerous Mr. Noire really is.


Mr. Radcliffe

It’s no mistake that Mr. Radcliffe (his first name is unknown) named his gang the Bitter Servants. As a devotee of Nyarlathotep while working for him in the ACC, Mr. Radcliffe has lost an unhealthy portion of his mind. And in so doing he has become possessed with the need to find his lord again. Mr. Radcliffe originally was the visible head of the ACC, his boss Mr. White never showing his face to the public. When Mr. White vanished from the company leaving Mr. Radcliffe to pick up the mess Radcliffe became incensed, revoking all of his promises to Nyarlathotep. Furthermore he decided he wanted to find Mr. White’s “brother,” a second avatar of the Crawling Chaos, Butwan Noire.

Knowing the rules in which Butwan Noire’s shop the other ACC appears he set out to find it. First by having his mob collect protection on every shop matching the look of the ACC. Next he makes his mobsters patrol the streets of Arkham in case it appears to one of them. But Radcliffe isn’t stupid, and knows the ACC wont appear that easily. So he seeks to make it appear to someone in danger, by putting them in danger. Knowing his magical assassin Robert Cohen has long wished revenge on Father Daville and anyone associated with him and the GPS he releases his faithful hound. He expects Cohen’s hunt will drive the GPS to the hands of the ACC, at which moment Radcliffe can strike.

Radcliffe’s obsession is a downward spiral as he gets more and more desperate to see his Lord again. Having worshipped the Crawling Chaos before he has been seriously affected by it, whether physically or mentally is left up to the players imagination. If a player is a member of his mob he will delight in ranting and raving in front of them about his hunt, though he has been keeping most of his plans from his gang. Eventually he will decide on a last option, burning the ACC out. He knows that most of his mob will not be pleased to destroy their entire city, so he will scheme to get independent criminals involved. He will probably try to strike a deal with the Danger Dog Gang as well without the knowledge of his mobsters.

Mr. Radcliffe owns the Bolton Steel Mills some miles north of Arkham. He uses this as a genuine legal business, though he occasionally uses it to store contraband or smuggle guns. He also has been preparing for the war by stockpiling huge quantities of steel and extra parts anticipating war time needs. While Radcliffe feels abandoned by his Lord it has profited him much. He also has a team of three lawyers working to find loop holes and hiding places for when the draft begins in 1941.

Weirdly no one knows where Radcliffe lives. He appears at Tikal or the Warrell mansion to boss people around, but otherwise never sees people any where he stays. He has someone drive him around when he has to do things personally but always requests to be let out on a seemingly random street corner when he is going home. It’s possible he is staying at a hotel and doesn’t want to risk someone attacking him, or that he sleeps in the ACC lot. Or perhaps he uses magic to go elsewhere. Maybe he doesn’t sleep and instead stalks the streets avoiding all life.

Stock Market Crash

Mr. White vanished and the lack of precise inhuman control left his army of accountants at a loss. Suddenly the market crashed. Only a few realized it was engineered right there on their own sheets. But everyone in the company were tossed into the void as the ACC went bankrupt and the US stock market crashed a month later.

Attempt on his life

A few of the accountants realized what had happened. Several committed suicide, sparking a news scandal. But one of them, Florian Volker, decided to take his desperation out on Mr. Radcliffe. Volker was already unstable and a pyromaniac. What happened next should have been predictable. He broke into the ACC building late at night and began lighting the upper offices on fire. Mr. Radcliffe who was still working there was nearly trapped in is office but managed to break out and escape badly burnt. He sustained a massive burn on his face.

After the attack Radcliffe put his full weight behind the legal pursuit of Volker and got him locked in Arkham Asylum for life.

Radcliffe’s Obsession

Radcliffe is obsessed with finding the Butwan Noire’s ACC. He thinks Nyarlathotep treated him unfairly and he seeks his due payment. He has undertaken several methods to find the elusive shop. He has set his mob to catalog and watch any brick shops, hoping that sheer man power will lead them to discover the building. He also knows the shop shows up when people need help, the perfect moment Nyarlathotep can influence people. Do increase the chance of someone finding the shop he will soon decide to let Robert Cohen loose on the world. Cohen driven mad by his death seeks revenge from GPS and any surviving members of SOPI. His first target will be Djoric Daville and then any connected investigators.


Out of the pot into the fire

Once Radcliffe has decided his methods aren’t working he will seek a more destructive method to find the shop. He knows if Arkham is raised to the ground the ACC will be the last building standing. He will use some of his most trustworthy mobsters to set up places to set fires nominally to destroy Danger Dog property. But when the time comes he will have them set them all at once.

  • Scratching at the bad burn on his face.
  • Waving hands in the air
  • Smirking

Allies & Enemies:

Robert Cohen – Ally, Butwan Noire – Enemy, Oliver Stanley – Enemy, Donavan & Delphi Dog – Enemy, Mr. Mallady – Ally

Brains: 75 Brawn: 75 Power: 80
San: 0 HP: 20 Db:  +1D4


  • Rant about ungrateful people – bosses
  • Meets with Danger Dogs
  • Asks Malcolm to smuggle flammables into the basement of a building.
  • Asks Malcolm to drive him home, but then requests that he drop him off on a random street corner.

Frank Printers & Copiers

This tiny hole in the wall shop serves as Radcliffe’s cataloguers for his odd list of shops. The owner Frank is a young portly man who enjoys printing. He prints many amateur publications and pamphlets, Radcliffe’s is really no different. Radcliffe came to Frank’s shop to order the catalogue.


Robert Cohen

Maggot filled skin of a dead wizard keeping himself alive with magic and the harvested organs of others. Cohen plans on kidnapping a GPS member and torturing them into telling him more about Daville.

Robert Cohen once lived in Kingsport before being expelled by the locals. He moved to a cottage outside of Arkham where he began building up an arcane collection. In 1928 he was unfortunate in being chosen as the target for a Yithian Mind Transfer. Having used his magic to partially prevent being taken over he plotted to have someone trade minds with him and free him from the invader. This culminated with Father Daville, just prior to forming GPS, killing Cohen. Being the powerful magician that he was he kept himself alive.

He has liquid like skin, filled mostly with maggots which he has to feed. He takes parts of his victims and sticks it into himself. He has an open flap of skin down the front which he has sown buttons so he can open it up and put the parts in. He can use this to get into places by having the maggots pour out of himself and drag his empty skin through small gaps. He doesn’t control the maggots beyond being inside him and if he lets them go he has to attract new flies to lay their eggs.

So his mental power is connected to the skin and should all of his maggots be freed from his body he can’t move. He will essentially play dead and try to dominate anyone who tries to destroy his skin.

Keeping himself alive means a huge amount of concentration and Cohen has reverted to an almost dog like state. Radcliffe finding Cohen barely alive in his cottage helped him and in turn Cohen became an assassin for Radcliffe’s mob.

When killing the mob’s enemies Cohen uses his magic to brutally kill victims and then removes organs and parts he needs for himself. Then he consumes the good bits that are left. Many a body has been found by the Arkham Police desecrated and spread about as is a massive slug has torn the person apart. While outside of his house on the bank of the Miskatonic Cohen keeps his body human shape, but when alone he lets the flesh slip and slosh, turning his legs into a rolling mass.

Cohen’s one goal in death is to murder Father Daville and all of his associates. Radcliffe maintains that he will eventually allow this, but insists that Cohen control himself in the meantime. He has promised he will be let lose on Daville soon.

Cohen’s magic is a brutal one, when attacking personally he will wrench into peoples bodies and rip them limb from limb with extreme supernatural strength. But with GPS and Daville he seeks a greater revenge, one where his victims learn to fear him. At first he brutally attack some of the less involved GPS members with shocking brutality and an open view of his magic. Next he will detach sections of himself and animate them to attack GPS and Daville. At night they will try to sneak into people’s houses and in the morning will leave huge puddles of gore and pus stinking up the place. Finally he will stalk his victims personally, letting himself be glimpsed until he can catch them alone. He will do this when Daville is in his church. And he will brutally murder them.

Allies & Enemies:

Father Djoric Daville – Enemy, Mr. Radcliffe – Ally

Brains: 90 Brawn: 50 Power: 101
San: 0 HP: 20 Db: -1D6


Cohen’s magic is a brutal one, when attacking personally he will wrench into peoples bodies and rip them limb from limb with extreme supernatural strength.


  • Putting limb inside himself
  • Stealing newspaper
  • Maggots in little piles near where he is

Flesh Golem

Cohen can leave a large part of his flesh behind and fill it with bugs to act as a spy or advance troop.

They can wrap around a targets legs and start climbing up them to cover their mouth and fill their mouth and nose with bugs. It can also go for their eyes.


It can also use its bugs to attack the limb as it touches someone’s legs. But if the target brakes away it could destroy itself.


His body can shape and reform as it wants. His fists turn into thick sledgehammers to slam his opponents. He can also open his skin with the buttons he’s sewn on his skin and can spew worms and maggots on a target.

Punch: 50% 1D8+1D6

Spew: 30% but covers all the area in front of him so still hits anyone not dodging. The maggots do 1D6 per round inside the pile.

His magic is violent and messy, he doesn’t bother with spells but just throws scythes of matter across.

Scythes: 45% 1D10+5 It smashes any limb it hits, severing it savagely if they fail a luck roll.

The Arkham Ripper

Cohen has been under Radcliffe’s employ since 1929 when the whole ACC Collapse occurred. Radcliffe had gained all sorts of arcane knowledge from his time with Mr. White and was desperate to save himself during the collapse. One of the assets he looked for was Cohen. Mr. White had sent other magicians to work with Cohen to ultimately be betrayed leading to Cohen’s death in 1928. But Radcliffe knew Cohen was more powerful than that. He came and helped the still growing worm filled carcass become human again with generous helpings of human meat.

While Radcliffe was forming his new steel business and criminal empire in Arkham Cohen did his dirty work, blazing a path through rival gangsters and union organizers alike. Between 1930 and 1935 he did the most killing nearly a dozen people.

America Wheelock

A carny performer and superb sharp shooter Radcliffe excited her ire when he robbed her troupe of all they owned. When America came knocking looking for a shootout he stuck Cohen on her.

Cohen wanted some new limbs so removed her leg skin leaving the muscle and bones. She was found, legs skinned and arms broken hung up on a traffic pole just outside of Arkham.

  • The papers dragged up the America Wheelock mystery after Jepson and friends were murdered. The Papers reported “Crime Sprees On Rise! Group Third Victims this Month!” They made especial mention of the arrest of the troupe before the killing.
  • Maxwell Hank remembers being involved in the scheme to fleece America and her troupe. Together with the growing Bitter Servant gang offered America a plot of land. They then called the police when the carnies had been having a big party. Once all of the troupe had been taken to cool off in the drunk tank the BS stole in and took everything of value. America went looking for trouble after that and it’s no wonder she got knocked off.
  • According to the coroner’s report the leg skin was removed in a very precise manner and maggots and worms had already begun eating the body, despite being hung up on a lamp post.
  • The carnival America was part of still exists, but is far to the west of Arkham. However Sammy Sax the current head will respond to letters. He recalls that Radcliffe offered the troupe the spot and provided the booze. The cops arrived hours after the party started and the whole show was hauled off to the drunk tanks. When they returned the camp had been ransacked. He remembers fondly that America was on the warpath, wielding her rifle like she would shoot every man, woman or child that might be involved.

Stephania Quincy

A bootlegger of great skill in the 20s Stephania was one of the first ladies to try to get involved with the Danger Dogs. The Dogs were taking on strays and after her husband had slit his wrists after the prohibition had dried up. Her story pulled a lot of news after she robbed the train between Arkham and Boston making off with the jewels of fifty of the richest New Englanders.

Radcliffe saw Stephania as a dangerous foe or a potentially excellent ally. He set up a meeting and had Cohen lay in wait in case she refused. Cohen took her brain and tongue to feed his worms. Her body, split open and missing the head was found still illuminated on the Bolton turn pike by her car.

  • The news reported the murder as a mob deal turned bad. Not inaccurate for once. Ironically it is usually left out of the Arkham Ripper lists of victims because of this.
  • The papers have a lot more to say about Stephania’s train robbery in her death reports than anything else.
  • Maxwell Hank recalls the time period as fraught while the strays of the city were teaming up against the organized criminals. Stephania was one of the ones trying to band together a lot of the hobos, but her death put a stop to any respectable union and the newly formed rabid Danger Dogs took over.
  • The coroner examined what was left of the body, stating that the head had been removed with an unknown tool. (It was the worms) It was pocked through like someone had used a gouging tool over and over again in uneven lines across her neck. The head was never found. The torso had been gutted but the organs left. Maggots had already begun laying eggs in it.
  • The meeting place where Stephania was killed still teems with the fat white worms.

Jepson Mathews and Friends

Mr. Mathews was a poor Louisiana man who had come up to Arkham to make his way as a petty criminal. Bringing some friends with him they set up shop in an out of the way shop front in the Markey District and proceeded to target every shop on the block. Radcliffe had been setting up his street watch in the same area and instantly saw red. He sent Cohen around to the shop.

Cohen massacred four men in the shop and a pregnant woman who happened to walk in the open door thinking it was the neighboring dress shop. The police originally blamed the killing on Jepson since he had been so butchered it had been impossible to distinguish his body parts from the body parts of his friends. But further examination quickly proved his innocents.

  • The newspapers reported on the case as “Mad Black Kills Fellow Criminals” but later was toned down to “Five Found Dead, Remains Mixed.” Later articles connecting the killing to the crime spree of murders followed.
  • Papa Warrell remembers Jepson and his crew. He remembers Radcliffe asking him to figure out someway to set up a shotgun to hit anyone coming in a window before scraping the whole idea.
  • The coroner had a field day over the bodies. The nearly dog meat like remains had been thoroughly mixed,  Jepson was at first considered missing until they managed to find his scalp mixed with the scalp of another of the men. The coroner’s report explains that at least three different organs, the spleen, large and small intestines of three of the different men were missing, but it was ignored since the bodies were so destroyed.
  • The shop where Jepson and friends were killed has long been cleaned and sold to new owners. However the potted plants outside (visible in photos of the shop in the papers) are ravaged by worms. Nothing seems to grow without being devoured.

Hadley Leavitt & Charlene Rey

Mr. Leavitt and Charlene Rey had been having an affair. Rey was one of Radcliffe’s favorite girls and an excellent money maker in his dance clubs. When he discovered that Mr. Leavitt a travelling businessman from Oklahoma was promising to take Charlene Rey away he sent Cohen to have them both murdered in Mr. Leavitt’s Arkham Lodge hotel room. To this day they keep Charlene Rey’s name on the room’s booking because the room is supposedly haunted.

Cohen left both bodies in a horrible state, ripping Leavitt nearly in half, his liver and kidneys were missing and his eyes ripped out. Charlene’s pretty face had been torn open and her skull removed, her chest had been ripped open revealing her blackened smokers lungs. It was after this event that the name Arkham Ripper began being used.

  • The newspapers billed the killing as a lovers quarrel gone bad, claiming that some jealous man at Charlene’s dance club, Nightjack’s Gentlemen’s Club. However when someone tipped the press off about the missing organs of Jepson and America’s cases they coined the name “Arkham Ripper.”
  • The Lodge continues a “ghost stay” program for Charlene’s room. They point out the blood stains on floor and walls. The story claims Charlene’s ghost visits the room begging for her skull back at 3:33AM every night. They also include the fact that both bodies were covered with worms which apparently was ignored by the coroner and police. Staff claim that a large homeless man burst into the hotel that night and forced his way past the hotel PI. He then went up to Charlene’s room. Guests next door heard bangs but since Charlene had many guests they didn’t worry about it. The room below finally called hotel staff when blood started to drip down from the ceiling.
  • The coroner’s report do corroborate that Charlene’s skull and Leavitt’s liver, kidneys and eyes were missing. Charlene’s torso had been ripped open but nothing had been taken out. Apparently Charlene probably would have died of the lung cancer in a year or two regardless.
  • The janitor of the Nightjack’s Gentlemen’s Club is the only staff member still there. An elderly black woman by the name of Susan still mops out the bathrooms and cleans the stage. These days the club is nearly empty, with a few last elderly regulars coming to see the tired out dancers. She remembers that Charlene was popular in her day, even fancy men like Mr. Radcliffe would bring her flowers. But Charlene had always wanted to get away from it all and Leavitt promised that to her though Susan suspects that he had been lying, it was dragged up in the news that he had a wife and kids in Oklahoma.

Brock Bloxam

Brock Bloxam was one of Radcliffe’s hopeful money makers. Brock showed up looking for work at the Bolton Steel Mills and punched a hole through a  steel pipe during a fight that very night. Radcliffe immediately had Mr. Mallady offer him work.

Brock however suffered from a massive temper and accidentally killed a local Bolton girl, only 15 years old, named Madelina Oakley during a drunken brawl. Radcliffe was worried that the police might track Brock’s illegal activities back to the Steel Mills so had Cohen pay him a visit. Cohen simply took Brock’s hands. By the time his body was found hanging in a barn outside of Bolton his whole body was riddled with big fat white worms.

  • Any roughhouser in Arkham knows about Brock Bloxam and his death. Rumors abound about his fights being fixed or a bet going bad. But most of the stories revolve around his being killed by the Arkham Ripper. They claimed the Ripper liked stealing the best bits of people, America’s legs, Charlene’s face, organs from Jepson and friends, and so on.
  • An article around the same time mentions a missing Bolton girl named Madelina Oakley. She was never found.
  • The newspapers reported on his suicide that someone had taken his hands and he had killed himself since his best parts were gone. A few of the papers connected it to the Arkham Ripper but struggled to rectify the discrepancy of his survival.
  • Mr. Mallady remembers hiring Bloxam on Radcliffe’s orders and he set up plenty of illegal and legal fights for the man. But Bloxam had a mean streak a mile wide and a thing for kids. Mallady is sure the real killer was a dad who was seeking revenge for his daughter.
  • A photo of Bloxam hanging in a barn with his missing hands still remains in the Arkham Historical Society. Notable is the fact that there appears to be no ladder or chair in the barn. Seems unlikely that he could have hung himself considering he had no hands to tie the knot.
  • The barn was long destroyed. The ground there is still ravaged by white worms.
  • Graham Oakley still lives in Bolton, though he is nearly eighty. He still hopes his daughter will be found but suspects that she is long dead. He remembers she was spending a lot of time out at the time but hadn’t worried about it until she vanished. When he checked with her friends they said she had been going out to a dive bar near the mills and had been getting in with many rough folks.

Al Pitman & Family

A union organizer from the Steel Workers Union Al tried to get the workers at Bolton to join up but was chased away when there were threats on his life. His contact there Señor Castilla sold him out to Mr. Mallady and Radcliffe sent Cohen to the Kingsport house where Al was hiding. Al and the family he was staying with all were killed. Cohen took an arm and a leg from Al’s body.

  • The papers report that “concerned locals” checked on the house and discovered the gory scene. Al and the family had been ripped apart limb from limb and Al’s torso had been partly eaten. They mention the missing limbs as well. The “Arkham Ripper” had gone abroad.
  • Señor Castilla still works at Bolton but as a senior manager. He recalls that Al had come to him to get him to join the Steel Workers Union. He told Mallady who he knew had crime connections.
  • Locals of Kingsport are incredibly close lipped about the event and refuse to let anyone into the house, even though no one new has moved in. Dr. Gardener the local coroner said he examined the body, and despite the horrible conditions they were normal. No worms or missing parts.

Cohen’s House

Cohen lives nearly on the bank of the Miskatonic just East of French Hill. The house, a large sprawled wreck is on a raised lot, and its dark windows, cracked by unwise children, glare out at the street. Cohen has kept the house ice cold to preserve his body. Newspaper that Cohen habitually steals fills the corners of the rooms giving the impression of rooms filling with grey nothingness. In one room, which Cohen fills with ice, are two large chests filled with organs from Cohen’s many victims. Cohen must replace his own often, however he hasn’t perfected the ability to preserve organs for later use and is experimenting with various solutions.

At home Cohen doesn’t worry about keeping his form human, instead he lets it deteriorate into an almost slug like mass that he slides about the house with. Anyone invading his house while he is there will find a pair of large ballooning pants by the door that he abandons when he arrives home.

Mr. Mallady

Radcliffe’s right hand man. Mallady is the hammer of the gang. When a rival gang tries to muscle into their turf or a cop has been getting in the Bitter Servants’ hair Mallady is the man who leads the charge.

Mallady ran the ACC’s human meat business. Mr. Mallady has always known what the ACC is up to and he is close to Radcliffe. Mallady was originally the number fudger hiding the Long Pork Club accounts from the world. But Mallady went mad when Mr. White abandoned the ACC and kidnapped his partner in crime Mr. Crawley. Crawley, a dedicated worshipper of Nyarlathotep, under torture told Mallady everything about the ACC’s true purpose.

Mallady still has Crawley locked up in his attic. He force feeds and tortures the poor man, keeping him on the edge of life.

Mallady is a wildcard. While he is Radcliffe’s war general he also is his bitterest enemy. Radcliffe wants revenge on Mr. Noire, Mallady wants revenge on Radcliffe. But Mallady is smart and he is playing the long game.

Mallady runs the Bolton Mills as foreman. He is the real fermenter of the union strikers. Mallady, whose worship of Nyarlathotep has been ruined by Radcliffe’s quest for revenge, has sworn vengeance. He has been cruelly overworking whichever workers he thinks will make the most trouble for it and encouraging others  to seek out union help.

Allies & Enemies:

Mr. Radcliffe – Secret Enemy,

Why does Mallady want Radcliffe dead?

  • Did the financial collapse impact his family?
  • Did his insanity “caused” by the ACC cause him to hurt his family?
Brains: 40 Brawn: 60 Power: 45
San: 12 HP: 18 Db: +1D4


  • Mr. Mallady has branches of white oak trees tattooed intertwining about his arms. None of the branches cross, they follow the lines of his veins.
  • He keeps a statue of the Black Man in his closet in his office.

Bolton Mills

A rail line runs alongside the Boston-Arkham Rail Road line for a mile or so outside of Arkham and then cuts North to the small town of Bolton. Several lines all meet at the Bolton Steel Mills. The mills are a forest of smoke stacks belching sold grey puffs to the heavens. The steel mills did poorly when they were built, but the 40s have been a boon to them, something Radcliffe, with his knowledge of the future knew well as he prepared the business. He has stockpiled huge stockpiles of raw ore and coke while it was still cheap and he has hired lawyers to keep his laborers away from the draft.

Radcliffe keeps the mills mostly legal leaving the mob boss a fortress to retreat to if the law ever moves in. He occasionally uses the mills to destroy incriminating evidence, especially marked weapons. For this he keeps one furnace hot for the less pure metals this will produce. Radcliffe hires half of his workers from Bolton but ships the rest from Arkham, especially the cheap labor of the new Puerto Rican residents of North Arkham. Such a wide hiring practice also helps Radcliffe hire for his mob, choosing the smartest and strongest to work Arkham’s streets.



  • The Mills is hammering the metals into odd shapes. Spirals or pyramids or melting them into spheres. The workmen seem to think that they are “for the war effort”

Mallady’s House

Out in Bolton Mallady has a pleasant house to himself. It has a steep roof broken up by a single gable with a tiny attic window. There in the space under the roof Mr. Mallady has Mr. Crawley his one time partner locked up. Blood has stained the boards around the small wooden chair where Crawley is chained. The chairs seat has a hole in it and a bucket is kept underneath to catch Crawley’s filth. A tool kit sits on a rickety table inside the door with saws, hammers, and teeth scrappers stolen from an Arkham dentist.

A gag has been fitted to his mouth which Mallady only removes when he needs to force feed him. Crawley has told Mallady everything he knows long ago.


Vernay Anguis

Vernay is Benoit Anguis’ son and at 29 is a good staunch laborer, drinking beer from the bottle and works hard at the Bolton Steel Mill. He is aware that the Bitter Servants have a contingent of criminals at the mill, but refuses to join them. He spends most nights drinking with other workers at the Bolton Workers Lodge.

Vernay in general disproves of his sister, Silvae’s writing and equally his fathers. He has abandoned the pagan religion of his parents and instead considers himself agnostic. “Hedging my bets so to speak.” Despite his unhappiness with his family’s line of work he still enjoys his father’s company and pities Benoit’s ugliness. He occasionally invites Benoit to come drink with him in Bolton and visits Arkham himself.

  • Takes great satisfaction from his job at the Bolton steel mill. He often comes home to lament his sister’s work with Benoit, but also disapproves of Benoit’s books as well.
  • He reads seldomly and drinks beer from the bottle, he stays at the workers lodge in Bolton, but spends holidays at home with his parents.
  • He is very laddish and occasionally invites Benoit to come drinking with him and “the boys”
  • It is very possible Vernay will be approached to join the Bitter Servants. He will probably refuse, depending on how Benoit has been treating him, and will be beaten badly for it. He will later come to his father to complain.
  • If Benoit is too crazy Vernay will go to Monty, Benoit’s brother.
  • Problems with Radcliffe, or questions about Vernay being involved in the bitter servants. He also seems the sort to join the army.
Brains: 50 Brawn: 60 Power: 35
San: 15 HP: 15 Db: +1D4


  • It is very possible Vernay will be approached to join the Bitter Servants. He will probably refuse, depending on how Benoit has been treating him, and will be beaten badly for it. He will later come to his father to complain.
  • If Benoit is too crazy Vernay will go to Monty, Benoit’s brother.
  • Vernay also seems the sort to join the army.

Mama & Papa Warrell

Mama now constantly stares upwards to the right of whoever she is speaking to. Papa stares directly at the person he is talking to but picks at his face.

Mr. Radcliffe’s left hand man is Lucy Warrell and hers is her husband Sebastian. The Warrells are the recruiters and organizers of the gang. They hand out jobs and keep track of the people and money of the gang.

Radcliffe is a busy man and can’t dedicate his entire time to planning jobs or assigning patrols to his mobsters. For this he uses the Warrell couple, Mama and Papa. Mama is very much the unofficial head of the Bitter Servants and passes out the duty roster. Mama also heads the Warrell family branch of the Bitter Servants, some of its heaviest hitters. Assassins, fast drivers, and the worst shake down men all have Warrell blood. Mama and Papa are both oblivious of Radcliffe’s schemes, and of the more magical side of his business.

Papa’s brother Markus Warrell was killed in London at the Misr House (see Masks of Nyarlathotep). Many of the Warrell’s harbor a huge hatred for cults and their activities.

Allies & Enemies:

Mr. Radcliffe – Ally

Brains: 80 Brawn: 40 Power: 40
San: 10 HP: 15 Db: 0
Brains: 40 Brawn: 80 Power: 40
San: 10 HP: 15 Db: +1D4


  • Mama now constantly stares upwards to the right of whoever she is speaking to.
  • Papa stares directly at the person he is talking to but picks at his face.

Warrell House

Common location for BS meetings. The Warrells have been in the gang since the beginning and have taken a bit of a ‘parental’ role, and their house has always been a safe place for members to go if they need a place to hide out for a few hours, a warm dinner after a big job, or even a bed to sleep in for a night or two.

Malcolm doesn’t live with his parents, he has a smaller place for him and his dog somewhere else in the city (not sure exactly where, probably more than a few blocks away but not super far), and although he doesn’t host people regularly he has a basement outfitted as a safe room with plenty of supplies.

Liam Arriguccius

Malcolm Warrell’s partner in crime. Liam is a chubby gun toting gangster. He constantly smokes and flicks ash everywhere. He speaks with a bad Italian accent and constantly tells bad dirty jokes.

He wears a sagging fedora and a brown (stained) coat over a shirt and tie. He keeps his gun tucked in his belt and no matter what people tell him he keeps six bullets in the revolver despite risking shooting himself in the foot or worse. “Well my wife wont miss anything anyway!” he loudly proclaims.

He is married to Doris, who Liam describes as a flabby breasted drooping old hag who is probably a witch. He claims she makes the best meat loaf in the world but he can’t stand to sleep with her. He often frequents a brothel on the lower south side. (His house is on the most northern street in this neighborhood as well. During the day he likes to stop by the dirty cinema downtown, the Disrobing Clown.

Liam isn’t a drunk, but just bumbles through life on a laugh, and he is genuinely fond of the red head Moreen at the brothel.

Brains: 35 Brawn: 75 Power: 35
San: 45 HP: 13 Db: +1D4


  • Liam’s wife has been stalking him. He is terrified of going to the club and always leaves early and wanders around until it gets dark trying to catch her at it.
  • Liam shows up to work bruised. As the campaign continues he becomes more and more battered.
  • Liam lights his hand on fire while wearing fire proof gloves.

Liam’s House

The house is not his own, the true ruler is Doris, Liam’s wife. Doris is a husband beater and terrorizes Liam. She beats him for coming home late or for skipping out on meals.

The house is a tiny town house with a wilted vegetable garden outside. Doris spends most of her time in the front room listening to a scratchy radio. There she waits for Liam every day.


An unattractive lady. She looks like a housewife who has run the laundry too many times. Her back is bent, her breasts sag into her stained flower print dress and she keeps her hair in curlers. She smokes like a chimney and coughs often. She almost always has a beer in her hand.

Philo & Tony

Philo and Tony are the mobster pair who rival Malcolm and Liam in their endeavors. Philo is a smooth talking ladies man, always happy to make a crack at Malcolm’s expense. Tony is the muscle, favouring a heavy lead pipe or baseball bat to a gun. They are good friends with many of the other mobsters.

Radcliffe likes to encourage rivalry in his gang, thinking it will make them do their jobs that little bit harder. He often will set Philo and Tony at cross purposes to Malcolm and Liam.

Allies & Enemies:

Brains: 45 Brawn: 70 Power: 35
San: 35 HP: 15 Db: +1D6

Maxwell Hank

Knows Samuel

Max is the man on the docks. He gets sailors to “drop” crates off their ships when they come in for trade. He knows about almost all goods going in or out of Arkham. He’s also bored out of his skull and happily swaps facts with anyone who will divert him for a short while. He wont admit he works for the BS, never know who is a cop.Allies & Enemies:

Samuel Hunter – Contact, Mr. Mallady – Most Loyal Friend, Liam Arriguccius – Ally, Mr. Radcliffe – Ally/Secret Enemy

Brains: 45 Brawn: 60 Power: 45
San: 45 HP: 12 Db: +1D4

The Fish Bar

Down some steep steps to near where the Miskatonic sleepily laps the stone banks of the river a wooden shack leans against a dirty cinder block bar. A bare bulb swings above the closely crowded drinkers, all smelling of salt and fish. Maxwell Hank, hair greasy with oil, possibly originating in some sea creature dirties a stool at the end of the bar, occasionally clinking his mug with a nearby fisherman.

Michaela Diva

Michaela is an excitable bar tender with a thing for Malcolm Warrell. She is a brunette with a body that keeps a host of young male regulars in the Smoke and Handle.

Brains: 45 Brawn: 45 Power: 45
San: 45 HP: 12 Db: 0


Mr. Hakim


Brains: 60

Brawn: 45

Power: 65

San: 45

HP: 12

Db: 0

Tikal Coffee House

Tucked in between some town houses on the North Side is this Arabian Style Cafe. It is run by Mr. Hakim, ironically one of the few Middle Eastern people who visit the cafe. Normally the bottom floor is packed with local Puerto Rican patrons looking for a dark coffee. The cafe also serves as Radcliffe’s meeting house. Two private rooms upstairs serve as council chambers for Radcliffe and Mama Warrell, many of the mob’s biggest decisions have been made here. The mob also owns the two houses on either side. They are kept empty for visiting crime contacts or if the mob needs some extra space.

Odd Jobs

Mama Warrell assigns mobsters to their jobs at the Cafe each night. Of late Radcliffe has insisted that mobsters walk the streets checking on “protected” brick shops. He is very specific, they must check every brick walled shop of one story only. Mama Warrell, nor any other member of the mob, know why Radcliffe is so specific. Similarly he has insisted that a couple of men accompany the mobsters to document the shops. This catalogue of shops include the color the window frames are painted and what the sign looks like. Recently Radcliffe has been sending out rough bound copies of this list to mobsters and has requested that they report any shop that looks different. The mob has extorted protection from all of the listed shops.

Saturday Session Prep: Flames Engulf 8

Saturday Session Prep are notes directly from my game sessions. They are completely unedited, sloppy, and unorganized, enjoy! They include both before and after session notes. 


Sam has left a note with the landlord at Wally’s place saying an arsonist is keeping stuff here. He left him $10.

Justine pumped Sam for info on the GPS and their problems. And Stanley threatened Sam and Benoit to get off the investigation.

  • Com. Stanley is drafted and will join the intelligence services.
  • but Carmela will have it out for GPS.
  • Sam told Mr. Rubio that a police man will help him and J. go into Witness Protection
  • Sam has told the police about the Rubio’s and Morales.
  • Stanley will probably hire some people to get rid of Juliana and Edgar Morales. And will leave the rest of the families.


Benoit has marked the Dark Ravine with a sign of the horned god.

Vogel put Volker’s file in the bank and gave the cops the key.

Sam has the serial number on a bullet from Quail Zither’s gun. He can track it back to Quail’s shop if he goes to the bother of checking.

Philo & Tony warned DDs to look out for Malcolm’s hunters in the caves.

  • They met with Shane Belcher as a DD contact
  • Dr. d’Poe has been conscripted and will go to the war to eat “grey meat.”

They know about the Mill. The High Order will set Quail up as a fall guy and not tell them that they’re meeting elsewhere.

Things that are going on:

Bitter Servants

  1. Philo and Tony grab Wallace, one of Plato’s gang who got himself captured hoping to get help getting out of the draft. He begs them to help him and in exchange he reveals that there’s a Danger Dog meeting about to go down in a week.
  2. Philo and Tony have been warning people off joining the BS. Without even trying the DD are screwing up his plans. (Haunt Investigator)
    1. Turns out the Dr. d’Poe was helping Danger Dogs as well.


  1. Leslie has tipped off the Crow Thing that they can travel in minds. This will make Agatha start attacking anyone else going into people’s brains.
  2. Lavinia is going to seek out Leslie to befriend this new enemy.
    1. She will keep her name secret, saying she wants to be called Jane Doe, after what they call unknown female corpses.
    2. She will be interested in everything Leslie is doing including magic.
    3. She will try to get Leslie to experiment on one of the kids with electricity involving strapping one of their legs down. She will use magic to then kill the child in an accident that can only be traced to Leslie.
  3. Dr. Mason and orderlies arrive with the police to help remove the Ghost (Steward) Once he’s removed the Oak starts sending Leslie dreams. Nice contrast between Dr. Middleton getting sent off and Dr. Mason not.
    1. Leslie starts dreaming of the shrub below.  Ink departs Leslie’s head.

The Hate Bush – three weeks – three Pow rolls, then further ones each night this goes on –  any failures result in San rolls from then on – starting with 0/1, 0/1d4, 1/1d6, etc. This should motivate Leslie to try to deal with the bush at least next session.

  1. Dr. Middleton admits that he’s been drafted – he’s arranged for Henry to move in to the house and Mrs. O’Hare will move her kids into the third story of the house in exchange for taking care of food and cleaning.
  2. Henry decides if Leslie has to go to High School. A small allowance is given to Leslie.

Arkham PD

  1. Stanley before he leaves makes sure Delta Green agents disappear Edgar and Juliana. Their families remain in Arkham. Mr. Rubio probably is furious at Sam.
  2. Justine is dating Isaiah Hallman

LPC & Witch Cult

  1. NeoWitch Cultists have begun protesting outside several occult shops including the Botanica and the Zither Boutique. They also have appeared with “end of the world” signs around Church Street.
  2. Aldrich, Silas, Deborah and Channel all move out of the Mill but don’t tell Quail, he’s the fall man now.
    1. Evidence of him shooting Sam is easy to find in his apartment as he’s kept the gun, his clothes with gun powder stains and a note in his journal about the shooting.
    2. The others have not told him that the meetings are on hold and he will get desperate since the meat is for his sickness he will start craving human flesh and will murder for it if left too long.


The Meeting

  • To let some recap and maybe info swapping happen Huey will call a GPS meeting and declare that there will be scheduled meetings at the Grotto every other week. (Every other session or so)
  • Make sure the note comes up and Huey asks if they’ve figured out what to do.


The Dark Ravine

  • Benoit must call on a strong emotion to call up the power in the Ravine.
  • Samantha Philip as Luna is lying in wait for the next time he shows up and she will taunt him about ruining his marriage, put him under a gaes to prevent him using the magic he’s trying to do and then will tell him she’s going to sacrifice his wife.


The Ceremony

  • When he gets to the Ravine he can feel the power there waiting for him. He’s realized he’s been feeling that power every since he first stepped foot there, uncurling from some unseen place deep in the ravine.
  • There in the ravine he must use some strong emotion to call to the spirits. He should pick something he is feeling.
  • Once he calls on the emotion a bear comes. It kneels before him throat extended, he knows he is to cut it. He notices a knife amongst the bushes near by.
  • Once he has cut the bear’s throat he feels intense emotion fill him. His own emotions seem to overflow in him. ASK HIM TO DESCRIBE WHAT THOSE ARE.


Samantha’s Mockery

  • When Luna comes out she casts a geas on him:
    • A centipede twists around his chest hurting him. He feels a huge blanket overcome him. It feels like the Power he felt is perverted to be used against him.
  • Luna sits up in front of him and transforms into Samantha Philip in a black slip. She tosses her hair and laughs. Then she taunts him:
    • He has tried to get power, a power he could never truly wield or hold!
    • He hasn’t figured out that it was her causing his marriage to fall apart and he has been isolated.
    • He thinks he knows about witches, but indeed she and her three sisters wield power beyond his imagination.
    • She has been targeting Benoit because he is so ugly she thought it would be hilarious to torture him. She couldn’t believe someone as good as Diana would ever marry him so Samantha set out to fix that!
    • She has cast a geas on Benoit that will prevent him from using any magic. A large thorny ring appears around his chest and seems to crush him.
    • If Benoit can kill Samantha she seems to die. Find out what he wants to do with the body. But as he moves his plan along she gets up, her body seeming to rise with a great power splitting out of her in stabbing rays. Where ever the rays hit they distort the plants. She screams that she will find a new body… his wife!
    • If he doesn’t kill her and she gets some blood she will cackle and exclaim that she will now kill Diana as a perfect innocent sacrifice! She flies out of the ravine leaving Benoit.


Samantha vs. Diana

  • Sam flies to Benoit’s house and challenges Diana. She is killed and Diana gets her power. Diana knows she must sacrifice someone to save herself from insanity.
  • Her plan is to dispose of the body with acid which she goes and buys at the chemists.


The Oak Fire

  • If the players decide to go to the quad as a group it will trigger the fire on Hangman’s Hill. Elizabet and co. are waiting in the quad so that they know the show will be seen. Since Carl has been drafted Carol is crying and Elizabet is conforting her instead of her laughing.
  • Similarly if they investigate the hill itself.
  • Hangman’s Hill


LPC Changes:

The Mill

Everything but the sarcophagus and furniture has been ripped out. The hangings, silverware, library and candles are all gone. A couple alchemical vials have been left in the attic. Downstairs the ovens and meat hook are all left. What’s left of Carina’s rotting head has been left in the cabinet to be found.


Aldrich’s Warehouse

Aldrich has sensibly abandoned his warehouse. He has set up some TNT inside with a trip wire to catch anyone that comes back.



Since Benoit knows about the meetings Aldrich and Channel have decided discretion is the better part of valor. Silas knows that Benoit might challenge him and has set himself up in his house to wait while Deborah has surrounded herself with body guards. Quail is the fall guy and has been left out in the dark.


Notes On Leslie’s Magic Use

  • Leslie should be strongly cautioned against trying to manipulate other people’s brains. The oddities of their brain will cause strange effects when this happens resulting in the affected person gaining strong memories of Leslie visiting them in a nightmare.
  • Leslie instead can damage brains if they so wish, or alternatively take the “channel of power” of Yog-Sothoth away from them in a similar state. Depending on how Leslie does this they either gain magic points by stealing some of the flow of magic points or permanently robs them of Pow and gains that flow permanently.
  • Ink has left simple instructions to summon something using their new found knowledge of using Yog-Sothoth as a gate. Everything has an amount of entropy that prevents things from getting pulled through Yog-Sothoth. Ink warns not to summon anything with a low entropy and a high power, those things want to be summoned.
  • The summoning involves summoning something small. By drawing a circle of blood enough of the protruding force Leslie saw at higher brain levels.



Yog-Sothoth Spell

Levels of Gate:


1 Perception distorts and senses heighten.

2 Perception starts to extend out of the body.

3 Full out of body experience but connected to body.

4 Full separated out of body experience.


3 more mp: Seeing things at consciousness level.

More than 3: Seeing brains as an extension of Nyarlathotep.

More than 6: All brains start to meld together.

More than 10: Seeing Nyarlathotep in everything.


5 Whole consciousness goes to dreamlands.

More magic points: manifest objects in Dreamlands. (Larger works require Dreaming rolls)


6 Gate sucks at person, parts of the body could be inserted (to pull something through for example) but not the whole body.

7+ The body is dragged into hyperspace. A small amount of movement is possible. The number of magic points determines how far the person travels.

7-9 Local to Long distance on Earth.

10+ Space and further planets.

Using magic points in hyperspace will “rotate” the plane. This will let the traveler travel through time.

Up to 10 total – 30 exacrly

+1 A year

+2 17,500 years

+3 300 million years


Shub-Niggurath Spell

Using Shub-Niggurath is a matter of letting Shub-Niggurath into one’s brain. The “power” gropes him all over, pushing him into a corner of his brain. It feels his whole corporeal form first.

It widens his eyes in an extremely painful way that lets him see higher dimensions. He is unsure how high. When he uses this he sees the thickness of Shub-Niggurath extending upwards like great fleshy towers. Things like ribbons, bones, etc. are everywhere. The ribbons only extend from people that Channel has met. Piles of stones mark anyone Samantha has met. Ribbons are tied completely around anyone Channel has under her spell.

Once the eyes have been widened the magician can spend a Magic Point to see that dimension again.

If he tugs or pushes at the matter he can manipulate things from a distance or as if he had a strength much greater than his own.

  1. He can use invisible “pockets” in the flesh to travel short distances invisibly.
  2. Things lurk in this dimension and will be trawling around looking for anything making itself known here.
  3. Diana, Channel, and Agatha can all see this dimension.
  4. If he so wishes he can summon some of the things in this dimension to aid him. But be careful they are dangerous and temperamental and feed on raw emotion.
  5. Any spells on people appear in this dimension like great cobwebs, chains, ropes or the like, and can be destroyed with great emotion or energy. (Unless Benoit invents a lightning gun he won’t be able to use the energy option.)

The Hate Bush

  • The bush is the hatred of Kree-kolen-ben and Mary Ayer’s victims all rolled in one. Kree-kolen-ben became a witch after discovering her husband being used as the phallic cetner of a witches ritual and then was ostracized by her community for her actions. Then, killed by accident by Mary Ayer, Ayer tormented people, feeding the tortured spirits to the Oak Tree growing near her newly created mansion.
  • The bush hates all humanity with a vengeance and will lash out at anyone who dares to get near it. It seems to crackle with the hate it feels, only tended by the Steward of the Oak, one of Mary’s ancient servants called from some unknown recess of the Earth.
  • Things to taunt Leslie about:
    • Loneliness
    • Anti-socialness distancing Leslie from Dr. Middleton
    • Henry humouring Leslie
  • It taunts it’s victims, feeding on their pain and suffering. It will insult their bodies, their decisions and greatest fears. The only way to fling that off is to get angry at it, throwing off the hate by flinging it back at it. Once someone has broken free of the spell they can treat it as a normal, if strangely animate bush. As all bushes are it’s susceptible to axes or fire.

Friday Game Notes 8: Danger Dogs

Friday Game Notes are a weekly post of the random and essentially unedited setting and character notes I wrote before the game. This was written for my home group and was never meant to be seen online. BE WARNED!

Donavan & Delphi Dog

During the Great Depression many people became homeless, and the Bitter Servants weren’t the only gang to form. Amongst the stray children and dogs of the city, fed and corralled by the ghouls, The Danger Dogs grew. The Danger Dogs are a gang of misfits and cannibals, all led by a pair of ghouls named Donavan and Delphi Dog.

Donavan and Delphi, just barely able to conceal their less than human aspects lead the strays around the city, robbing shops, murdering pedestrians, and generally causing mayhem. They are also the bitter enemies of the Bitter Servants. Danger Dogs will do anything to sabotage the Bitter Servants, often attacking protected shops or interrupting jobs.

In 1928 Henry Carter the old alpha male migrated to the Dreamlands leaving Donavan and Delphi the two most “human” ghouls in charge. Henry had done much to humanize and civilize the ghoul packs after their feral period during Noden’s awakening. Donavan and Delphi would happily have continued the good work, except that the Great Depression sent many humans to the same depths that the ghouls were living. Confronted with a horde of strays, human and dog the twins decided to monopolize. They started the Danger Dogs almost to the week that the Bitter Servants was official formed. The Dogs from the beginning were against their more civilized rivals. Radcliffe, knowing the true nature of his enemies prosecuted the ghouls horribly and the Dogs fought back tooth and nail. Much more tooth than expected.

Allies & Enemies:

Bitter Servants – Enemies

Brains: 65 Brawn: 80 Power: 65
San: 0 HP: 13 Db: 1D4


  • Attacks a street watch

The City Archives

A tunnel has been dug into the basement of the city archives. The ghouls use this to find records of old burials and hidden cellars around Arkham.

Baptist Church Warren

The now burnt down Baptist Church used  to have a buffet of a graveyard. But the church had only a spurt of the faithful, but the priest was murdered by Delphi Dog and soon the church became empty. In the basement of the church is a door into the tunnels that lead to a thick warren underneath the graveyard. All of the graves open up into tunnels in wood lined meal packages. Delphi and the Dogs now use this as a refugee camp now that the surface is not safe. Shacks of boxes, cloth, and sheet metal form little huts and stalls built along the sides of the tunnels, a lot of the old tunnels to excavate the graves above have become full homes, coffins, their lids, and grave stones form the walls of houses.

Homeless humans, dogs, and ghouls live together in a commune, getting food from stalls and helping each other. They will panic if threatened.

This is where Delphi and the remaining Dogs are hiding. They have boob trapped the entrances to the hideout, including some minor explosives and collapsing tunnels. Once one of those is tripped the ghouls plan to go out into the surrounding tunnels and ambush attackers relying on their night vision to exterminate any Bitter Servants that arrive. They will try to fight a running battle as they escape south to the lake where they will try to open the way into the Dreamlands.

The Burying Ground

This is one of the main entrances for all ghouls in Arkham, Danger Dog or otherwise. Many Dogs use it to get into the closer packed warrens in the North Side.

The path either leads to abandoned warrens from Henry’s time. The path north heads under the river. It sinks until there’s a dark lake. The rowboat is kept on the North side where an elderly ghoul would row it over when other ghouls come by. A third path intersecting at the dark lake extends eastward. The water gets deeper until it is practically bottomless. Ancient pillars emerge from the water ending in broken tops ten feet above. At the far end is a an arch emerging out of the water with a bare rock wall behind it. There a ghoul can invoke the name of Mordiggian to open a gate to the Dreamlands. However it can be locked off from the other side.

A tentacled beast lives in the depths and will rise up to consume anything lingering in the water too long. The tentacles will push their way into the tunnels filling them completely if the prey flees blocking the route off.


Ghoul Dens

Henry Carter left the Arkham ghouls to their devices a long time ago. They grew more and more desperate as other abandoned people came to the cemeteries to sleep. They killed a lot, something Arkham Police happily over looked, and recruited a few.

The ghoul dens have expanded into the cellars of most houses in Arkham. Many houses have forgotten basements or were built on older foundations. The ghoul armies built up by Donavan and Delphi have expanded the warren into a labyrinth of tunnels, hidden passages, and cubbies.

The main den still remains under the Burial Ground in University hill with tunnels reaching all over town. They also have a large den under the outskirts of the North Side to help fight the Bitter Servants there.

The ghouls  often use their tunnels to spring surprise attacks on the less subterranean opponents. More than one mobster has vanished down a fresh hole in the ground.


Dr. d’Poe

Dr. d’Poe keeps a doctor’s office on the corner of a street in the North Side. He is an excellent doctor, but has a disturbing secret. He feeds amputations, miscarriages, and the occasional least missed corpses to the ghouls who live under his house. Once Henry Carter migrated to the Dreamlands in 1928 Donavan and Delphi took over the pack. The two had been well fed by Dr. d’Poe and use his house as a secret meeting point in emergencies.

Dr. d’Poe is fully aware of his undeclared renters and happily feeds them spare bits. He himself already displays tell tale signs of transformation, though he hides them thoroughly.


Brains: 65

Brawn: 80

Power: 65

San: 0

HP: 13

Db: 1D4

Dr. d’Poe’s Office

Across the street from SOPI HQ is a small office recently inhabited by Dr. d’Poe a recently set up medical doctor. The office has taken the store front over which are two apartments. One of these is owned by Dr. d’Poe. The Doctor’s offices have a full surgery as well as waiting room, examining room, and a study. The study is interesting because a coal elevator opens off here and connects to an unused coal shoot outside. The hole seems surprisingly big inside. Anyone going down beware, since a ghoul waits below ready to carry away any refuse dropped down there by the doctor.

In the doctors office is a cupboard opening onto the old coal shoot, now dug out and opening into the ghoul caves. After the baby has been thrown down there a smear of blood can be seen on the opposite wall. Snuffling and faint barking can be heard below.

Despite his strange bed fellows Dr. d’Poe is hardly evil. He simply knows about the ghouls and feeds them whatever “bits” end up in his office. He does his best not to add unnecessary food to the ghoul’s diet. He knows about Henry Carter as well, and if pressed about his involvement will mention that he knew a man who was studying them and turned into one of them. Now Dr. d’Poe feed them so he can escape their influence.

Dr. d’Poe’s Warren

A warren has been dug under Dr. d’Poe’s house (he has told the Bitter Servants that his cellar has been checked so the patrols haven’t bothered around his house) and a good quantity of sick and pregnant ghouls have set up houses there. The ghouls have dug quite a large hole under his house to create simple earthen holes around the pit in which he tosses the cut offs from his surgery. Most of the ghouls there are cubs being taken care of by Dr. d’Poe’s wives, female ghouls. Now that Dr. d’Poe has been drafted the ghouls there are going without food.

Most of the ghouls here don’t pledge themselves to the Danger Dogs. One of the females, Arkhrr, leads a small band of females to keep Delphi away from the children. Anyone approaching the warren will probably be captured but not killed. They don’t like eating living meat.

Dr. d’Poe swore to help the Danger Dogs by giving them information on the Bitter Servants in order to protect his children. Dr. d’Poe’s private quarters include some of the disturbing clues to his ghoul connections. A photo of him posing with Arkhrr in the bedroom is hanging on the wall, and some odd claw marks have scratched grooves on the bedposts and wooden floors.

Shane Belcher

A butcher who works in a trashy shop by the docks. He takes in fish from the fisher men down at the docks and sells them at a good rate. He also does a good trade of dead bodies out the back to the Danger Dogs. He knows a lot about murders and missing people in Arkham.

Allies & Enemies:

Donavan & Delphi Dog – Allies, Aldrich’s Thugs Washington & Lincoln – Old Friends, Samuel Hunter – Contact


Brains: 35

Brawn: 80

Power: 35

San: 0

HP: 13

Db: 1D4

Butcher Alley

An alley amongst the docks has been dubbed “Butcher Alley” by the local sailors. A fish and meat market the narrow street is ringed with charnel houses harking their bloody wares. Arkhamites think it is unlucky for anyone to sell meat anywhere other than the small alley. The street itself is sloped in on itself creating a channel to the back of the alley where a grate leads into the city sewers into which red muck is washed each evening.

Shane’s Butcher

In a grimy back corner of the alley, a green painted building seems to peak around the boring brick neighbor that takes up the corner proper. A little sign, featuring a pig painted in a shaky hand, bleeding into a bucket, swings with a rusty assault on the ears. This is Shane’s Butcher, though the name doesn’t appear anywhere on the building. Inside the air is filled with a mixture of iron or copper and the salty smell of dead fish.

Shane Belcher himself, carries his weight about him in a pendulous gut over thick almost conical legs. The cord of his red stained apron seem to be holding him together. He is almost bald with a comb over completely failing at giving the impression of healthy hair. Stubble clings to his double chins and he often rubs his red rimmed watery eyes.

Butcher Alley

The “meat street” or “butcher alley” in the Docks are one of the largest street level warrens around Arkham. Suffused by the Danger Dogs and cowing down to Shane Belcher many of the ghouls and changelings living there are terrified of Shane. Many of them are only partially between ghoul and human states. The young ghouls here will defend their homes and will try to ambush visitors to the alley. A tunnel in the back of Shane’s house leads into the main tunnel that leads west with one narrower escape tunnel leading out eastwards and surfacing outside of town.

The main tunnel leading west ends up at the Warren at the Baptist Church where Delphi is hiding. Delphi has warned the ghouls of Butcher Alley to stay out of those tunnels though, since they are heavily booby trapped.


A snide Danger Dog and knife fighter who leads a gang of three other thugs to beat up and scare off other mobsters or suspicious civilians. “Plato” as he calls himself thinks he’s quite clever, and fancies himself a “scholar” of sorts. He prides himself on his pickpocketing skills and uses this to lure people into a dead end alley for his friends to beat up.

He has sandy hair, wetly clinging to his face hiding most of his features except for a large and inflamed scar from his jaw line through his left ear, bisecting it completely. He wears a grubby white shirt and keeps his upper arms wrapped in leather straps to act as minor protection against attackers.

Brains: 55 Brawn: 35 Power: 75
San: 35 HP: 10 Db: 0

Knife: 75% (37/15) dmg  1D4+1 +db

Wallace & Pug

Wallace and Pug are both on the cusp of adult hood. Their lanky proportions and gross chin hairs give their youth away.  Pup is wide and short and Wallace is tall and skinny, but stoop over imitating their ghoul leaders. They enjoy breaking arms and knees with baseball bats.

Neither boy is particularly brave. If one or the other goes down any intimidate roll made will scare the remaining one off. Usually he will only pause long enough to scoop their felled ally up if possible.

Brains: 15 Brawn: 60 Power: 10
San: 0 HP: 15 Db: 1D4


Baseball bat: 50% (25/10) dmg 1D8 +db


A huge ghoul  who has taken to the taste of fresh flesh, instead of the usual well decayed flesh that his cousins eat. He has taken to the wildly insane Plato and earned his “scholar like name” from him. Brutus thinly disguises himself as a human with a huge trench coat, wide brimmed hat pulled hard down on his cone shaped head and wears thick circular spectacles to hide his face a little. The collar of the coat barely hides his wide toothed muzzle.

Brutus is Plato’s groups surprise weapon. Even when Wallace, Pug and Plato can’t take on a stronger foe Brutus can usually deal with it.

Brains: 25

Brawn: 90

Power: 10

San: 0

HP: 17

Db: 1D6

Fighting 40% (20/8), damage 1D6 + damage bonus

Bite and hold (mnvr) damage 1D4 per round

Dodge 40% (20/8)

The Library

Plato and his thugs have a hideout in the south of the University District. Delphi and Donavan don’t trust Plato and his thugs to doing the more active tasks of attacking the Bitter Servants on the North Side. Instead they are to terrorize people on the outskirts of the South Side.

The “Library” as Plato likes to call it, after his meagre collection of Greek and Roman classics he famously stole from a berserk old man several years ago. The small shitty house can be reached from an alley and past a rusted iron gate. One of the bars has fallen off letting the chain be pulled off.

The hideout has only two rooms, the remains of an old hole in the wall shop that was left behind when a new arrangement of streets was constructed around it. The windows of the shop look out into the alley, but have been covered in papers letting a grey tinted light fill the room. Newspaper is the theme of the interior and covers the floor like the pen of a rodent. Brutus nuzzles into it in the corner while Wallace and Pug entertain themselves in the corner.

Plato keeps the back room to himself, barely large enough to fit a desk or a chair he has stacked his old leather bound books haphazardly on a board propped up against the wall. There he pretends to read the Greek and Latin phrases, though in reality they are a mystery to him. He plucked his own name and Brutus’ from the covers.

The nearest ghoul tunnel is two blocks in the Burial Ground. Every morning Plato and Brutus walk over to the Burial Ground and surreptitiously slip into the Carter Mausoleum  to find out their morning’s orders. Wallace and Pug are too chicken to join them.